Friday, August 9, 2013

Itasca Co.'s Trish Klein: Are You Going To Cover Up The Perjury Of Deputy Morse Like You Covered Up Deputy Gilbert's Terroristic Threats?

Updated 08-12-13

Must have stirred up the rat's nest in lawless Itasca County with my last letter, huh?

The rats are still scurrying around, aren't they?

Wow, these rats are really scurrying around, aren't they?

Lion News: Itasca Co. Administrator Trish Klein Aids & Abets Williams & Muhar In Crimes Part 2?
Lion News: Itasca Co. Administrator Trish Klein Aids & Abets Williams & Muhar In Crimes?

Continued from: Itasca Co.'s Trish Klein

Did you know what part of these little projects for justice are the most fun? It's when the corrupt county official "lawyers-up," isn't it? And Itasca Co. Administrator Trish Klein is about ready to "lawyer-up," isn't she?

Why? Simple, isn't it? Trish was thinking that her background in psychology would be a huge asset in manipulating me, didn't she?

However, Trish found out in our Tuesday, 08-06-13 conversation that I already knew all her psychology tricks, didn't she?

And when she couldn't take control of me or the conversation she panicked and hung up on me, didn't she?
Showing continued signs of weakness Trish resorted to emailing me instead of returning my phone call, didn't she?

I love it when corrupt county officials are afraid of incriminating themselves in phone conversations with me, aren't I? Why? It shows that I am winning, doesn't it?


… Between 7.5 and 17.5 seconds of audio-video material are missing from the two Taser recordings, Stutchman reported. … "The format of these Taser Cams is very editable. ... What I got was not encrypted," he said. Stutchman added that any copy would have been encrypted with separate deciphering software used to translate the information, he said. ...

Report: 'Police tampered with Taser recordings'
Court hearing Monday for man who was shot twice, then charged with felony assault of officers
by Sue Dremann
Palo Alto Weekly Staff

Plus, Trish didn't expect that I would send her email to every single department head in Itasca Co., did she? Oh, and the email also went to the local newspaper, didn't it? She didn't expect that, did she?

So shame, fear of exposure and guilt generated by her own cover-up forced Trish to stay in the conversation, didn't it? These crooks can do the crime, but they can't do the exposure time, can they?

However, since Trish has absolutely no credibility with me she will be forced to lawyer-up, won't she?
Attachment #1

And that is when I will start the next phase in the operation, isn't it?

Attachment #2

That phase will include educating the public that Trish can't be trusted, won't it? Nor can you trust any arrest, prosecution or conviction in lawless Itasca Co., right?

Attachment #3
Attachment #4

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More to come ...