Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brooten / Belgrade Police Chief Derrick Bjork Conspires To Falsify Report For Lakeside Foods' Spray Plane?

Updated: 07-31-13 (See Below)

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If you ever watched a Western about a lawless town, then you should be able to figure out the scenario of just about every encounter with so-called law enforcement, shouldn't you?

The only variable is how soon they reveal to you that they are lawless, right?

There is some quote from another century that allegedly goes like this: "The appearance of the law must be maintained especially while it is being broken!" It was also used in a movie, wasn't it?

So I was expecting this lawlessness to be revealed sooner or later when I started reporting the spray plane and the burning at the Brooten Municipal Airport, wasn't I?

The reason I caught the Brooten / Belgrade Police is because I did not tell them my plans to start contacting state and federal officials, right?

They just figured that after they went through the motions of claiming to have the police investigate the fire that I would just go back to my humdrum life and put my trust in local law enforcement to "do the right thing" and do their job, right?

But, I wasn't stupid enough to put my trust in local law enforcement, was I?

Why? Because I have clear, precise & unquestionable proof that local law enforcement is made up of common criminals, right?

Plus, I have their own textbooks and law books which clearly state that they are lawless, don't I?


Even the so-called "honest cop" is a trained and professional liar, isn't he?

Even the so-called "honest cops" are trained to falsely accuse innocent suspects, aren't they? That's a violation of the law, isn't it? You shall not bare false witness against your neighbor, right?

Even the so-called "honest cops" are trained to create false evidence, aren't they?

Which is why I knew that the fairy tale report was fabricated by the lawless Brooten / Belgrade Police, right? And was manufactured after I notified the City of Brooten on Friday that I had contacted the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, wasn't it?

And then Chief Derrick Bjork tried to pull a "Hitler" by trying to spin a real big lie, didn't he?

However, I wasn't stupid enough to believe that Chief Derrick "The Big Lie" Bjork had called and left a message on my phone on Thursday that the report was completed, was I?

Chief Derrick "The Big Lie" Bjork was trying to mess with my head, wasn't he? However, I didn't fall for his quack psychology tricks, did I?

First of all, there was no message from Chief Derrick "The Big Lie" Bjork on the answering machine on Thursday, July 25, 2013, was there?


Second, there was no indication on caller I.D. that Chief Derrick "The Big Lie" Bjork had even called on Thursday, July 25, 2013, was there?

Third, Chief Derrick "The Big Lie" Bjork "lawyered up" after I demanded his phone records, didn't he?

Lookie, Lookie! Just posted about 10:03 a.m. today (07-30-13) and guess how long it took for the lawless to come flocking to lurk and stalk, huh?

Looks like Chief "The Big Lie" Bjork has recruited local law enforcement to lurk and skulk, doesn't it?

Cohorts of the Mn Dept. of Ag. guys, huh?

And the original Dept Of Ag guys, right?

More to come ...

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