Friday, July 5, 2013

John Lom's Lawyer Duranske Asks Itasca Co. Attorney Muhar For Service Receipts For Dashcam Repairs Per Sheriff's Policy & Procedure Manual?

Looks like Itasca Co. is going to have a pretty crappy 4th of July weekend, doesn't it? Why you ask?

First of all, John Lom's attorney, George Duranske, sent John his copy of the audio recording of Lom's statement to Cass Co. LT. L. Scott Thompson, didn't he? LT. L. Scott Thompson didn't want John to have a copy of his statement, did he? Kind of funny when Thompson sent John a copy of the transcript, isn't it?

Second, Duranske asked County Attorney John "Good Ol' Boy #1" Muhar for the service receipts for the repairs on those dashcam video devices that allegedly didn't work when John had his $6500.00 stolen from him, didn't he?

Third, Duranske referenced the policy & procedure manuals from the Itasca Co. Sheriff's department, didn't he? Itasca Co. Sheriff Vic "Good Ol' Boy #2" Williams is wondering where John Lom got copies of the policy & procedure manuals from the Itasca Co. Sheriff's department, isn't he?

Well, John Lom got the copies of the policy & procedure manuals from me, didn't he?  And I was glad to get them from Tim Salisbury, wasn't I?
And according to the Itasca Co. Sheriff's department policy & procedure manual - safety issues with squad cars are to be reported to the Chief Deputy or the Sheriff, aren't they?  So, if there are issues with the dashcam videos (There never was, was there?), then the "Good Ol' Boys" Deutsch & Williams knew about then, didn't they?

Just another example of constructive knowledge, isn't it?

You have no excuse if some officer has a piece of evidence he forgot to report. If a law enforcement officer has it, you constructively know about it. George R. Dekle, Sr, Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook (Thompson/West:2007), Page 145.