Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Maliciously Arrested For The Legal Activities Of Filing A Criminal Complaint While Filming At The Lawless Pope Co. Sheriff's Dept On 07-06-11!

Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Remote view - MPA Remote

Malicious Prosecution Number From The Lawless Pope County Kangaroo Court #1:
  61-CR-11-347 (Malicious Arrest 07-06-11)
Malicious Prosecution Number From The Lawless Pope County Kangaroo Court #2: 
61-CR-11-464 (Malicious Arrest 09-07-11)

New Kangaroo Court Hearing!
When: October 31, 2011
Pope County Courthouse
130 E. Minnesota Avenue
Glenwood, MN 56334
Time: 2:30pm

Phone:  (320) 634-5222
             (320) 634-5727

If you are planning on attending the malicious prosecution hearing, then you need to call up the crooked court to see if the hearing is still being held.  It is a documented fact that these crooks fail to inform me of hearing cancellations; change hearing locations without prior notification; and basically discourage people from attending my hearings. Why?  I make the crooks all look like crooked jackasses, don't I? And they can't have you seeing that, can they? Record your phone calls with these crooks and I will post them onto my YouTube channel if they give you misinformation, disinformation or act rudely to you. Those are all reportable offenses.

The Crooks From Pope County Have Taken A Scenario Right From My Own Videos To Frame Me, Haven't They? Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen Tried To Frame Judd Hoff As A "Stalker," Didn't He?

The Lawless Thugs From The Shit-Hole Called Pope County Have Done The Exact Same Thing To Me, Haven't They?

A Thanksgiving Present For The Crooks In Lawless Pope County Mn!

Lion News: Pope Co Sheriff Timmy "The Perjurer" Riley's Fun Thanksgiving Present! 11-24-11
Lion News: Pope Co Sheriff Timmy "The Perjurer" Riley's Fun Thanksgiving Present!! 11-24-11
John Besser News: Pope Co Sheriff Timmy "The Perjurer" Riley's Fun Thanksgiving!

This Wasn't First Time Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson Was Caught, Was It? Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson Loves To Violate My Rights, Doesn't He?

These Next Four Posters Tell The Whole Story, Don't They?

Old notice:
When is the next Kangaroo court hearing?
No idea! The kangaroo court doesn't want to inform me so I can inform you!
Pope County Courthouse
130 E. Minnesota Avenue
Glenwood, MN 56334
(320) 634-5727
Call the kangaroo court for some answers!

Lion News: Update 08-21-11 In Nemmers' 07-06-11 Malicious Arrest: Where's The Hearing?
End Old notice!
The Last Kangaroo Court Hearing: Monday, August 15, 2011 at 3:00pm 
Pope County Courthouse, 130 East Minnesota - Ste 309, Glenwood, Minnesota  56334 - Phone:  (320) 634-5222

Lion News: Come One! Come All! Today - 3:00PM Kangaroo Court Hearing Lawless Pope Co. MN

Christopher King (Former Assist. Attorney General) Is Looking Into The Case!

Blog Entry#2: Where is the Sheriff video in the Terry Dean Nemmers ArrestaJudgekit Malicious Arrest?

Christopher King's Video At YouTube [KingCast65]:

Where is the Sheriff video in the Terry Dean Nemmers ArrestaJudgekit Malicious Arrest?

In this link below you will see that I have helped Chris out in the past. Some of my flyers are in his videos and on his blog. Teamwork!
KingCast wins a major battle as Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty quietly recuses herself in KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD free press lawsuit, 2010-CV-501

Missing video: Is Pope County Attorney Neil Nelson dispensing Nigger Justice to Terry Dean Nemmers?

KingCast airs it out with "thetruthsayerofmn" regarding Terry Dean Nemmers repeated arrests while keeping one thing clear: Provide the goddamn video or STFU.

KingCast says Pope County DA Neil Nelson is still going the nigger route on Terry Dean Nemmers......"What is it you specifically want?"

Chris - Thanks again! Chris King's calls/videos/blogging have forced these crooks to change their method of operation! Teamwork!

Malicious Arrest Video Finally Released On Monday August 15, 2011!

Lion News :Raw Video 07-06-11 Malicious Arrest For Legal Act Of Filing/Filming Crim. Complaint

Lion News: 07-06-11 Malicious Arrest: Lakeside Foods - Not A Good Public Citizen!

Why hasn't my film been released to me in my malicious prosecution case? I am representing myself, aren't I? The malicious prosecution team doesn't want me to have evidence that proves my innocence,
do they? The prosecution has a history of obstruction of justice, don't they?  They have withheld evidence that proves my innocence before, haven't they? The malicious prosecution team has a history of placing perjurers (one who lies under oath) on the witness stand, don't they? They don't want you to see the criminal activity of the rogue deputy that maliciously arrested me, do they? Call the Pope County Attorney Neil T. Nelson, Obenland, Roth & Nelson Law Offices, 605 S. Lakeshore Drive, Suite 1000, Glenwood, MN 56334, (320)634-4581 and demand answers to these embarrassing questions!

Nemmers Speaks Out About Malicious Arrest On 07-06-11 For The Legal Activities Of Filing A Criminal Complaint And Filming The Criminal Complaint. To Watch YouTube Video Click On Link Below:
Lion News: Nemmers Speaks Out On Malicious Arrest Of July 6, 2011

These thugs are violating my rights, aren't they?

Pope County Attorney Neil T. Nelson Has A History Of Malicious Prosecution, Doesn't He?

Malicious Arrest. Arrest of a person without probable cause during the proceeding.
Webster's Encyclopedia of Dictionaries, New American Ed. Law Dict., p. 978.
Malicious Prosecution. Instigation of legal proceedings without probable cause.
Webster's Encyclopedia of Dictionaries, New American Ed. Law Dict., p. 978
Probable Cause. Reasonable cause.
Webster's Encyclopedia of Dictionaries, New American Ed. Law Dict., p. 994.

Neil's Checkered Past Comes Back To Haunt Him, Doesn't It? The Real Reason That I Had To Be Maliciously Arrested And Now Maliciously Prosecuted Is Because I Have Clear, Precise, And Unquestionable Evidence That Stafsholt, Riley, And Nelson Are All Major Criminals, Isn't It?

Lion News: Chris King Confirms - No July 20, 2007 Warrant For Nemmers' Home Invasion! 10-31-11

This flyer (below) that I made prior to the malicious arrest and malicious prosecution is the information that forced the crooked judge to recuse himself today (08-03-11) at the kangaroo court! Thank you, Lord!

Jonny, I made you my little bitch today (Wednesday, August 3, 2011), didn't I? More to come later!

Why Does The Pope County Sheriff's Dept., The Pope County Attorney's Office And The Pope County Judge All Hate Me?  Could It Be That I Have Filed Criminal Charges Against Them Or Implicated Them In Major Crimes?
Lion News: Defamation Complaint Case#: 20101745 - Glenwood Police 12-28-10 P1
Lion News: Defamation Complaint Case#: 20101745 - Glenwood Police 12-28-10 P2
Lion News: Defamation Complaint Case#: 20101745 - Glenwood Police 12-28-10 P3
Lion News: Defamation Complaint Case#: 20101745 - Glenwood Police 12-28-10 P4

So They All Have A Vested Interest In This Malicious Prosecution, Don't They?

Vested Interest. A financial or personal stake one entity has in an action, separate entity or commitment, with the expectation of realized benefits in the present or the future.

Letter To The ACLU. (Correction: The letter mentions "Benson" When The Correct Town Was "Brooten.")

Am I Expecting Help From The ACLU?  I Am Not Holding My Breath On That One, Am I?  I Have Found That Many Organizations Talk Big And Then Fail To Act. We'll See, Won't We?

Judge Jon "The Crook" Stafsholt Forced To Recuse Himself From The Malicious Prosecution!
A Major Blow To The Malicious Prosecution Team, Isn't It? Don't Worry. The Next Crook Will Be Just As Crooked, Won't He?

{Notice: Please Notice That This Is The First Set Of Paperwork That Has My Correct Mailing Address On It. If You Remember From My Previous Videos These Crooks Have A History Of Falsifying My Address, Don't They? Lion News: The Abuse Begins In Defamation Complaint 20101745 }

Why Did Judge Jon "The Crook" Stafsholt Recuse Himself? Well You Would Have Had To Been There To Find Out, Wouldn't You? Maybe You Will Show Up Next Time And Find Out How I Get Judges To Recuse Themselves, Huh? How About I Give You A Hint, Huh? Guess Who Has A Criminal Defamation Complaint Filed Against Him?

Lion News: Defamation Complaint [Case #: 10104429] - Benson Police 12-28-10 P1
Lion News: Defamation Complaint [Case #: 10104429] - Benson Police 12-28-10 P2

Why Is A Crook Who I Filed Criminal Charges Against Sitting As My "Judge"? Simple! It's A Kangaroo Court!

Kangaroo court. Term descriptive of a sham legal proceeding in which a person's rights are totally disregarded and in which the result is a forgone conclusion because of the bias of the court or other tribunal. Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Edition, Page 780.

I wonder if the rag called the Pope County Tribune is going to try to run a smear campaign on me again?

Malicious Arrest #1 (07-06-11)

 Malicious Arrest #2 (09-07-11)

Time between Malicious Arrest and September 23, 2011 Kangaroo court Omnibus hearing (They don;t look too busy, do they?)

If you watched my criminal complaint, (Criminal Case #: 20101745) then you would have noticed that I filed charges against them, wouldn't you?

Remember you can legally swear at cops.  They are trained to ignore that kind of language.

If the little bitches can't handle the swearing that means they cannot fall back onto their training under pressure or in extreme situations. Fail!

YouTube play-by-play has forced the malicious prosecution team to change some tactics, hasn't it? Falsifying my address in 2009 malicious prosecution to delay mail (Justice delayed is justice denied):

 Malicious Prosecution 2011 - YouTube coverage - Correct address even though previous kangaroo court and malicious police report paperwork still had FALSE ADDRESS!!

Lion News: Pope Co. Attorney Neil Nelson Has History Of Messing With Legal Mail
Neil Nelson is involved in spoliation of evidence? Say it isn't so! But we know it is, don't we?

Lion News: Evidence Tampering In Nemmers' Malicious Prosecution? 08-09-11 Update


Any erasure, interlineation, or other alteration made to Commercial Paper, such as a check or promissory note, by an individual who is not acting pursuant to the consent of the parties who have an interest in such instrument.

A spoliator of evidence in a legal action is an individual who neglects to produce evidence that is in her possession or control. In such a situation, any inferences that might be drawn against the party are permitted, and the withholding of the evidence is attributed to the person's presumed knowledge that it would have served to operate against her.
West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Analysis Of Judge Jon "The Crook" Stafsholt's Embarrassing Recusal (Removal From Case) In 2011 Malicious Prosecution.

Who Recused Themselves From The 2009 Malicious Prosecution Of Terry Dean, Nemmers?
Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Remote view - MPA Remote
Malicious Prosecution Case No. 61-CR-09-409          Maliciously Prosecuted By Whom? It's Neil, Isn't It?

Who does it say that recused themselves from the case? Wait it doesn't say, does it?  Who is willfully falsifying this record? Not the judicial officers (judges) who have a vested interest in the outcome of the kangaroo court, is it? Yeah, it is, isn't it? Guess who still has their original paperwork of whom recused themselves?  Yeah, I do! That will be posted soon!

So Jonny had a vested interest in the 2009 malicious prosecution, but not in the 2011 malicious prosecution? Doesn't make sense, does it?  It does if you know that Jonny is a crook, doesn't it? And it makes sense if you know that Jonny's court is a Kangaroo court, doesn't it?

Tampering with my film, huh?

 This is the film from the first disc. Notice that a preview won't even load?
 Now mysteriously a preview will load? If it was just an instructions problem, then why did I need a completely new disc from that crook Todd "Toddy" Roth? Can you say "TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE!"?

Thanks Toddy!

Lion News: 08-15-11 Update On The 3:00PM Kangaroo Court Hearing Lawless Pope Co. MN
Lion News: More Tampering With Evidence In Nemmers' Malicious Arrest Of 07-06-11?
Lion News: Update 08-23-11 In Nemmers' 07-06-11 Malicious Arrest: Political Motive?

Notice of Kangaroo Court Hearing after 10 days! (August 15, 2011 until August 24, 2011) They were kicking the can down the road, weren't they?  Hoping that you would get bored and do something else, right?  They were scared that you would want to show up at the kangaroo court hearing, weren't they?
 A blast from the past malicious prosecution of 2009. Remember that I was maliciously arrested for the exact same thing!  I was trying to use my right to free speech and they violated it, didn't they?  They didn't like the fact that I was informing the courthouse personnel that the crooked judges Stafsholt and Seibel, crooks, did they? You can see that the railroad was in full steam.  On August 19, 2009 I received a notice for a kangaroo court pre-trail and a kangaroo court trial. Your phones calls and views of my YouTubes has forced these criminals to change their tactics, haven't they?  Thanks for you support and your continued support into the future!

Your calls or the threat of your calls has forced this crooked court to change its tactics, hasn't it? Thanks for your calls!  Please continue calling! Notice place on my YouTube Channel page.
 The crooked court is forced to respond on August 24, 2011!

Where Is My Exculpatory Evidence?

"It should also be noted that there is courthouse video of a portion of this incident." Statement Of Probable Cause, dated: July 7, 2011 by Thugo The Perjurer!

Where is the surveillance video?  Where are the statements from the two unknown women in the Sheriff's department? Where is the statement from the unknown worker in the sheriff's department? Where are all the statements from all the unknown workers/individuals in the hallway?

Look at this passive-aggressive asshole!

This is a replay of the 2009 malicious arrest when I was handing out anti-corruption flyers in the courthouse. No statements were taken from the witnesses who could prove that I was innocent. 

Jeff "Worthless As Tits On A Boar" Kuhn "failed" to notice that the video mentioned in the statement of probable cause was missing from the discovery?  Hardly!

Jeff "Worthless As Tits On A Boar" Kuhn was attached to me to be the wolf in the fold, wasn't he?

Look at me shaking hands with Pope County Transport Deputy Gary Wold:

These pictures of Deputy Gary were illegally suppressed when the crooks from lawless Pope County tampered with my video, correct? Can't have the public or a jury seeing that I am friendly with a deputy, can they?  That must be why the the video from the Sheriff's dept is being illegally withheld, huh? They don't want the thug Sheriff or the thug deputy to be seen by the public or a jury looking like thugs on video, right? P.S. Gary Wold calls Thugo Sheriff Riley "Timmy," doesn't he?

Look at the big smiles on the helpful lady at the Glenwood City Office. The City Offices are across the street from the lawless Pope County Sheriff's dept, aren't they?  The Glenwood Police Dept is in the City's office.  They didn't come and maliciously arrest me, did they?  Nope!

Look at the big smiles on the helpful lady at the Brooten City Office. She didn't call the cop either, did she? No malicious arrest in Brooten! The only malicious arrest occurred at the lawless Pope County Sheriff's Dept., didn't it?

Hey, doesn't that crook who maliciously arrested me have a history of tampering with evidence? He does, doesn't he?

 Look familiar?

I filed criminal charges against that thug, didn't I?  What happened to the criminal complaint?  Oh yeah = > cover-up!

P.S What was thug tearing up?  Clear, precise and unquestionable evidence that Chad "The Felon" Larson sent me a weapon into the Todd Co. Jail. A felony. 5 years in prison.  He is the little bitch that was almost crying after we engaged in a legal bullhorn session down the main street of Alexandria, MN.  We were saying that he was a felon, weren't we?

Due Process Violation!

"It should also be noted that there is courthouse video of a portion of this incident." Statement Of Probable Cause, dated: July 7, 2011 by Thugo The Perjurer!

You have no excuse if some officer has a piece of evidence he forgot to report. If a law enforcement officer has it, you “constructively” know about it.
George R. Dekle, Sr, Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook (Thompson/West:2007), Page 145.

[constructive knowledge is notice of a fact that a person is presumed by law to have, regardless of whether he or she actually does, since such knowledge is obtainable by the exercise of reasonable care.]

Brady held that is the prosecution had exculpatory evidence, the evidence must be disclosed. If the prosecution had evidence materially impeaching its evidence of guilt, that impeaching evidence must be disclosed.
George R. Dekle, Sr, Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook (Thompson/West:2007), Page 145.

We have held that when the State suppresses or fails to disclose material exculpatory evidence, the good or bad faith of the prosecution is irrelevant: a due process violation occurs whenever such evidence is withheld.” Illinois v. Fisher.² 2. 540 U.S. 544, 547, 124 S.Ct. 1200, 1202 (2004). George R. Dekle, Sr, Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook (Thompson/West:2007), Page 145.

Lion News: Pope Co. Attorney Neil Nelson Due Process Violation Dance On 09-19-11? P1
Lion News: Pope Co. Attorney Neil Nelson Due Process Violation Dance 09-19-11 P2?
Lion News: Pope Co. Attorney Neil Nelson Indifferent To Rights Violations On 09-19-11?

Wait a minute!  Doesn't Sheriff Timmy Riley have a criminal past?  He does, doesn't he? Perjury, right?

Sheriff Timmy was camera shy prior to my malicious arrest, wasn't he?  He was, wasn't he?  But a malicious arrest seems to have forced crooked Timmy into image repair mode, hasn't it?

 Who did Timmy run to?  Those God-hating, un-American, sons of bitches who love and support local corruption at KSAX-TV, right?
Same Song, Different Verse!
This is just a repeat of the failed gaslighting/passive-aggressive/harassment session at the lawless Douglas Co. Sheriff's dept., isn't it?

That crook Karpan was the first one to try slander me as mentally illness slander, wasn't he?

Now you know why Stafsholt (the crook with the vested interest in my case) needs to send me for a malicious (without probable cause - the 'cause' was me bring up the conflict of interest, wasn't it?) competency hearing, right? They need to discredit me, defame me, dehumanize me, demonize me and delegitimize my cause with the malicious competency evaluation on my record, right?

That crook Stafsholt tried to criminally defame me in Swift county, didn't he?
Case#: 10104429! All a matter of public record!

The crooks recruited that other crook who has a history of malicious prosecution to cover up that legitimate case, didn't they?

So my malicious arrest of 2011 is just another of the same old malicious attacks from the past, aren't they?

Some devious tactic that the thugs at the lawlees Pope Co. Sheriff's dept use that you need to be aware of are listed here:

Let's see:
1. False assertions: I am 'harassing' thugo! I have 'no business' at the Sheriff's office. I am 'loitering'. I 'can't' video my police complaint or public officials.
2. Projection tactic: Thugo harasses me, but maliciously charges me with harassment.
3. Card Stacking: My video is tampered with to suppress evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that I engaged in the legal activities of filing and filming a criminal complaint. That means I had a legitimate right and reason to be at the Sheriff's department, correct? The only statements that are taken support the bullshit fairy tale. Not a single statement is taken from the two women or the worker in the Sheriff's department when thugo engaged in Misconduct of a Public Officer, is there?


A public officer or employee who does any of the following, for which no other sentence is specifically provided by law, may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than one year or to payment of a fine of not more than $3,000, or both:
(1) intentionally fails or refuses to perform a known mandatory, nondiscretionary, ministerial duty of the office or employment within the time or in the manner required by law; or
(2) in the capacity of such officer or employee, does an act knowing it is in excess of lawful authority or knowing it is forbidden by law to be done in that capacity; or
(3) under pretense or color of official authority intentionally and unlawfully injures another in the other's person, property, or rights; or
(4) in the capacity of such officer or employee, makes a return, certificate, official report, or other like document having knowledge it is false in any material respect.


It is a gross misdemeanor for a public officer, or one pretending to be a public officer, knowingly and under the pretense or color of any process (1) to arrest a person or detain a person against the person's will, (2) to seize or levy upon any property, or (3) to dispossess any one of lands or tenements, without a regular process for those actions.


(10030) RL s 4845; 1985 c 265 art 10 s 1; 1986 c 444

609.48 PERJURY.

Subdivision 1.Acts constituting.

Whoever makes a false material statement not believing it to be true in any of the following cases is guilty of perjury and may be sentenced as provided in subdivision 4:
(1) in or for an action, hearing or proceeding of any kind in which the statement is required or authorized by law to be made under oath or affirmation;
(2) in any writing which is required or authorized by law to be under oath or affirmation;
(3) in any writing made according to section 358.115; or
(4) in any other case in which the penalties for perjury are imposed by law and no specific sentence is otherwise provided.

Subd. 2.Defenses not available.

It is not a defense to a violation of this section that:
(1) the oath or affirmation was taken or administered in an irregular manner; or
(2) the declarant was not competent to give the statement; or
(3) the declarant did not know that the statement was material or believed it to be immaterial; or
(4) the statement was not used or, if used, did not affect the proceeding for which it was made; or
(5) the statement was inadmissible under the law of evidence.

Subd. 3.Inconsistent statements.

When the declarant has made two inconsistent statements under such circumstances that one or the other must be false and not believed by the declarant when made, it shall be sufficient for conviction under this section to charge and the jury to find that, without determining which, one or the other of such statements was false and not believed by the declarant. The period of limitations for prosecution under this subdivision runs from the first such statement.

Subd. 4.Sentence.

Whoever violates this section may be sentenced as follows:
(1) if the false statement was made upon the trial of a felony charge, or upon an application for an explosives license or use permit, to imprisonment for not more than seven years or to payment of a fine of not more than $14,000, or both; or
(2) in all other cases, to imprisonment for not more than five years or to payment of a fine of not more than $10,000, or both.

3. Card Stacking (continued): So thugo needs to maliciously arrest me to distract people from the fact that he is breaking the law.  The suppressed surveillance video will show that I volunteered to sign a waiver for my camera so they didn't have to get a search warrant. The search warrant makes it look like I was uncooperative, correct?  Just one more fraudulent document to make the frame stick, right? And the bogus charge of disorderly conduct is bogus charges since my conduct is a reasonable reaction to the criminal acts of thugo correct? Oh how could I forget. A big deal is made out of my calling Thugo Sheriff Riley "Timmy," isn't it? Sounds like a contempt of crook cop arrest reason, huh? Even Deputy Gary Wold called Thugo Riley, "Timmy," didn't he?  Another reason why that video had to be tampered with?

In the majority of instances, innocent suspects will not allow the investigator to stop their denials; in fact, the intensity and frequency of denials from the innocent will increase as the interrogation continues. An innocent suspect will become angry and unyielding and often will attempt to take control by not allowing the investigator to talk until the suspect has made very clear that he did not commit the crime under investigation.
Inbau, Fred E., Reid, John E., Buckley Joseph P., Jayne, Brian C. Essentials of the Reid Technique: Criminal Interrogation and Confessions. Page 171.

And when he had looked round about on them with anger, being grieved for the hardness of their hearts, he saith unto the man, Stretch forth thine hand. And he stretched it out: and his hand was restored whole as the other. Mark 3:5

4. Appeal to fear: Terry is a 'monster' for wanting to engage in legal activities like filing and filming a criminal complaint. Terry is a 'threat to public safety' since he exposes local corruption! Terry is a 'public menace' since he has filed legitimate criminal complaints against corrupt public officials (including thugs from the lawless Pope Co. Sheriff's dept.) in various counties. Terry is a 'plague on society' since he is teaching others how to expose local corruption!

Who the victim? The innocent guy who is vigorously defending his rights and reacting with righteous indignation! What do they do to the victim? Maliciously arrest him for vigorously defending his rights of filing and filming a criminal complaint and for reacting with righteous indignation when they are trying to make him into a victim by engaging in a criminal acts to prevent him from engaging in his legal activities! Now you know why they didn't want my camera in the publicly owned Sheriff's office, correct?


A Blast From The Past: Why Was I Maliciously Arrested In 2009?

Answer: For exposing local corruption! The crooks from Pope Co. MN were harassing Kathleen Barbara Mayer because she was using the public access computers to file complaints against the crook county officials. The public servants didn't like being exposed as wicked servants, did they?

So they maliciously arrested me on 07-08-09 for handling out legal information in the courthouse! Did they take witness statements from the people who could testify that I was innocent? Nope! They only took perjured statements,  didn't they? It's all documented here:  Flyer 1 & Flyer 2

07-06-11 Malicious Arrest Education Program
New video on my education program for my lawless Pope county MN! Those people in lawless Pope County MN didn't realize what kind of criminals their local officials were until I showed up with my flyers and educational posters!

Farwell, MN: 

Lion News: 07-06-11 Malicious Arrest Education Program Farwell, MN 09-01-11

Farwell Community Center

B & S Feed & Grain

Lion News: 07-06-11 Malicious Arrest Ed. Program: Lowry, MN 09-01-11 Part 1 

Lowry Insurance
417 Florence Ave
Lowry, MN 56349
(320) 283-6175

She's "Too close to this"? Related to a cop or Pope County Attorney Neil T. Nelson? Oh, I see! If the crook is someone she knows or is related to, then she can't hear, see or speak the truth about them, correct?

Lowry State Bank
David Lorence, President
400 Florence Ave
PO Box 123
Lowry, MN 56349-0123
Phone: (320)283-5149

Fax: (320)283-5900

Cops an attitude about cameras to get us off the embarrassing topic and put us out the door.  Notice the camera about his right ear.  Oh yeah, he has more rights then you do, doesn't he? Did he tell us that he was secretely filming us? Nope!

Stoen Farm Supply

 Who Refused To Be Good Public Citizens On 07-06-11?

Lion News: 07-06-11 Malicious Arrest: Lakeside Foods - Not A Good Public Citizen!

Lakeside Foods
500 Industrial Park Road
PO Box 430
Brooten, MN 56316
(320) 346-2900
Jeff Griep, General Manager

Cut Corn
Corn on the Cob

Lakeside Customer Service
"We are extremely proud of our culture here at Lakeside. WE ARE FRIENDLY, we work until the job is done, and we do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. This is the philosophy behind everything we do at Lakeside, and behind every interaction our employees have with our customers and with each other. As a result of these and other efforts by all of our employees, we are proud to say that our annual on-time shipping performance consistently exceeds 99%!"

Lion News: 07-06-11 Malicious Arrest: Tanis Aircraft Products - Not A Good Public Citizen!

Tanis Aircraft Products

Tanis Aircraft Products
18781 County Rd 22
Glenwood, MN 56334
Phone: (320) 634-4772

Tanis Aircraft Products
14871 Pioneer Trail, Ste. 200
Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Phone: (952) 224-4425
1-800-443-2136 (U.S. & most of Canada)
Fax: 952-224-4426

Documented Rights Violations At Lawless Pope County Court!

 Malicious Arrest Of 07-06-11:

Malicious Arrest Of 09-07-11:
 How many stupid people blindly sign this form without reading it or following it's instructions?  You need to timely state and document the violations of your rights?


Embarrassing Revelations Of Malicious Prosecution Forces Lawless Pope County Attorney Into Image Repair Mode!

Pictured in above: Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson; Chad "The Felon" Larson, Timmy "The Perjurer" Riley

Broadcast date: 07-25-11
Broadcast date: 09-28-11

Other editions of Lion News can be found here

Where Is My Exculpatory Evidence For Malicious Arrest #2 (09-07-11)?

Where is my exculpatory evidence for my second malicious arrest of 09-07-11? Obviously, after exposing the obstruction of justice in my first malicious arrest, the crooks from the lawless Pope County Attorney's Office have decided to put the brakes on my receiving the video evidence from my Flip video camera. Remember Roth, Mennis and Glasrud have all refused to say if I would be arrested if I posted my video up to YouTube. They must be afraid of a few things: (1) What it on the camera.  (2) What I will do with the video once I get with the video. (3) The security of their jobs and reputations once I get the video.

After the first malicious arrest of 07-06-11 a warrant was quickly signed by that crook Jon Stafsholt.  On July 13, 2011 the video was copied from the camera (more than likely tampered with since they don't want to release the camera (The crooks hold three (3) cameras from both malicious arrests) to me - pursuant to Roth in 09-23-11 Kangaroo court hearing). On July 12, 2011 Jeff "Worthless as tits on a boar" puts in Discovery request via a fax. On July 12, 2011 the lawless Pope County Attorney's Office sends out the discovery packet.

For the malicious arrest of 09-07-11, a demand for the exculpatory evidence is made at the initial appearance on 09-08-11. A kangaroo court Omnibus hearing is set for 09-23-11.  Not a single scrap of evidence that can prove my innocence is produced before the malicious hearing.  Three witness statements (only from township board members - when the statements clearly state that others [13 individuals at meeting] saw the event) were presented at the kangaroo court hearing.  Yet, NO VIDEO was produced at the 09-23-11 kangaroo court hearing.

Why? For one thing, I am sure that they are trying to destroy the evidence.  The loony stories in the statements could only fly if the damning video was destroyed.  Second, after Neil Nelson has been repeatedly exposed on YouTube (by Christopher King & myself) as someone who suppresses and tampers with evidence, I am sure that they now need more time to retool the frame.  The frame can't fly the with damning video evidence. The reputation of Nelson can't survive if the damning video now is mysteriously destroyed.  So they are just kicking the can down the road in the hopes that I have a sudden fit of stupidity and take a plea deal (not going to happen) or that I drop dead before they have to cough up the damning video evidence.

Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson's Legal Mailing Delaying Trick Exposed!

Notice that the envelope is postmarked Minneapolis, MN?  Our mail is sorted in St. Cloud, Mn, isn't it? St. Cloud is 60 miles away. Minneapolis, MN is over 120 miles, isn't it?

Notice that the sworn document dated September 30, 2011 says that the document was mailed "in the U.S. Mails at Glenwood, Minnesota:,"  doesn't it?

Why is my legal mail being postmarked in Minneapolis, Neil? Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson's trick has been exposed, hasn't it?

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Debunking Some Of The Fairy Tale Claims Of The Thug Who Maliciously Arrested Me On 07-06-11 (The Only Thing Missing From The Complaint Was: "Once Upon A Time" & "They Lived Happily Ever After," Correct?)

Fairy tale n. A fictitious, highly fanciful story or explanation.

According to the fairy tale, I was allegedly "mistaken for a construction worker," correct? A "trained observer" thought I was a 'construction worker'?  The bullshit is getting really, really deep, isn't it

The "trained observers" must be as blind as bats, huh?
The "trained observer" must have been on drugs, right? A "trained observer" would have to be senile to confuse me with a 'construction worker,' right?

It would appear that all the "construction workers" carry a camera instead of a hammer, right?  Where is my tool belt? How many workers have T-shirts that say "No Kangaroo Courts" on the front & "Judge Righteous Judgment - John 7:24, Deut 1:16-17" on the back, huh?

Another fairy tale claim is that I "stuck the camera" in Thugo's face at the door and in booking. Nope! The camera doesn't lie, does it? Thugo sure does though, doesn't he?


By the way - Where is the video from where I walked into the door the first time Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson? It's missing from my discovery packet, isn't it?  Didn't your crony, Roth, state in open court that the video was in the packet? Your crony did, didn't he?  Oh yeah, that video would contain the footage of the women, wouldn't it? That video would debunk the looney claim that I was "one foot away" from Thugo in booking, right? The women could testify to that, couldn't they?  Plus, what criminally defamatory statement(s) does Thugo make to these women and the "mystery worker" inside booking, huh?

How can you have a "mystery worker" inside of booking when they all have to enter through a security door that has a camera focused on the door? Remember folks, it's a fairy tale so it doesn't have to follow reality, does it? More damning evidence suppressed, huh?

Kangaroo Court Has To Admit That Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson Is Withholding Evidence - Not Once But Twice!


Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson has no problem releasing addresses to the rag call the Pope County Tribune, but refuses to give me the same public information?

Didn't that crook Roth say that the women were in the lawless copshop for a restraining order?  That crooked judge tried to shame me into not getting the names, addresses, and phones number since she was getting that protection order, right? Just another fairy tale by the kangaroo court, huh?

Thugo Can't Fall Back Onto His Training In These Situations, Can He?

Looks pretty rattled to me, doesn't he?
Can't think under 'pressure,' huh?
Incompetent, huh?

Remember that these thugs intentionally were putting the wrong address onto my legal mail to delay it and obstruct justice, right?  When they were caught they tried to correct their intentional criminal acts, didn't they?

Maybe they should have sent the memo to these idiots here in my second malicious arrest, huh?

Major Image Repair For Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson On 10-13-11!

It would appear that Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson's reputation is taking a major hit, isn't it?  I guess that happens when you aren't a very clever crook, huh? A blind bat could figure out that Neil is withholding evidence, couldn't they?

 Since Jeff "Worthless as tits on a boar" Kuhn didn't tell me about the missing exculpatory evidence, then we can assume that the bats are far brighter then that whore, huh?
 Maybe "The Tamperer" can find a janitor job?

 Neil is just ignoring the scandal, isn't he? Neil doesn't know much about crisis management, does he? Oh well!  Neil shouldn't have been a crook to start with and then he wouldn't have had to worry about scandals, right?
The nice thing about all this TV coverage is that everyone will know who I am talking about during the "Pope County Malicious Arrest Education Program," won't they?

Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson  Is Stuck Using His Old 2009 Propaganda Tricks In His New 2011 Malicious Arrests, Right?

The Slanderers, Stalkers, And Vigilantes Run Rampant In Lawless Pope County MN, Don't They?

Tick - tock, tick - tock, tick - tock, . . .  Well, well, well.  It appears that the time has come to start speaking out about the stalkers, slanderers, vigilantes and their connection to the officials of lawless Pope County MN, huh?

It would appear that there is a connection between the stalkers, slanderers, vigilantes and the officials of lawless Pope County MN, isn't there?

It would appear that the stalker is going to call her partners in crime, huh?

Well let's see who comes to the stalker's rescue, shall we?

Tick-tock ... tick-tock ... tick-tock. . . .


Christine found out from her "good friends" . . . aka "connections" that they used her like a $2.00 whore, huh?
A. A Defamatory Communication
What is a "defamatory" statement?
1. A statement which causes harm to reputation.
A statement is defamatory if it "tends to injure the plaintiff's reputation and expose the plaintiff to public hatred, contempt, ridicule, or degradation." Phipps v. Clark Oil & Ref. Corp., 408 N.W.2d 569, 573 (Minn. 1987). When the defamatory meaning is not apparent on its face, the plaintiff has the burden of pleading and proving such extrinsic facts. Anderson v. Kammeier, 262 N.W.2d 366, 371 (Minn. 1977).
2. Defamation Per se
Some statements are so defamatory that they are considered defamation per se; and the plaintiff does not have to prove that the statements harmed his reputation. The classic examples of defamation per se are allegations of serious sexual misconduct; allegations of serious criminal misbehavior; or allegations that a person is afflicted with a loathsome disease. The historical examples of loathsome diseases are leprosy and venereal diseases.

Check out the new NOT WANTED POSTER!

Hi State of Minnesota - Dawson, MN!

A Scandal From The Past!

Christopher "KingCast65" King exposes a SCANDAL!

New As Of 10-25-11:

I just do a little educating of the public in the lawless shit-hole called Pope County MN and look who shows up: Dawson, State of Minnesota!

Neil must be pissing his little panties, huh?  Sad, isn't it?

10-25-11: Pics from "07-06-11 & 09-07-11 Malicious Arrest Education Program Of Lawless Pope County MN"

Neil must be really pissing his panties, huh? Still rattled after the 10-25-11 phone call with Christopher "KingCast65" King? Oh wait you never talked to Chris, did you?  You were invoking your right to remain silent since everything you said would be used against you in a court of law, right?

Neil is just a little bitch, isn't he?  A crook little bitch on top of it, right?

Did Judge Jon Stafsholt violate Due Process against Terry Dean Nemmers/ArrestaJudgeKit?
Did Judge Jon Stafsholt violate Due Process against Terry Dean Nemmers/ArrestaJudgeKit with a post facto Order of Detention and Search Warrant?

Remember folks it's not me saying that the crooks from lawless Pope Co. violated my rights.  No! It's Christopher King who has a law degree, formerly licensed as an attorney, formerly an Assistant Attorney General it saying that, isn't he?
Chris isn't afraid to ask the hard question, is he?

Did you know that when I was maliciously imprisoned in the Kandiyohi County Jail, I heard that the prisoners were told over and over again that they DID NOT HAVE RIGHTS? Yeah, that's correct. The guards, cops, County Attorney, the Judge and all the important people have rights but the "common man" doesn't!

Why would Sheriff Timmy "The Perjurer" Riley conspire to break into my home without a warrant on July 20, 2007? Actually Sheriff Timmy "The Perjurer" Riley was only Chief Deputy Timmy "The Perjurer" Riley back then, but Timmy's mindset was still the same, wasn't it? Timmy thought that he had rights and I didn't! Timmy and his crony's thought wrong, didn't they?

At approximately 9:45am CST on 10-31-11 Christopher "KingCast65" King received a phone call from the Pope Co. deputy court administrator named Jenny. Jenny told Christopher King that there was no warrant in the file for July 20, 2007. That means the lawless shit-hole called Pope county MN violated my rights when they did an illegal home invasion (1st degree burglary, actually) on July 20, 2007. I have said that before, haven't I?

Lion News: Chris King Confirms - No July 20, 2007 Warrant For Nemmers' Home Invasion! 10-31-11

The verdict from Christopher King:

Still withholding evidence as of 11-10-11!


I really rattled so-called judge Charlie Glasrud on 10-31-11, didn't I? Why else would they send this bullshit?  It should have been a done deal, right? Too bad that Charlie couldn't keep my mouth shut, huh? Why? This is why, isn't it?

14Settle it therefore in your hearts, not to meditate before what ye shall answer: 15For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist. Luke 21:14-15

Check out the latest edition of Lion News here: Lion News Issue#6, Page 1; Lion News Issue#6, Page 2.

The Lies Of Pope County Chief Deputy Nathan (Thugo) Brecht Exposed!

The Lies Of Pope County Deputy Josh (Thugo) Owens Exposed!
Lion News: Malicious Arrest - Handing Out Legal Info In ( Villard ) Pope County MN 09-07-11 P1 Of 3
Lion News: Malicious Arrest - Handing Out Legal Info In ( Villard ) Pope County MN 09-07-11 P2 Of 3
Lion News: Malicious Arrest - Handing Out Legal Info In ( Villard ) Pope County MN 09-07-11 P3 Of 3

This is what the crooks in the lawless shit-0hole called Pope County fears, right?  The people being educated that the people in authority are CRIMINALS!
Remember that only the elected officials can swear, right? Shame, shame on you, you hypocritical Leven township officials!
The lawless Leven township member want to "get into your face," don't they? You can see that I remained seated. But didn't the Leven townships liars say they I got into their face?
 Highly agitated Leven townships members!
 Highly agitated Leven townships members!
Censoring? Not surprising since it is clear, precise and unquestionable evidence of local corruption, right?
 The crooks can't handle the truth, can they?  They want you to keep your nose to the grindstone and ignore clear, precise and unquestionable evidence of local corruption, don't they?

Lion News: Pope Co Sheriff Timmy "The Perjurer" Riley's Fun Thanksgiving Present!! 11-24-11

KingCast likes Terry Dean Nemmers/Lion News Thanksgiving Present for Pope Co Sheriff Timmy "The Perjurer" Riley.

A big "Thank you!" to Christopher King for all his invaluable help!

 Lion News Issue #06 Page 1
Lion News Issue #06 Page 2