Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Will Washington County Attorney Pete Orput Rig High-Profile Murder Case For Byron Smith (Case No. 49-CR-12-1882) Like He Did For High-Profile Drug Case Of Washington Co. Deputy Ricky Harry Gruber (Case No. 82-CR-13-789)? Sheriff William Hutton & Orput Retaliate Against Nemmers By Illegally Withholding Deputy Gruber's Public Data? Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel Tries To Defraud Nemmers Out Of $85.00? Wetzel Complaint Filed!

I called Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel to check on the security at the trial for Byron Smith (Case No. 49-CR-12-1882), didn't I? I did, didn't I?

Lion News: Washington County Attorney Pete Orput Rigs Trial For Druggie Deputy Ricky Gruber?

And the Sheriff was pretty nice to me on the phone, wasn't he? He was, wasn't he? He told me about the map of the designated area for media, didn't he? He did, didn't he?

I called because I was concerned about Security Breach At Junkermeier Murder Trial, wasn't I? I was, wasn't I?

And I was also concerned that Washington County Pete Orpat would try to rig the trial like he did for Druggie Deputy Ricky Gruber, wasn't I? I was, wasn't I?

And when I told the Sheriff that I still wanted my complete data request fulfilled, then his true nature came out, didn't it? It did, didn't it?
I found out that Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel was just as much of criminal as Washington County Attorney Pete & Washington County Sheriff William Hutton, didn't I? I did, didn't I?

Sheriff Wetzel decided to send me this fraudulent bill to dodge the data request, didn't he? He did, didn't he?

However, instead of being man enough to take my phone call, my call went directly to his assistant's phone, didn't it? Guess the big, bad sheriff needs to hide behind his female staff, huh? I told the sheriff that I'd be calling the County Attorney or the Little Falls Police tomorrow if my data didn't show up, didn't I? I told him I'd pick the one that would be the most embarrassing, didn't I? I did, didn't I?

Formal Complaint

More to come . . .

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