Thursday, March 21, 2013

State of Minnesota vs ANDREW JOSEPH HENDERSON - Case No. 62SU-CR-12-4910

                                                Updated 08-13-13

Lawless State of Minnesota, South St. Paul is lurking and skulking on 08-13-13, aren't they?

Lawless State of Minnesota - St. Paul, MN is lurking and skulking on 08-12-13, aren't they?

Lawless State of Minnesota - St. Paul, MN is lurking and skulking on 05-23-13, aren't they?

Updated: 03-28-13

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Lawless St. Paul, MN Is Lurking And Skulking On 03-22-13, Aren't They?

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Did I forget to mention that I received these documents? I've actually had them here since March 7, 2013.  I just haven't got around to putting them up, have I? And I haven't posted all the documents I received either.

Oh, and I still need to put up my last conversation with the Ramsey County Public Information Office, Randy Gustafson, don't I? I don't want to ruin the video for everyone so let's just say his response is "different" than the last time we spoke. [Note: link to video above]

In case you forgot this is about Andrew 'Buttinski' Henderson. Funny nickname the cops gave him, huh? It would appear that 'Buttinski' Henderson was filming in public and minding his own business when the cops decided to stick their passive-aggressive nose into 'Buttinski' Henderson's business.

'Buttinski' Henderson made himself a 'celebrity' by getting charged with a crime, didn't he? 'Buttinski' Henderson made the newspapers, some radio, and last but not least - the internet.

'Buttinski' Henderson thought, like everyone who doesn't think too hard, that all you have to is tell the judge it was just a big mistake and it would all be taken care of, didn't he? That didn't happen, did it? Plus, 'Buttinski' Henderson found out the hard way that the cops aren't scared of 'Buttinski's' who scream "I'm going to sue!," didn't he?

Eventually 'Buttinski' Henderson got himself an ACLU lawyer, didn't he?  From what I gathered the ACLU originally told 'Buttinski' Henderson to 'butt out' of their business. If you compare how the ACLU treats other cases in the media, then it is not hard to see that 'Buttinski' Henderson's case is not completely welcomed. Kind of the attitude you would have after you had a wild herd of passive-aggressive so-called activists flood your office with calls, right? Begrudgingly takes the case would probably describe it, wouldn't it?

Anyhow, it was really easy to figure out what happened to the video that "disappeared" from 'Buttinski' Henderson's camera, wasn't it?  And why not? 'Buttinski' Henderson did have partial audio of the original cop encounter, didn't he? Plus, 'Buttinski' Henderson had video of when he tried to get his camera from the Ramsey County Sheriff's Department, didn't he? 

It was just that 'Buttinski' Henderson expected everyone to 'do the right thing,' wasn't it? The detail that screws up all sorts of people, right? And remember, people who hire a lawyer are 'incompetent' by definition, aren't they? Which probably explains why 'Buttinski' Henderson couldn't solve this little mystery by himself, huh?

'Buttinski' Henderson failed to ask the right questions, didn't he? Plus, 'Buttinski' Henderson put his trust in untrustworthy people, didn't he? So that is why 'Buttinski' Henderson is still in the mess that he is in, isn't it? I'll explain what happened to the video that "disappeared" at a later date, won't I?

P.S. Just to make it clear. The only person who has no idea what happened to the video that 'disappeared' is Andrew 'Buttinski' Henderson, isn't it?

A list of what I asked for. Plus, the receipt that shows what I paid for. Actually Gustafson wanted me to come down to Ramsey County to pick up my data, didn't he?  I turned the tables on Gustafson by sending him the money personally.

Record of Ramsey County Deputy Jacqueline Muellner:

So-called code of ethics for Ramsey County:

How to file a complaint against a Ramsey County Deputy::

Chain of evidence information posted at a later date. 

More to come ....

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