Monday, April 22, 2013

Criminal Complaint – Coleraine's Chief Kuck's Criminal Misconduct With Public Data?

Lion News: Criminal Complaint -- Coleraine's Chief Kuck's Criminal Misconduct With Public Data?

Coleraine's Chief Jeff Kuck thought he could treat me like a "punk," didn't he? Chiefy Kuck thought he could break the law and not give me public data, didn't he? Well, I showed that "Good Ol' Boy" a lesson on how I can assert my rights, didn't I? I filed a complaint with the lawless Itasca County Sheriff's department against him on Friday, April 19, 2013, didn't I?

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Here is my valid data request which Chiefy Kuck willfully refused to process in a timely manner, isn't it? Chiefy Kuck wanted a little payback since I showed that Coleraine's so-called public servants are a bunch of passive-aggressive, lazy slugs, didn't he?

Plus, it looks like there is another scandal brewing here, doesn't it? Conflict of interest on the part of City Attorney Dimich? Aiding an offender by under-charging him?

Reference in public record:
The driver, later identified as Gilbert, asked why he was stopped. The officer, who noted the smell of alcohol from the driver’s side window, told Gilbert there were too many people in the vehicle to be safe. Gilbert refused to give the officer his driver’s license and when asked to exit the vehicle to speak to the officer, “stumbled out of his vehicle.” The officer reported that “Gilbert was obviously intoxicated, his words were slurred, his eyes were bloodshot and watery, (he was) very unsteady on his feet and made multiple admissions of having drank too much.”
Gilbert told the officer he was bringing his passengers home to Grand Rapids. He also admitted to two deputies and a State Trooper who responded to the scene that he had drank too much. Gilbert also refused to submit to a preliminary breath test and field sobriety tests. Itasca County sheriff's deputy pleads guilt to DWI charge, Posted: Friday, July 27, 2012 5:06 pm, By Lisa Rosemore Herald-Review.
So I registered a complaint that dealt with Chiefy Kuck's Criminal Misconduct of a Public Officer - 609.43(1), didn't I? And lo and behold a deputy was trying to derail my criminal complaint, wasn't he? Deputy Mark was also trying to "play dumb" about his knowledge of my YouTube videos at ArrestAJudgeKit, wasn't he?

But if you're trying to "play dumb" about the videos, then you probably shouldn't be quoting the lines from the video, should you?

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Plus, I had a bonus, didn't I? John Bluntach - the husband of Coleraine's Clerk, Sandy Bluntach was posting on my videos soon after I filed my complaint, wasn't he?

However, it appears that John Bluntach he got into trouble (and Sandy, right?) for having such a big mouth, doesn't it? And being the sneaky and deceptive person he is, John Bluntach decided to change his name to "Fred Johnson," didn't he? Not very original, was it?

But, then again, none of the so-called public servants or their spouses that I have dealt with seem to be very bright, do they?

And look! Not very long after John Bluntach was posting on my videos someone from the State of Minnesota, Naswauk was on my site, weren't they? And what were they searching for? "terry nemmers glenwood mn," weren't they? Coincidence? Not a chance!

It appears that the whisper campaign was started immediately after (probably during, right?) my complaint was phoned in, wasn't it?

Just some of the participants of the whisper campaign weren't smart enough to cover their tracks, were they?

Here are the Coleraine (Keystone?) cops playing on Facebook when they should have been processing my data request, right?

Coleraine is a lawless town in a lawless county, isn't it?

Some of the so-called public servants:

Proof that Chiefy Kuck received my data request:

Proof that Coleraine's City Attorney John Dimich received the data request:

Penny's response email:

My response to Penny:

Chief Kuck's passive-aggressive response email:

Email to Sheriff Vic:

Do I have any confidence that my complaint will be taken seriously or that I will receive justice in lawless Itasca County? No! Now all we have to do is wait and let them prove me right, don't we?