Friday, June 7, 2013

Richard Besser Demands Dash Cam Video And MDT From Lawless Swift County For Son's Traffic Stop?

Updated: 06-20-13

Lawless Swift County Mn received some really bad news in the mail this week, didn't they? They received a demand for data in a traffic case, didn't they? And if you know anything about the criminal activity of the lawless Sheriff's department in Swift county you would want to double check their traffic stops, also, wouldn't you?

The Sheriff of lawless Swift County is the same crook who stole John Besser's farm, isn't it?

John Besser : David L. Mennis & John Holtz Steal Besser Farm For Bremer Bank - 07/13/10

And for that and other reasons John's brother Richard decided he had better get the dash cam video and the MDT (Mobile Data Traffic) for the traffic stop of his son, Zachary Taylor Ulvila Besser, on 
05/04/2013, didn't he?

If you knew of the criminal history of lawless Swift County, then would you expect to get this public data? Yeah - Richard isn't holding his breath, is he?  In fact, Richard is counting on not receiving the data, isn't he? Then the real fun begins, doesn't it?

Here is the response from lawless Swift County, isn't it?

Richard's payment after a phone call to clarify the muddy letter, right?

And here is the data:


MDT (Mobile Data Terminal Traffic):

Background on Richard Besser:

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