Monday, April 29, 2013

Terroristic Threats By Itasca Co. Deputy Gilbert During His DWI Arrest Covered Up?

Updated: 05-13-13

My conversation with an Itasca County Booking Sergeant:

Lion News: Terroristic Threats By Itasca Co. Deputy Gilbert -- Special Rules & Special Treatment?

My new data request to Itasca County!

 Updated: 05-01-13

Look who is lurking and skulking today! It's lawless State of Minnesota, Nashwauk, isn't it? Were you one of the drunk cops who is missing from Itasca County Deputy Jamie Gilbert's police reports? Inquiring minds want to know, don't they?

Why would you be lurking & skulking today, huh? Did it have anything to do with my email conversations with Coleraine's City Attorney John Dimich? (Whisper . . . . Whisper . . . . Whisper . . . "Check out what he's got there now!" . . . go the little cops, right?)  Is it okay if I wait until tomorrow to post Dimich's emails? (Whisper . . . . Whisper . . . . Whisper . . . . "Which one of our dirty little secrets is he going to post next?" . . . go the little cops, right?)

Updated: 04-30-13

Inquiring minds want to know who those unnamed witnesses ... aka the passengers were in Itasca County Deputy Jamie Gilbert's car when he was arrested for drunk driving, don't they?

Original Post: 04-29-13

Lion News: Terroristic Threats By Itasca Co. Deputy Gilbert During His DWI Arrest Covered Up?

I heard about this case from John Lom, didn't I? Lom had $6,500.00 stolen from his wallet by Itasca Co. deputies, didn't he? So it makes sense to see how many other crooked cops there are, doesn't it?

Did I ever imagine when I started asking for public data that I would end up filing a criminal misconduct complaint against the Coleraine Chief of Police Jeff Kuck for refusing to produce the data? I can't say that I did, can I? (However, I gladly seized upon the opportunity, didn't I?) [Note to self: Don't you have some other public officials that are refusing to produce public data? Maybe criminal charges against them next?]

Lion News: Criminal Complaint -- Coleraine's Chief Kuck's Criminal Misconduct With Public Data?

Click Here: Chief Kuck Complaint

Lion News: Coleraine's City Attorney Dimich Does Want To Hear About Chief Kuck's Misconduct?

Lion News: Coleraine's Chief Kuck Fears Data Release For DUI Stop Of Itasca Co. Deputy Gilbert?

This video should be a laugh riot, shouldn't it? What could be funnier than a drunk cop who is trying to "fix" his own ticket on video, huh?

Witness! Witness! What are all the names of the witnesses/passengers, huh? They're all cops, aren't they?

Itasca County Deputy Jamie Gilbert thinks he is above the law, doesn't he?

Itasca County Deputy Jamie Gilbert thinks that his crimes should be covered up, doesn't he?

Amazing what the so-called "fourth pillar of government" . . . aka newspapers leaves out of their "objective" stories, isn't it?

The driver, later identified as Gilbert, asked why he was stopped. The officer, who noted the smell of alcohol from the driver’s side window, told Gilbert there were too many people in the vehicle to be safe. Gilbert refused to give the officer his driver’s license and when asked to exit the vehicle to speak to the officer, “stumbled out of his vehicle.” The officer reported that “Gilbert was obviously intoxicated, his words were slurred, his eyes were bloodshot and watery, (he was) very unsteady on his feet and made multiple admissions of having drank too much.”
Gilbert told the officer he was bringing his passengers home to Grand Rapids. He also admitted to two deputies and a State Trooper who responded to the scene that he had drank too much. Gilbert also refused to submit to a preliminary breath test and field sobriety tests. Itasca County sheriff's deputy pleads guilt to DWI charge, Posted: Friday, July 27, 2012 5:06 pm, By Lisa Rosemore Herald-Review.

You can tell that Itasca Co. is a lawless county because Gilbert was never charged with felony terroristic threats, can't you? And I guess refusing to produce identification when driving is fine & dandy in lawless Itasca Co., don't I?