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Sheriff Vic Williams: Data For Frantic 911 Call You Ignored - Sonya Ann Smith Murder On July 24, 2013 At 4:24 AM? Sheriff Vic Was Too Busy Counting His $99,486.40 Salary To Respond? 9:00 AM More Convenient For Sheriff Vic To Track Down Murderer?

Did you hear that Itasca County Sheriff Vic Williams was too busy doing "something" (Counting his $99,486.40 salary? Sleeping off a drinking binge like deputy Jamie Gilbert? Or too busy making child porn like deputy Aaron Apitz?) to respond to a 4:24 AM 911 call that was reporting the murder of Sonya Ann Smith? It was more convenient for Sheriff Vic to "ensure" the public's safety at 9:00 am, wasn't it? It was, wasn't it?

Vic Williams, Sheriff 01-12-14
440 1st. Ave. NE Emailed to:,
Grand Rapids MN 55744,,
Phone: (218) 327-7477,,
(800) 458-8732,
Fax: (218) 326-4663
RE: Chapter 13 Data – Bungled 911 Response To Sonya Ann Smith Murder

Vic: I'm going to give you another opportunity to illegally withhold public data from me, aren't I? Please give me a copy of the frantic 911 call that occurred at 4:24 a.m. on July 24, 2013. That's the 911 call that was reporting a murder that you willfully refused to respond to, isn't it? It is, isn't it? Minnesota Chapter 13., 13.82 Comprehensive Law Enforcement data. Subd. 4. Audio recording of 911 call. Vic, you're still all lawyered up, aren't you? Criminals lawyer up, don't they? That's why you're all lawyered up, isn't it? It is, isn't it?

Terry Dean, Nemmers gmail:
20179 County Road 28 Blog:
Glenwood, MN 56334 YouTube:

Under questioning from Maturi, Nason admitted to drinking a bottle of vodka and said all he remembered was going to sleep on a bed. When Maturi asked him if it was like passing out, Nason replied, “Yeah.” Maturi then asked Nason since he didn’t recall what happened, would he agree the evidence against Nason was there. “Yeah,” Nason said, then he paused a moment. I don’t remember.” Deer River man pleads guilty in girlfriend's murder, sentenced to 26 years in prison By Lisa Rosemore Herald-Review, Saturday, January 11, 2014 7:00 am.

When using a theme that blames alcohol or drug intoxication, it is important that the investigator describe a situation in which the suspect's intoxicated state affected his judgment or impulse control. At no time during this theme, or any other, should the investigator suggest or state that the suspect's use of alcohol or drugs caused him to black-outand forget that he committed the crime. Inbau, Fred E., Reid, John E., Buckley Joseph P., Jayne, Brian C. Essentials of the Reid Technique: Criminal Interrogation and Confessions. Page 144.

According to the criminal complaint, the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call around 9a.m. on July 24, reporting that Smith was dead in the bathtub of her Deer River home. ...The criminal complaint stated that authorities spoke with neighbors and that three of them reported hearing screams or cries around 4 a.m. that morning. One neighbor said he heard screams that woke him up, and he called law enforcement, which records show was around 4:24 a.m. The neighbor told investigators that he later saw a large person outside the Smith residence smoking a cigarette. Man charged in death of Deer River woman. Tuesday, July 30, 2013 5:01 pm. By Lisa Rosemore Herald Review.

The dispatch recording obtained by MPR News begins with a call from a police officer, "Shots fired, officer down." A few seconds later, he adds, "I have no idea where the suspect went." … Dispatch: Officers respond to shooting call (raw audio may include unrelated police communication). Dispatch recording reveals some detail of police response on night of Decker's shooting by Madeleine Baran, Minnesota Public Radio, Conrad Wilson, Minnesota Public Radio December 7, 2012

It must be remembered that the motivation for all deception is to avoid the consequences for telling the truth; suspects lie to escape being prosecuted, being sent to prison, and having to face family and friends with the disgrace of their behavior. Fred E. Inbau, John E. Reid, Joseph P. Buckley, Brian C. Jayne, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, 4th Ed., page 56. Page 1 of 1

Apparently a lack of memory of the events was enough to convict Eugene Nason, wasn't it? However, that same lack of memory seems to be benefiting the Itasca's lawyered up deputies Kyle Curtiss and Robert LeClair in the theft of John Lom's $6500.00, doesn't it? It does, doesn't it?

The arbitrary and capricious (Willy-Nilly? No Rhyme - Nor Reason?) application of the so-called law in Itasca county is not hard to miss, is it? You certainly can tell that there are two clearly distinct sets of laws, can't you? One for the criminals in positions of power and authority and another set for everyone else, right?

But the real interesting part of the drama is the real urgent need for Itasca county to force Eugene Nason into taking a plea deal, isn't it? It is, isn't it? Why? Simple. If Eugene Nason took this to trial the embarrassing fact that Itasca county knowingly, willingly and intentionally refused to respond to a 911 call that was reporting a murder would come out, wouldn't it? And that might cause Sheriff Vic to get a "complex" and feel guilty and ashamed each and every time he counted his $99,486.40 salary, right? Actually, we don't have to worry about Sheriff Vic feeling ashamed or guilty, do we? We don't, do we? Why? Sheriff Vic would need to have a conscience in order to feel ashamed or guilty, wouldn't he? And Sheriff Vic doesn't have a conscience to feel ashamed or guilty with, does he? He doesn't, does he?

More to come . . .

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