Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Itasca Co.'s Auditor Jeff Walker Decides To Send Illegally Withheld Data On Sheriff's Office After He Receives Tim Salisbury's Letter?

When you want to get public data from corrupt local officials you have to go about it a certain way, don't you? And the way you get it is to document every one of your steps in asking for the data, isn't it? If you are just going to call in for the public data, as the law allows, then you want to record your phone conversations, don't you?

And when they ignore your data requests for weeks and weeks then you want to record the follow-up calls, also, don't you?

And when you think you have enough audio evidence that the corrupt politician has engaged in criminal misconduct of a public official, then you send them a letter which asks for all the data and an explanation why they were ignoring all your previous phone calls, right?

Of course, you'll want to send the letter United States Postal Service Certificate of Mailing, won't you?

And you'll want to keep a signed copy of your original letter, won't you?

That way you can upload the scanned documents to a blog and the recorded conversations or phone messages up onto a place like YouTube, right? If you follow those step, then you could get a huge packet of public data in the mail, couldn't you?

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