Saturday, June 29, 2013

Will Ramsey County Deputies Charge Andrew "Buttinski" Henderson For Giving A Deputy "The Bird" ... AKA "The Finger"?

Updated: 08-16-13
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Lawless State of Minnesota, South St. Paul is lurking and skulking on 08-13-13, aren't they?

Lawless State of Minnesota, St. Paul is lurking and skulking on 08-12-13, aren't they?

Lion News: Ramsey Co. 's Randy Gustafson Tries To Rip Off Nemmers On "Buttinski" Henderson's Data?

Updated: 07-08-13

For some reason odd reason Ramsey County's Public Information Officer, Randy Gustafson didn't want to answer whether or not he has a drug/alcohol problem, did he?  Something is holding up my data request for Andrew "Buttinski" Henderson, isn't it?
And if it isn't a drug/alcohol on Gustafson's part, then it has to be the fact that the data has incriminating evidence on it, doesn't it? The public data will contain clear, precise & unquestionable evidence of abuse of power, won't it?

And that is why they are trying to scam me on this data request, isn't it? Did you notice that I carbon copied my response to Ramsey County Sheriff Matt Bostrom?

Updated: 07-03-13

Did I ruin a few weekend plans for the crooks down in lawless Ramsey county? Here they thought they had pulled a fast one on me, didn't they?

They were going to sandbag for 10 days and then send me some stupid letter that they needed more information for my data request for "Buttinski" Henderson, weren't they?

That is why I called right before they all went on vacation for the 4th of July, isn't it?

Lion News: Calling Ramsey Co 's Gustafson's For "Buttinski" Henderson's Finger Flipping Data Part 2?

Now I'll enjoy my time and they'll be cursing and drowning their sorrows, won't they?

That is the advantage of knowing that you are dealing with trained & professional liars, isn't it?

Once again the Lord thwarted their evil plans, didn't he?

Psalm 91!

Hey look! A loony email from Randy?

Randy won't be too happy with my response, will he?

Like I'm worried, right?
Original Post: 06-29-13

Well, it would appear that Andrew "Buttinski" Henderson of Little Canada got himself into a little hot water just recently, wouldn't it? Apparently, "Buttinski" Henderson had all that impotent, pent up rage inside and decided to express what little thoughts that he had running through his mind, didn't he?  "Buttinski" Henderson decided to lash out with a grand nonverbal communication, didn't he? "Buttinski" Henderson's nonverbal communication was the middle finger, wasn't it? And who did "Buttinski" Henderson point that middle finger at? A Ramsey County deputy, right?

Lion News: Calling Ramsey Co.'s Gustafson's For "Buttinski" Henderson's Finger Flipping Data?

I'd put a link to the video, but "Buttinski" Henderson has a history of deleting his videos so why would I bother, huh?

I kind of doubt that his "master," the ACLU lawyer in his criminal case, will be too happy with the less-than-intelligent move on "Buttinski" Henderson's part, don't I? Since the ACLU appears to be doing a substandard job on his current case (The ACLU made wild claims that "Buttinski" Henderson's case would be dropped as soon as they took over the case, didn't they?) the chances are they wouldn't be willing to help out "Buttinski" Henderson in new "speech" case, right?

Maybe "Buttinski" Henderson was frustrated since Andy was hoping that he would get some good news prior to the 4th of July? Still no news on whether or not the case has been dismissed against "Buttinski" Henderson, is there?

Register of Actions
Case No. 62SU-CR-12-4910
State of Minnesota vs ANDREW JOSEPH HENDERSON§
Case Type:Crim/Traf Mandatory
Date Filed:11/06/2012
Location:Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Suburban
Judicial Officer:Wilson, Edward

05/20/2013Hearing  (8:45 AM) (Judicial Officer Wilson, Edward)
Result: Held
05/20/2013Other Document (Judicial Officer: Wilson, Edward )
05/20/2013Notice and Order to Appear (Judicial Officer: Wilson, Edward )
05/22/2013Hearing  (1:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Wilson, Edward)
Result: Held
05/22/2013Affidavit of Service
05/22/2013Taken Under Advisement (Judicial Officer: Wilson, Edward )

They'll give "Buttinski" Henderson the bad news right before the 4th of July, won't they?

No matter, right? The important thing is that I have the data from "Buttinski" Henderson's previous case, isn't it?

"Buttinski" Henderson couldn't handle the problem himself, could he? So "Buttinski" Henderson had to coerce the ACLU into helping him, didn't he? And now the ACLU is stabbing less-than-intelligent "Buttinski" Henderson in the back, aren't they?  It's just that "Buttinski" Henderson isn't smart enough to know that, isn't it? Which is why the ACLU, the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office, the prosecutors, the judge and I all know what happened to "Buttinski" Henderson's "missing" video and "Buttinski" Henderson doesn't, right?

More to come ...

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State of Minnesota vs ANDREW JOSEPH HENDERSON - Case No. 62SU-CR-12-4910

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