Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Douglas Co. Sheriff Troy "The Thug" Wolberson Illegally Withholds Convicted Embezzler City Of Carlos Clerk/Treasurer Bambi Alexander's Interrogation Video From Gerald Fiecke And Nathan Miller? Bambi's Brother Is Deputy Dustin Alexander? Rigged Investigation For Case No. 21-CR-13-98? City Of Carlos Caught Misusing Public Money?

Douglas County Sheriff Troy "The Thug" Wolberson's was caught illegally withholding public data on Carlos Clerk/Treasurer Bambi "The Embezzler" Alexander from Gerald Fiecke and Nathan Miller, wasn't he?

Lion News: City Of Carlos Clerk/Treasurer Bambi Alexander's Embezzlement Interview -- Full Video?

Wolberson's fraudulent demands for the illegally withheld public data will be posted later, won't it? They will, won't they?

Right now you should read over the summary of the findings from the State Auditor Rebbeca Otto, shouldn't you? You should, shouldn't you?

Because the report shows that Bambi's crime spree revealed that the City of Carlos was misusing public money, doesn't it? It does, doesn't it?

And, if you watch Bambi's interrogation video (non-custodial interview), then you see that Bambi said that the State Auditor's software used by the City of Carlos was a joke and aid & abetted her in her crime spree,  won't you? You will, won't you?

Plus, Bambi admits that the City of Carlos officials were pretty stupid since they didn't question her or check her work, right? That right, isn't it?

Why would the City of Carlos blindly trust Carlos Clerk/Treasurer Bambi "The Embezzler" Alexander, huh? Could it be because her brother Dustin Alexander is one of Troy's thugs at the Douglas County Sheriff's department? It could, couldn't it?

It would appear that the City of Carlos are not only poor judges of character but they are lousy at keeping track of the public money, wouldn't it? It would, woudn't it?

And guess what? The new City of Carlos clerk/treasurer is illegally withholding public data from me as we speak, isn't she? She is, isn't she?

A requirement to work at the City of Carlos must be to be a criminal, mustn't it? It must, right?

So more on the corrupt City of Carlos will be coming shortly, won't it? It will won't it?

More to come . . .