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Greg Shartle Appeals Malicious Prosecution = Sheriff Brott & FBI Framed Shartle?

Updated: 04-17-13

The #3 page was missing on two separate copies that were purchased within a few minutes on the same day, wasn't it?

Lawless State Of Minnesota, Mankato Is Lurking & Skulking, Aren't They? (Did Sherburne Co. Sheriff Joel "The Torturer" Brott call up his crooked buddies in Mankato and ask them to peek on the website for him? Inquiring minds want to know, don't they?)

Original Post: 04-15-13

Lawless State of Minnesota, Elk River Is Lurking & Skulking, Aren't They? (Did they get an email?)

On Friday, April 12, 2013 about 2:30pm I was led to look up Greg Shartle's case on the Minnesota Public Access Remote, wasn't I? And what did I find? Greg had filed an appeal on April 8, 2013, hadn't he?

Lion News: Greg Shartle Appeals Malicious Prosecution = Sheriff Brott & FBI Framed Shartle?

Why would someone who has plead guilty via a plea bargain suddenly file an appeal, huh? Because they were innocent all along and were coerced into saying they were guilty when they were not, right?

The various types of gaslighting have in common two defining features. The first is an attempt to impair or destroy an individual's confidence in his or her psychic abilities. After this first aim has been achieved, the second aim is to attain control over the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of the victim.

By making another person feel fearful, guilty, or ashamed, the manipulator is in a position to gain control over the other individual's affects, thoughts, and behaviors by substituting his own beliefs. This is the basic mechanism of gaslighting whether used in everyday life, in psychotherapy situations, or in the thought-reform and mind-control manipulations of cult leaders. Some advertising and many social interactions in which one person attempts to gain control over another are based on this principle.” Gaslighting, The Double Whammy, Interrogation and Other Covert Control in Psychotherapy & Analysis, Theo L. Dorpat (Maryland: 2004), Page 7.

With the rise of the democracies and the dethronement and disempowering of previously powerful groups such as the military, the nobility, and the like, there has been a gradual shift from the conscious and explicit use of direct methods of interpersonal and social control to one that are more indirect, subtle, and covert. Gaslighting, The Double Whammy, Interrogation and Other Covert Control in Psychotherapy & Analysis, Theo L. Dorpat (Maryland: 2004), Page xviii.

Oh, and the things that Greg told me about his backstabbing lawyer weren't very complimentary, were they? How would you like to be told that the lawyer wasn't going to look at your case this month because your next hearing was the next month? You probably wouldn't like that any more than Greg did, right?

And how would you like your attorney to refuse to show your the video statement that you made in the presence of a Sherburne County Deputy and an FBI agent? You know, the one where you were read your rights after they did the illegal interrogation? That would upset the average person, also, wouldn't it?

The reason why the video wasn't shown to Greg was allegedly because the lawyer didn't think that video disc/player could be brought into the jail, right? But, when I asked Stephanie (She's the guard who filed the malicious incite to riot charges against me, isn't she?) if Greg could watch the video with his lawyer in jail she said "Yes," didn't she?

So what was on the video that Greg's lawyer didn't want him to see? Rights violations?

And for those of you who watched my videos you would have saw the video where I contacted The Chief Public Defender Virginia Murphy, wouldn't you? However, I never made an announcement that I had contacted the head of the State Public Defender's Office, did I?

I demanded an investigation into Greg's case, didn't I?

It would appear that the State Public Defender's office contacted Greg, wouldn't it? And it would also appear that Greg must have come out of the spell they had him under, huh? I would guess sitting in prison gave him plenty of time to reflect on the huge mistake he had been suckered into making, wouldn't I?

When you are arrested today, the federal prosecutors automatically expect that they will be able to force you to plead guilty – whether you are or not. And their police agents, especially the DEA, take the same attitude. It is now quite common to see truly innocent defendants convicted and sentenced to longer terms because the Government rewards others, often the guiltiest parties, with shorter sentences in exchange for testifying against the innocent. Defense attorneys know this – they see it constantly – and it is slowly corrupting many of them.

To understand how this works you need to understand that in the eyes of a federal agent, you are guilty. If he arrests you, or anyone else arrested you, you are guilty. And once they believe that you are guilty, they will tell as many lies as necessary to convict you. Now that federal agents, especially DEA agents, have almost all learned their trade in a judicial system hamstrung by the sentencing guideline; they no longer think in terms of genuine proofs when making their cases. They think in terms of how much pressure do they need to put on the defendant to force him to plead guilty. They think like this because they expect (with good reason!) that every defendant will plead guilty. They do not expect to have to testify; so they are not worried about being impeached on their lies. And in the occasional case that does go to trial, where they do have to give false testimony, the agents are usually up against an appointed attorney who could not afford to do the investigation and preparation necessary to effectively impeach them.

Busted by the Feds: A Manual for Defendants Facing Federal Prosecution by Larry Fassler, 12th Ed., page 108 .

So am I expecting justice from Greg's appeal? Nope. I expect this will be a just another great, big theatrical performance that won't render an ounce of justice, don't I?

And, if Greg is released, then it will only be because of  people like me who have the spirit of justice and refused to allow an injustice to stand, won't it?

More to come . . .