Sunday, July 21, 2013

Itasca Co. Deputies Act Like Cowboys And Threaten Handcuffed Tim Salisbury With Gun?

Lion News: Itasca Co. Deputies Act Like Cowboys And Threaten Handcuffed Tim Salisbury With Gun?

Kind of sounds like the wild west in lawless Itasca County, doesn't it? Must be since "the law" doesn't have to follow the law, right? Guess those "Good Ol' Boys" feel like real men by threatening a handcuffed old man with a heart condition, don't they?

And putting a hand on your gun near one of these quick on the trigger Itasca cowboys would get you a ticket to the hospital or the morgue, wouldn't it? Tim's hands were empty but he was full of energy to recount the past, wasn't he? A past that these Itasca County cowboys would rather forget, right?

Itasca County deputy Jamie Gilbert (The deputy who makes death threats against his fellow LEOs, right?) was in one of the cowboys on this arrest, wasn't he?

Itasca County deputy Robin Johnson (Part of the original Excessive Force crew, right?) was the other half of this wild west show, wasn't he?

And the case of Tim's lesson in excessive force by the hands of Itasca's cowboys he had a witness who said that the cowboys were "over the top," didn't he?

And you will notice that Tim was not subjected to the taser this time, won't you?

I would suspect that the Itasca cowboys learned that the taser fiasco was not something that they wanted to repeat on poor Tim, wouldn't I?

And you will notice that Itasca cowboys are audio recording the entire encounter, won't you?

Funny, that the Itasca cowboys would be so cautious to record that encounter and yet be so "careless" to fail record Tim's recent traffic ticket, isn't it? And I'm sure that John Lom would agree that the Itasca County cowboys are withholding evidence that incriminates the Itasca County cowboys in his trumped up case, aren't I?