Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Itasca Co. Sheriff Vic Williams Doesn't Want To Engage In Perjury In Salisbury's Case So He Gets Chief Deputy Gregg Deutsch To Lie For Him?

Updated Post: 08-01-13

Lawless City of Windom is lurking and skulking, aren't they?

Updated Post: 06-26-13

Here is the video of the phone call that probably gave Itasca Co. Sheriff Vic "Good Ol' Boy #2" Williams a great, big, brand new ulcer, isn't it?

Lion News: Itasca Co Sheriff Vic Williams Fears Giving Affidavit About Missing Squad Video?

Original Post: 06-25-13

It would appear that Itasca Co. Sheriff Vic "Good Ol' Boy #2" Williams had a really bad week last week, wouldn't it? Why you ask? Well, Tim Salisbury called Ol' Vic up on the phone last week (Actually, he only spoke to his voice mail since Vic was too busy hiding to answer the phone, right?) and informed him that he had better produce an affidavit stating that the dash cam video and MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) traffic was missing from Tim Salisbury's file, didn't he?

This is the certificate of mailing, isn't it?

However, when Friday June 21, 2013 rolled around no affidavit rolled into Tim's possession, did it?
Instead, roly-poly Chief Deputy Gregg Deutsch rolled into Tim's yard, didn't he? And this is the garbage "Good Ol' Boy" Deutsch tried to pass off as an acceptable alternative to the affidavit from "Good Ol' Boy" Vic, isn't it?

After roly-poly Chief Deputy Gregg Deutsch rolled out of the yard, Tim called "Good Ol' Boy" Vic's voice mail and informed him he had the choice of producing the affidavit or testimony on the witness stand, didn't he?  Must have upset "Good Ol' Boy" Vic since Tim said that Itasca county was immediately trying to call him back, right? But, for some unknown reason, Tim couldn't be reached, could he?

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