Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stevens Co., Kandiyohi Co., Pope Co, Douglas Co., And The Mn Dept. Of Public Safety All Get Public Data Requests For Policy On Misconduct?

The latest round of data requests to these lawless operations is for their policy on data and misconduct, isn't it?

Stevens County:

Stevens County Update:

You see these places like to break their own policies and the law on public data, don't they?

Kandiyohi County:

Kandiyohi County Update: Lawless Kandiyohi County tries to pull a fast one!

So what you need to do is find out their policies on data and misconduct and then you can show just how corrupt they are, right?

Pope County:

Pope County Update: Lawless Pope County tries to pull a fast one!


And if you've asked for data first and been illegally denied the data, then you all ready have the evidence of the crimes, right? 

Douglas County:

The key is to catch them in the crimes first - then ask for the policies afterwards, isn't it?

Douglas County Update: Lawless Douglas County tries to pull a fast one!

Minnesota Department of Public Safety:

Or you could already have the policies and just let them sink themselves deeper into the criminal activity before you ask for the another set of policies, right? Either way works as long as you have the evidence of the crimes, doesn't it?