Monday, April 28, 2014

City Of Wells Data Dodging Scam For Expelled Student Alyssa Drescher? Petty Dictator Leslie Dictates That Nemmers Fill Out Retarded City Form To Get Data Emailed To Him? Yet, Petty Dictator Leslie Gives Nemmers Public Data Over Phone Without Filling Out Form?

Data Dodging Alert! The City of Wells has their petty dictator City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer Robin Leslie trying to cover Chief Jim Ratelle's crooked ass, don't they? Petty dictator Leslie is trying to prevent me from getting free electronic public data in expelled United South Central student Alyssa Drescher's case, isn't she? She is, isn't she?

Alyssa Drescher, 17, is facing a 12-month expulsion after authorities found the knife during a random drug search April 15. A drug-sniffing dog was reportedly alerted to her locker — and ultimately her purse — from her lotion and her perfume inside. Though police did not find drugs, they found the three-inch knife in her purse. Residents come out to support USC student By Sarah Stultz Albert Lea Tribune. Monday, April 21, 2014.

The scam is to force me to fill out a retarded form which is in violation of the MN Data Practice Act, right? It is, isn't it?

First of all, there is no law that says that I have to give them any information about me at all, right? Second of all, my form which I signed has all my contact information, doesn't it? Finally, this is just a data dodging scam since the City of Wells has all sorts of things to hide with the questionable search of Alyssa Drescher's locker, right? That is right, isn't it?

Faribault County Sheriff’s Office cannot require you, as a member of the public, to identify yourself or explain the reason for your data request. However, depending on how you want us to process your request (if, for example, you want us to mail you copies of data), we may need some information about you. If you choose not to give us any identifying information, we will provide you with contact information so you may check on the status of your request. In addition, please keep in mind that if we do not understand your request and have no way to contact you, we will not be able to begin processing your request.

Petty dictator Leslie is just hoping that she can delay the data until Alyssa Drescher's appeal is over, isn't she? She is, isn't she?

Illegally withholding evidence is the key to winning rigged expulsion hearings and trumped-up charges at administrative hearing in jail, isn't it? It is, isn't it?

Lion News: Exclusive -- Suppressed Video Of Malicious Inciting Riot Charge At Sherburne Co. Jail?

Must be why Superintendent Jerry Jensen was having so many problem finding my emailed data requests, huh?

Allegedly my data requests ended up in Superintendent Jensen's "quarantine" and "spam," right? That was Superintendent Jensen's fairytale, wasn't it? It was, wasn't it?

The police K-9 was alerted to her locker initially because of lotions and perfumes inside. USC school board expels student for rest of school year By Sarah Stultz Albert Lea Tribune. Thursday, April 24, 2014.

Superintendent Jensen's fairytale goes like this: Recently the school upped it's security for viruses so my multiple data requests failed to enter and/or failed to remain in Superintendent Jensen's email box, right? However, all sorts of other legitimate emails were ending up there also, right? That's right, isn't it? It is, isn't it?

If Superintendent Jensen's fairytale was true, then why wasn't Jensen checking his "quarantine" and "spam" for legitimate emails prior to my calls, huh?

And then Superintendent Jensen had some "memory problems" when it came to fulfilling my data request, right? He did, didn't he?

So there are all sorts of suspects who are engaging in suspect activities who have motives to delay my data requests, aren't there? There are, aren't there?

Much of the hearing involved laying out the facts of the case. School liaison officer and former Mapletons Police Chief Rick Herman testified about the April 15 drug search at the high school, a trained police dog sniffing at lockers while students were kept in classrooms. About eight lockers attracted the dog’s interest, including Drescher’s. There were no drugs inside her locker (or any of the others searched), but Herman found a camouflage pocket knife at the bottom of a pocket in her purse. “He turned around and looked at me and said, ‘Mrs. Schlaak, we have an issue,’” Principal Kelly Schlaak testified. USC expels 'model student' for pocketknife Junior brought pocket knife to school By Mark Fischenich, The Mankato Free Press, April 24, 2014.

Must be because I keep on asking the incriminating questions, huh?

More to come . . . .
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