Monday, April 14, 2014

Was Father Leo Koppala Framed? Evidence Was Illegally Withheld By County Attorney Timmerman In Case No. 22-CR-13-347, Wasn't It? Diablolical Data Dodging Scam By City Of Blue Earth? Request For Interrogation Data From Chief Tom Fletcher Struck A Nerve & Triggered Illegal Monetary Demands For Data? Sounds Like A Frame-Up, Doesn't It?

Lion News: Father Koppala Framed? City Of Blue Earth Illegally Withholding Data From Nemmers?

Lion News: Father Koppala Framed? Blue Earth Mayor Scholtes Informed Of Data Dodge Scam?

Lion News: Father Koppala Framed? Co. Attorney Timmerman Informed Of City Of B.E. Data Dodge?

Was Father Leo Koppala framed? If we would just go by the resistance to getting public data for the case, then the answer is "Yes," isn't it? If you have learned anything from my videos and my blog, then you will see that this pathetic attempt to defraud me out of a potentially large sum of money is a desperate attempt to get me off the trail, won't you? You will, won't you?

from: Kathy Bailey

to: Lion News

date: Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 1:58 PM

subject: RE: Your Failure To Acknowledge 04-04-14 Chapter 13 Data Request - IP Addresses


Dear Mr. Nemmers,

My first question is to establish who you are as we track where we are sending information. Requests made from e-mail sources do not provide that information. I need your full name, your residence or if the request is being made on behalf of a business that organization and address, a detailed list of the information you are requesting, need for the information, and a billing method.

Second you have requested a large amount of material here. There is a charge of $30.00 per hour for the time it will take our Police Chief to review all of our training records and determine which apply to your request. Your request does not state a training time period (some of our officers have been here over 20 years) or if you are just requesting records on our full-time officers or also on our part-time officers. We have a Chief of Police, four full-time officers and 12 part-time officers. I would estimate that this piece of your request alone we require several days of work.

Additionally the personnel handbook and the department policy and procedure manual are copied at the rate of $.25 per page or actual cost of staff time and copies, if over 100 pages are requested. The personnel manual, as an example of the smallest is has 40 pages to that document. The Police Department policy and procedure manual I would estimate has about 200 pages. Since the request is larger than 100 pages there will be staff time associated with that request also.

If you will provide the requested information above and a method for payment, such as a credit card we will begin to process your request.

Kathy Bailey

City Administrator

Blue Earth, MN


eFiling and eService Mandatory September 16, 2013 Attention attorneys and government entities: eFiling and eService will be mandatory for civil and family cases in Faribault County District Court, effective September 16, 2013. The requirement does not apply to probate/mental health, adoption, child protection, or conciliation court cases.

Case No. 22-CR-13-347 State of Minnesota vs Leo Charles Koppala 06/10/2013 E-filed Comp-Order for Detention


Case No. 22-CR-13-347 – State of Minnesota vs Leo Charles Koppala


Notice of Motion and Motion

Discovery Disclosure x 22

Plea Hearing  (10:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Richards, Douglas L.) Result: Held

Discovery Disclosure x 3

Petition to Enter Guilty Plea (Judicial Officer: Richards, Douglas L. )

Affidavit of Service

Sentencing  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Richards, Douglas L.)