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Cowardly Schauer's Lies Debunked? Cowardly Sibley Co. Law Enforcement Officer & Attorney David Schauer Common Criminal? Cowardly Sibley Co. Law Enforment Officer Schauer Still Illegally Withholding Data To Illegal Searches & Seizures For Raw Milk Farmer Michael Hartmann In Case#: 72-CR-13-6 But Now Illegally Withholding Data In Case#: 72-CR-12-65?

This is where I debunked all of cowardly Sibley Co. law enforcement officer/attorney David Schauer's lies, isn't it? It is, isn't it?

David E Schauer, Sibley Co. Law Enforcement Officer/Attorney 06-27-14
Schauer Law Office Emailed to:
307 N. Pleasant Avenue,
P.O. Box H Re: Chapter 13 Data request – Salaries, Data Retention
Winthrop, MN 55396 Schedule And Illegally Withheld Public Data – Michael Otto
Phone: (507) 647-5377 Hartmann Case#: 72-CR-12-65 & Case#: 72-CR-13-6

David E Schauer, Sibley Co. Law Enforcement Officer/Attorney:

You're an anarchist1 and a common criminal who is illegally withholding mypublic data, aren't you? You are, aren't you? Let's start debunking your wild and outrageous lies by putting a few things into context, shall we?

First of all, you are a Sibley County law enforcement officer, aren't you? You are, aren't you?

As a law enforcement officer, the American prosecutor is just as concerned with the detection of crime and the arrest of criminals as the cop on the beat. In America, both court decision14 and statute15 recognize the prosecutor's role as a law enforcement officer. In their roles as law enforcement officers, prosecutors can become involved in almost all aspects of the investigation of a case, and it is sometimes very easy for them to become too much the law enforcement officer and too little the minister of justice. George R. Dekle, Sr, Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook (Thompson/West:2007), Page 5.

And you have repeatedly to told me to contact Sibley County law enforcement for the data, haven't you? You have, haven't you? And that is why I contacted you, a Sibley County law enforcement officer, isn't it? It is, isn't it?

Second, as a Sibley county law enforcement officer and as Sibley county's attorney & prosecutor you have not only possession of this data but you have control over this data, don't you? You do, don't you?
Civil Advice
The county attorney is the legal advisor for the county board of commissioners, county departments and agencies. The county attorney is not authorized to provide civil legal advice to private citizens in his capacity as county attorney. As the legal advisor for the county, the county attorney serves in a role that is similar to that of an in-house corporate counsel.

In fact, slimy prosecutors like you try to illegally withhold criminal investigative data in all sorts of criminal cases just like you are trying to illegally withhold my public data, don't they? They do, don't they?

Attorney Philip Elbert reminded the judge of a rule from the Minnesota rules of criminal procedures. Elbert explained that any others who participated in the investigation, and who regularly report to the prosecutor, must disclose any information. "All officers, part-time or not, report to the prosecutor," Elbert says. "The law is clear." Ruling favors priest – Defense entitled to full disclosures by Brock Buesing - Register Staff Writer, Faribault County Register, October 27, 2013.

Certainly you must have read that on one of your many visits to my website, correct? By the way, were you playing on my website on your personal time or on county time, huh? The public's dime, right?

Page 1 of 3
Onvoy ( [Label IP Address] United States Winthrop, Minnesota, United States: 28 May – 15:46:22; 28 May – 15:46:24; 28 May – 15:47:27; 6 Jun – 16:25:02; 6 Jun – 16:26:24; 9 Jun – 16:06:42; 9 Jun – 16:07:22; 9 Jun – 16:07:43; 9 Jun – 16:07:51; 9 Jun – 16:09:11; 9 Jun – 16:10:56; 9 Jun – 16:12:01; 9 Jun – 16:12:06; 10 Jun - 15:36:01; 10 Jun – 15:39:19; 12 Jun – 09:56:43; 12 Jun – 09:57:21; 17 Jun – 15:11:48; 26 Jun – 15:39:20; 26 Jun – 15:43:06; 26 Jun – 16:08:59; 26 Jun – 16:09:37; 26 Jun –16:09:48; 26 Jun – 16:18:54; 26 Jun – 16:20:02; 26 Jun – 16:23:25; 26 Jun – 16:23:35; 26 Jun – 16:23:44; 27 Jun – 09:51:05; 27 Jun – 09:51:41; 27 Jun – 09:52:11; 27 Jun – 09:52:27; 27 Jun – 09:58:31; 27 Jun – 09:58:41; 27 Jun – 10:00:02; 27 Jun – 10:01:13; 27 Jun – 10:02:54; 27 Jun – 10:03:00; 27 Jun – 10:03:51; 27 Jun – 10:04:25; 27 Jun – 10:04:30; 27 Jun – 10:04:46; 27 Jun – 10:04:56; 27 Jun – 10:05:48.

Oh, wait! If it was on private time, then you'll act like a 4 year-old and throw a temper tanturm that it has nothing to do with the data request, huh? One of your many temper tantrums was that how much you charged per hour and if you used billable hours had nothing to do with my data request, wasn't it? However, that was to counter your wild and outrageous claims that you had no idea how much Hartmann's malicious prosecution cost the county, correct? Why is it that Pope County's prostituting attorney Neil “The Tamperer” Nelson can figure the costs of prosecution but you mysteriously can't, huh?

Nelson prosecuted the case along with Robert Petha of the Minnesota Attoney General’s office. Commissioners could expect to see the expenses of the trial this month, said Nelson, including hotel and travel expenses for four medical doctors who testified in the case. PC board hears of impact of murder trial by Pope County Tribune, June 23, 2014.

I get a kick out of cowards and criminals, like you, who hide behind the law, don't I? Isn't it a criminal act and waste of public resources to knowingly bring a malicious prosecution based on not one, but three illegal searches and seizures? It is, isn't it?

Hartmann argued that the evidence seized during the search of his truck on Dec. 4, 2012 and on his farm on Jan. 9, 2013 violated his constitutional rights to be free from an unreasonable search, according to court documents. MacDonald ruled that that initial stop of the truck was constitutional but that (trooper) Heyman did not have reasonable suspicion to do anything more than stop the vehicle and note that it was a farm vehicle. "The problem is Heyman's expansion of the scope and duration of the stop, including three separate, warrant-less and constitutionally unjustified searches of Hartmann's truck. Judge rules illegal search, seizure of raw dairy goods – Case continues Dec. 17 in Sibley County by By Fritz Busch, The New Ulm Journal. November 10, 2013.

Not to mention that it is a criminal act to illegally withhold public data, right? Illegally withholding public data is not only a violation of Mn Statute Chapter 13.09 Penalties but it is also a violation of Mn Statute 609.43 Misconduct of Public Officer or Employee. (1) intentionally fails or refuses to perform a known mandatory, nondiscretionary, ministerial duty of the office or employment within the time or in the manner required by law, isn't it? It is, isn't it?

Fourth, how did the Notification of Adoption of County Gerneral Retention Schedule stamped filed June 8, 1986 come into you possession? Did it appear by an act of God? Apparently you must have communicated with the Sibley County Auditor's office at some point and time, correct? Amazing how you can communicate with other county departments when it serves your purpose, yet magically you can't communicate with other departments when it comes to my data requests, huh? Sounds like discrimination and a hidden criminal agenda, doesn't it? It does, doesn't it?

Finally, isn't strange that the Minnesota County General Records Retention Schedule clearly lists press releases
Page 2 of 3
as public data?

Data Class: Publ; Citation for Classification: MS 13.03; Retention/Statute: 1 yr, then transfer to the State Archive for selction and disposition.

Didn't you make the wild and outrageous claim that you had no idea if press releases were covered by the Data Practice act? Mabye you were missing from law school that day just like you were missing the day they taught about not engaging in illegal searches and seizures, huh?

I want all my data that you are illegally withholding from me sent to me immediately!

Terry Dean, Nemmers Gmail:
20179 County Road 28
Glenwood, MN 56334 P.S. Schauer you're still not “man enough” to call me up and repeat your lies to
Phone: (320) 283-5713 me over the phone, are you? You aren't, are you?

1Anarchist, n. An anarch; one who excites revolt, or promotes disorder in a state. Webster's 1828 Dictionary.

Case No. 72-CR-12-65; State of Minnesota vs Michael Otto Hartmann; Status: Closed 06/11/2014; 06/11/2014 Discharge from Probation (Judicial Officer: MacDonald, Erica H. )

Register of Actions - Case No. 72-CR-13-6; State of Minnesota vs Michael Otto Hartmann
DOB: 01/17/1953; Date of Incident: 12/04/2012; Location: Hyy 12 near County Road 92 within Hennipin County

10/28/2013 Disposition (Judicial Officer: MacDonald, Erica H.) 1. Milk and Milk Products - Sale prohibited unless pasteurized (Not applicable – GOC) – Dismissed ; 2. Cheese-Sell, offer for sale or possess with intent to sell at retail without pasturizing or aging (Not applicable – GOC) – Dismissed

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. John 3:19-21, King James Version (KJV) Page 3 of 3

More to come . . .

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