Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cowardly Sibley Co. Attorney David Schauer Not Only Illegally Withholding Illegal Search Video Of Raw Milk Farmer Michael Hartmann In Case#: 72-CR-13-6 But Now Illegally Withholding Data In Case#: 72-CR-12-65? Cowardly Schauer Not "Man Enough" To Repeat His Lies To Nemmers Over The Phone? Dept Ag Now Illegally Withholding Hartmann Related Data? New Ulm Journal Sits Back And Refuses To Bark About Local Corruption?

Cowardly Sibley Co. Attorney David Schauer loves to hide behind his email, his voice mail, female office staff and lackey assistant county attorneys, doesn't he? He does, doesn't he?

However, cowardly Sibley Co. Attorney David Schauer is not "man enough" to get on the phone to repeat his wild and outrageous lies to me, is he? He isn't, is he?

Why? Simple. Sibley Co. Attorney David Schauer would end up looking like a common criminal after the phone call, wouldn't he?

He would, wouldn't he?

David E Schauer, County Attorney      06-17-14
Schauer Law Office                   Emailed to: david@co.sibley.mn.us
307 N. Pleasant Avenue             bfenske@nujournal.com, ksweeney@nujournal.com
P.O. Box H                                Re: Chapter 13 Data request – Salaries, Data Retention
Winthrop, MN 55396                Schedule And Illegally Withheld Public Data – Michael Otto
Phone: (507) 647-5377              Hartmann Case#: 72-CR-12-65 & Case#: 72-CR-13-6
Email: david@co.sibley.mn.us
Email me the following public data:

1. Sibley County Data Retention Schedule.2. Salaries (in dollars and cents – if coded provide key to code) for the personnel at the Sibley County Attorney's office. 2013 Minnesota Statutes 13.43 Personnel Data. (1) name; employee identification number, which must not be the employee's Social Security number; actual gross salary; salary range; terms and conditions of employment relationship; contract fees; actual gross pension; the value and nature of employer paid fringe benefits; and the basis for and the amount of any added remuneration, including expense reimbursement, in addition to salary;
3. What is your hourly rate at your private practice for legal services? Are billable hours your standard charging procedure at your private practice?
4. All data that is being illegally withheld in data request for Case #: 72-CR-13-6 State of Minnesota vs Michael Otto Hartmann on 05-27-14 & Case #: 72-CR-12-65 State of Minnesota vs Michael Otto Hartmann on 06-11-14.

Terry Dean, Nemmers Gmail: lionnews00@gmail.com
20179 County Road 28
Glenwood, MN 56334          P.S. Schauer you're still not “man enough” to call me up and repeat
Phone: (320) 283-5713       your lies to me over the phone, are you? You aren't, are you?

Case No. 72-CR-12-65; State of Minnesota vs Michael Otto Hartmann; Status: Closed 06/11/2014; 06/11/2014 Discharge from Probation (Judicial Officer: MacDonald, Erica H. )

Register of Actions - Case No. 72-CR-13-6; State of Minnesota vs Michael Otto Hartmann
DOB: 01/17/1953; Date of Incident: 12/04/2012; Location: Hyy 12 near County Road 92 within Hennipin County
10/28/2013 Disposition (Judicial Officer: MacDonald, Erica H.) 1. Milk and Milk Products - Sale prohibited unless pasteurized (Not applicable – GOC) – Dismissed ; 2. Cheese-Sell, offer for sale or possess with intent to sell at retail without pasturizing or aging (Not applicable – GOC) – Dismissed

Hartmann argued that the evidence seized during the search of his truck on Dec. 4, 2012 and on his farm on Jan. 9, 2013 violated his constitutional rights to be free from an unreasonable search, according to court documents. MacDonald ruled that that initial stop of the truck was constitutional but that (trooper) Heyman did not have reasonable suspicion to do anything more than stop the vehicle and note that it was a farm vehicle. "The problem is Heyman's expansion of the scope and duration of the stop, including three separate, warrant-less and constitutionally unjustified searches of Hartmann's truck. Judge rules illegal search, seizure of raw dairy goods – Case continues Dec. 17 in Sibley County by By Fritz Busch, The New Ulm Journal. November 10, 2013.
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And why would Sibley Co. Attorney David Schauer end up looking like a common criminal after the phone call? Because Sibley Co. Attorney David Schauer is a common criminal, isn't he? He is, isn't he?

And by the grace of my Lord (Luke 21:14-15), I am very good at exposing common criminals like Sibley Co. Attorney David Schauer, aren't I? I am, aren't I?

And it is no surprise that the MN Dept of Agriculture's Commissioner Dave Frederickson has lawyered-up, is it? It isn't, is it? Why? Simple.

The MN Dept of Agriculture's  Heidi Kassenborg of the Dairy & Food Inspection Division is also illegally withholding Hartmann related data, isn't she? She is, isn't she?

And even though the lapdog media called the New Ulm Journal has been kept in the loop they have willfully refused to bark about the local corruption, haven't they? They have, haven't they?

More to come . . .

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