Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Staged Media Event For Andrew Dikken Manhunt Flops! West Central SWAT's Nathan Brecht & Publisher Tim Douglass Distract Attention Away From Debacle?

It would appear that the whitewash is being slopped on nice and thick in the cover-up of the staged media event by West Central SWAT for the Andrew Dikken manhunt, wouldn't it?

Whitewash, noun. anything, as deceptive words or actions, used to cover up or gloss over faults, errors, or wrongdoings, or absolve a wrongdoer from blame.  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/whitewash

 The undeniable facts are:

1. Lots and lots of county, state and federal resources were wasted on a huge wild goose chase for accused murderer Andrew Dikken, weren't they?
Agents of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Glenwood Police Department, Pope County Sheriff’s Office and the West Central Minnesota SWAT team, Douglas County Swat team, Minnesota State Patrol, law enforcement officers from Grant, Swift, Stevens and Douglas counties as well as an FBI agent, conducted a full search of the hotel. Public tip leads to search of Glenwood hotel. By Tim Douglass, Publisher. Published 09-09-13. Pope County Tribune.

2. The so-called trained observers watched the wrong guy for an extended period of time and still got it wrong, didn't they?
We had people there within seconds of this call and observed the vehicle reported immediately and observed the individual going into the hotel and to and from the vehicle,” We knew the individual was in the hotel and had never left,” Danter said. “Because of the constant observation, we never felt at any point that anyone in Glenwood was in danger at any time,” Danter added  “Had I thought there was even a hint of danger to anyone we would have acted very quickly to secure the area and get the public evacuated,” he said Friday morning.. Public tip leads to search of Glenwood hotel. By Tim Douglass, Publisher. Published 09-09-13. Pope County Tribune.

3. And when confronted with obvious truth that they were watching the wrong guy they still raided the hotel, didn't they?

The person suspected to be Dikken by the 911 caller turned out to be a contractor who was hired to do painting at the hotel, which is undergoing a renovation project, Danter explained.  Neither he nor his vehicle had any connection to the murder investigation in Granite Falls, it was determined.The hotel search was executed at about 3:30 p.m.  The sweep of the facility was done quickly and the hotel was cleared by 4:15. Public tip leads to search of Glenwood hotel. By Tim Douglass, Publisher. Published 09-09-13. Pope County Tribune.

So how does a hack who was invited along on this debacle rewrite history to make a failure into a success? The hack lies through his teeth about it, doesn't he?

And you've seen this before, haven't you? The bungling cop get a medal for a bad shooting, right? The incompetent cop gets a promotion for an incident that threatens public safety, right? The boob cop who gets a glowing article written about him in the local rag (If it only prints propaganda can it really be called a newspaper?) to distract the attention away from the staged media event that turns out to be a flop, right? And that is what is going on here, isn't it?

The reality is you can't trust any arrest, prosecution, conviction or staged SWAT media event in lawless Pope County, can you?

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