Monday, December 31, 2012

Scandal! Misconduct At Pope County's Department Of Human Services?

Updated: 04-09-13

Lawless Red Wing, MN Is Stalking & Skulking On 04-09-13!

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Well it would appear that lawless Pope County, MN is in trouble again, doesn't it?  Why? Well, they're lawless, aren't they?  It's like asking a snake to not act like a snake, isn't it?  Although, they do pretend to be sheep when they are really wolves, right?

A letter from Neil Tangen (Attorney at law) to his wife, Kathy Tangen:

Of course, we know the real reason Kathy was denied, don't we?  They hate Kathy's guts in lawless Pope County, MN, don't they?  Why?  She has exposed them as criminals on more than one occasion, hasn't she?

If you read Oberg's letter, then you will find that what she says in the letter doesn't match what is said in the recorded conversations documented in this video, won't you?

Lion News: Scandal! Misconduct At Pope County's Department Of Human Services?

Merritt, where did you get the misinformation about the allegations that Kathy misrepresented herself as a social worker? The "proof" isn't in your paperwork, is it? And it isn't in Grant County's paperwork either, is it?  So where did it come from, huh?  Secret smear campaign files on Kathy, right?

In fact, what Oberg said in her conversation with Kathy in the first video doesn't even match what is said in the paperwork from Grant County, does it?

The thing about lawless Pope County is that they aren't even very smart criminals, are they?

It would appear that Jim Haney got in trouble for not timely processing the data requests, wouldn't it?  Jimmy tries to do the blame game on Kathy, doesn't he?

Kathy said she was going to report you to your supervisor, didn't she? Why would she do that if you timely processed the data, huh?

Lawless Ortonville, Mn is lurking and watching, aren't they?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Salaries For Lawless Alexandria Police Department - Data Request

 Did you ever want to know how much money is forked out to pay for passive-aggressive behavior and lawlessness at the Alexandria Police Department?  He's how you find out:

 The request was just emailed to the city offices. I followed up with a phone call to confirm that the email was received. Of course, I recorded the conversation.

 The request information was sent to me on December 24, 2012.

It would appear that crime does pay in lawless Alexandria, Mn, doesn't it? Take a look:

Wow! Even the Janitor has a badge number! I wonder if he can go out and arrest people? Seems like a lot of money for just janitorial work, doesn't it?

Here's a list of the fees.  They'll try to rip you off even if you have the fee schedule, won't they?

To have respect of persons is not good: for for a piece of bread that man will transgress. Proverbs 28:21 (King James Version)

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Criminal Complaint APD# 12-11330 - Bremer Bank And Local Appraiser's Bank Fraud?

On October 26, 2012 a criminal complaint was filed with the Alexandria Police Department (APD) by Kathleen Barbara Tangen (Mayer) against lawless Alexandria, Mn's own Bremer Bank, Lee Backhaus of Backhaus Appraisals & Michael Roers of Lakes Area Appraisals.

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For more on the appraisals click on the following link:

Bremer Bank Is Involved In Mortgage And Appraisal Fraud, Aren't They?

Criminal Complaint Can Be Watched Here:

Lion News: Complaint# 12-11330 - Bremer Bank's & Local Appraiser's Mortgage Fraud?

Well, it wasn't that simple, was it? We had passive-aggressive [Aggressiveness: The Tantrum Trap
… aggressive people are insistent on standing up for their own rights while ignoring and violating the rights of others. Contacts: Communicating Interpersonally, by Teri Kwal Gamble & Michael Gamble, page 351.] Sgt. Larry Dailey as our detective, didn't we? Did you know that Dailey makes

Lion News: APD's Detective Larry Dailey's Criminal Misconduct In Bremer Bank Fraud Complaint?

And Dailey didn't even want to take Kathy's clear, precise, and unquestionable evidence of appraisal fraud, did he? That's passive-aggressive behavior, isn't it?  And it's obstruction of justice, isn't it? (Could we have a side order of passive-aggressive behavior with your criminal misconduct, Dailey?)

2012 Minnesota Statutes

A public officer or employee who does any of the following, for which no other sentence is specifically provided by law, may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than one year or to payment of a fine of not more than $3,000, or both:

(1) intentionally fails or refuses to perform a known mandatory, nondiscretionary, ministerial duty of the office or employment within the time or in the manner required by law; or

(2) in the capacity of such officer or employee, does an act knowing it is in excess of lawful authority or knowing it is forbidden by law to be done in that capacity; or

(3) under pretense or color of official authority intentionally and unlawfully injures another in the other's person, property, or rights; or

(4) in the capacity of such officer or employee, makes a return, certificate, official report, or other like document having knowledge it is false in any material respect.
History: 1963 c 753 art 1 s 609.43; 1984 c 628 art 3 s 11; 1986 c 444]

And, even though Dailey said he was going to forward the case to the Pope County Attorney Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson, he never did, did he?

[Note: Failing to do one's job is a criminal offense in some parts of Minnesota, isn't it? I guess that depends upon where you live and who you are, doesn't it? Apparently, the laws don't apply in lawless Douglas County, Mn, do they?

Todd Allan Heenan of Blue Earth, who was fired in June for his handling of a 911 call, faces charges of misconduct of a public officer and obstructing legal process. ... The 911 call came in around 7:17 p.m., however, Heenan does not call a police officer until nearly eight minutes later. Former county dispatcher faces criminal charges, September 23, 2012, by Antonio Acosta - Register Staff Writer, Faribault County Register,]

When Kathy didn't hear anything for a really long time she decided to put in a data request, didn't she?

[Note: APD wants you to fill out their forms, don't they? You'll notice above that they don't even follow their own forms, do they?]

Guess what happens when you start asking questions at the lawless Alexandria Police Department.  You get death threats, don't you?

Dailey, can Kathy's video statement be sent to Pope County Attorney Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson by fax?

It can't, can it?  By law, all statements must be recorded, right? Did Dailey forget to 'fall back onto his training' in Kathy's case? APD didn't forget to send the death threats, did they?

APD didn't forget to send plenty of staples, did they? Do you normally need to use a pliers to remove staples from documents?

Was the message that the APD was trying to send was that the next sharp object was going to go through Kathy's head? It was, wasn't it?

There is an immediate rubber-stamping of Dailey's ridiculous assessment, isn't there?

9. Does this mean that the prosecutor just rubber-stamps the arresting officers assessment of the suspect's probable guilt? Not always, but many times yes. Though prosecutors technically have powerful discretion in their charging discretion in their charging decisions, political realities are such that they often don't use it. Instead, if the police say charges should be brought, prosecutors charge. Attorneys Paul Bergman & Sara J. Berman. The Criminal Law Handbook: Know Your Rights, Survive The System, 11th Edition. Page 142.

"The Tamperer" is best buddies with Bremer Bank, also, isn't he?

Now "The Tamperer" is trained in the law, isn't he?  So "The Tamperer" would know if Dailey was doing his job properly or not, wouldn't he? "The Tamperer" would, wouldn't he?
[constructive knowledge. By application of reasonable care or diligence if a person should have known a fact, he or she is deemed to have constructive knowledge of that fact. Generally, a person is presumed by law to have constructive knowledge about specific fact or condition.]

Rejected because of a lack of evidence?  You mean the evidence that Dailey, not only refused to take, but also refused to forward to you, don't you, Neil?

You have no excuse if some officer has a piece of evidence he forgot to report. If a law enforcement officer has it, you constructively know about it. George R. Dekle, Sr, Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook (Thompson/West:2007), Page 145.

"The Tamperer" knows this cases was rigged to fail, doesn't he? "The Tamperer" is just hoping that his loony letter will make Kathy stop, isn't he?  Or maybe "The Tamperer" is hoping that Kathy will suddenly drop dead, huh?

Kathy had to acknowledge that the only way to deal with people like Pope County Attorney Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson & Pope County Sheriff Timmy "The Perjurer" Riley is to use Nemmers' M.O (Method of Operation), didn't she?

Terry's M.O. (Method of Operation)

More to come. . . .

Lawless Duluth, Mn is lurking and watching, aren't they?

Lawless South Haven, Mn is lurking and watching, aren't they?

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