Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Itasca Co. Administrator Trish Klein Aids & Abets Sheriff Vic Williams & County Attorney Jack Muhar In Crimes?

Continued from: Sheriff Vic Acts Like 2 Year Old

Lion News: Itasca Co. Administrator Trish Klein Aids & Abets Williams & Muhar In Crimes?

You've heard that old joke about how you can tell that certain people are lying because their lips are moving, haven't you? Well Itasca County Administrator Trish Klein's lips were moving until she abruptly and rudely hung up the phone on me, weren't they?

And why was she so upset? It was because I clearly and correctly identified each of her deceitful tactics, wasn't it?

Trish thought she could use her background in psychology to manipulate me, didn't she?

Not only did Trish find out that not only did I know all her dirty tricks, but she also found out I knew how to counter each one, didn't she?

Again, I fell back onto my training and my trust in the Lord to be the guardian of my mouth, didn't I? (Luke 21:14-15)

Plus, I already had proof that Trish was lying from the very beginning, didn't I?

Back in May Coleraine's City Attorney John Dimich had already told me that he did not have any dash cam video or supplemental from Itasca County, didn't he?

So I'd have to be pretty stupid to believe Itasca Co. Administrator Trish Klein's lies, wouldn't I?

And that is why Itasca Co. Administrator Trish Klein got mad and hung up, isn't it?

Even with all the time and money that Itasca Co. Administrator Trish Klein wasted on that psychology mumbo-jumbo, she couldn't get me to doubt for a split-second, could she?

I wonder if she will be willing to go another "round" on the phone, don't I?

Maybe we'll find out real soon, huh?

More to come ...

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