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Alyssa Drescher Update: Demand For K-9 Log For USC Board Chair Kathy Krebsbach's Child? Krebsbach's Brat Brought A Dangerous Weapon To USC, Correct? Brats Get Special Treatment, Right? Principle Schlaak Requested To Produce Data On USC's Interrogation Of Tender Young Minds Like Alyssa's?

More fun for the corrupt local officials at the City of Mapleton, the City of Wells and at Wells United South Central Schools, huh? That's right, isn't it? Ill just let you read the data requests that I submitted, okay?

Kelly Schlaak, Principal          06-08-14
United South Central Public Schools
250 2nd Ave. SW              Emailed to:
Wells, MN 56097                       
Phone: 507-553-5819                

Email me the following public data:

1. Is it part of your job description to interview/interrogate student at the United South Central (USC) School Dist. 2134-01?
2. What specific specialized training have you taken that qualifies you to interview/interrogate student at USC? Minnesota Statute 13.43 Personnel Data. Subd. 2. Public data. (7) … work-related continuing education; and honors and awards received.
3. Are you trained in the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation? Yes or No?
4. Are you trained in the Investigative Interviewing Approach of Interrogation? Yes or No?
5. Provide me the District's policy and procedure on interrogation of USC students.

Terry Dean, Nemmers
20179 County Road 28
Glenwood, MN 5633

P.S. You are put on notice that I will be reporting USC Superintendent Jerry Jensen for willful refusal to comply with the Mn Data Practice laws – Chapter 13.09. I have no problem reporting you, have I?

“He turned around and looked at me and said, ‘Mrs. Schlaak, we have an issue,’” Principal Kelly Schlaak testified. Schlaak called Drescher to the office, said no drugs were found in her locker but something was and wondered if Drescher knew what that might be. USC expels 'model student' for pocketknife Junior brought pocket knife to school By Mark Fischenich, The Mankato Free Press, April 24, 2014.

Generally, students may not be interviewed during the school day by persons other than a student’s parents, school district officials, employees and/or agents, except as otherwise provided by law and/or this policy. Interviews of Students by Outside Agencies – Policy 519.

Indeed the terms interview and interrogation are of used interchangeably by investigators, depending upon the audience being addressed. While testifying in court, the investigator inevitably describes his conversation with the defendant as an “interview.” This is so even if it lasted four hours and clearly involved repeated accusations of guilt. Interview: a free-flowing, nonaccusatory meeting or discussion used to gather information. Interrogation: an accusational interaction with a suspect, conducted in a controlled environment, designed to persuade the suspect to tell the truth. Inbau, Fred E., Reid, John E., Buckley Joseph P., Jayne, Brian C. Essentials of the Reid Technique: Criminal Interrogation and Confessions. Page 3. 

I realize the name is the “Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation”, but we, as school personnel, do not claim to interrogate anyone. We interview, we ask a lot of questions, we investigate, we make every attempt to follow the Reid technique to the letter; however, we do not call what we do interroga-tion. Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation - Tips for Educators by: Steve Greiner, Dean of Students.Crystal Lake High School.      Page 1 of 1

Patty Woodruff, City Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer, Administration          06-08-14
104 2nd Ave NE
P.O. Box 366                                        Emailed to:
Mapleton, MN 56065                                    
Phone: (507) 524-3492                                  
Fax: (507) 524-4536                                       

Notice: Willful failure to provide the data from the previous Chapter 13 data requests will be reported to the proper authorities pursuant to Mn Statute Chapter 13.09. Penalties.

Re: Chapter 13 data request K-9 log for live search at Wells USC & for probable cause statements for weapons charges.

Email me the following public data:

1. K-9 log for USC live locker search. Specifically: Search that revealed that USC Board Chair Kathy Krebsbach's child had threatened the safety and security of the USC students, staff and vistors by introducing contraband – a dangerous weapon described as a lighter.
2. Probable cause statement for child of USC Board Chair Kathy Krebsbach.

While preparing the appeal, Johnson said other kids who have brought prohibited items to school didn’t get expelled. For example, he said, one school board member’s child brought a lighter, which is also on the district’s weapons list, and is supposed to trigger a recommendation that the student be expelled, according to the student handbook. Board Chair Kathy Krebsbach didn’t return Star Tribune inquiries, and Jensen indicated that state data practices law prohibits him from responding on individual discipline. Teen expelled over pocketknife used for chores; school pressed to reconsider zero-tolerance policy – Alyssa Drescher's expulsion from United South Central High School in Faribault County has prompted criticism of the punishment and zero-tolerance policy. Article by: STEVE BRANDT , Star Tribune, Updated: May 8, 2014 - 10:14 AM.

201.275 INVESTIGATIONS; PROSECUTIONS. A law enforcement agency that is notified by affidavit of an alleged violation of this chapter shall promptly investigate. Upon receiving an affidavit alleging a violation of this chapter, a county attorney shall promptly forward it to a law enforcement agency with jurisdiction for investigation. If there is probable cause for instituting a prosecution, the county attorney shall proceed by complaint or present the charge, with whatever evidence has been found, to the grand jury. A county attorney who refuses or intentionally fails to faithfully perform this or any other duty imposed by this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall forfeit office. The county attorney, under the penalty of forfeiture of office, shall prosecute all violations of this chapter except violations of this section; if, however, a complainant withdraws an allegation under this chapter, the county attorney is not required to proceed with the prosecution.

609.66 DANGEROUS WEAPONS. Subd. 1d. Possession on school property; penalty. (a) Except as provided under paragraphs (d) and (f), whoever possesses, stores, or keeps a dangerous weapon while knowingly on school property is guilty of a felony and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than five years or to payment of a fine of not more than $10,000, or both.

Terry Dean, Nemmers Case No. 22-CR-13-347 State of Minnesota vs Leo Charles Koppala
20179 County Road 28 06/10/2013 E-filed Comp-Order for Detention
Glenwood, MN 56334                Page 1 of 1

More to come . . .

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