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Scandal Alert! “Sweetheart” Prosecution Of Former Becker Co. Sheriff Timothy Michael Gordon Case No. 03-CR-14-98? Golden Parachute Plea Deal Includes No Felony Charges? Becker Co. Attorney Gretchen Thilmony's IP Address All Over Lion News? Special Prosecutor Stearns Co. Attorney Janelle P. Kendall Has History Of Rigging Criminal Cases, Doesn't She? Brooten's City Attorney Robert Stoneburner Getting Kendall's Special Treatment In Case# 73-CR-13-7510?

Who says crime doesn't pay, huh? Becker Co. Sheriff Timothy Gordon gets to swindle the county out of the public's money, doesn't he? He does, doesn't he?

And then Becker Co. Sheriff Timothy Gordon gets the so-called public servants who are prosecuting him to give him a "sweetheart" deal in the prosecution, doesn't he? He does, doesn't he?

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. – A plea agreement has been reached in the case against former Becker County Sheriff Tim Gordon, who is accused of swindling the public by selling the sheriff’s office a used boat and passing it off as new. Under the agreement, which is pending a judge’s approval, felony charges of theft by swindle and making false claims will be dropped, said Assistant Stearns County Attorney Kevin Voss. Gordon instead will plead guilty to misconduct of a public officer – for making a false document – which is a gross misdemeanor. Former Becker County sheriff agrees to plea deal By: Paula Quam, Forum News Service, INFORUM. Published April 29, 2014, 09:21 PM.

The plea deal for Becker Co. Sheriff Timothy Michael Gordon includes a "sweetheart" golden parachute (No felony charges, right?), doesn't it? It does, doesn't it?

Mission Statement: The mission of the Becker County Attorney's Office is to enhance public safety by aggressively and fairly prosecuting those who violate the law; to provide quality legal representation to county government; and to steadfastly protect the rights of crime victims and advocate the cause of justice.

Neither Joe Six-pack nor John Q. Public could get a sweetheart deal like that, could they? They couldn't could they?

Joe Six-pack and John Q. Public would get aggressively prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, wouldn't they? They would, wouldn't they?

Just another example of a lawless county's prosecutor misuse of the public's money to pervert justice, right? That's right, isn't it?

And speaking of perversion of justice . . . who did Becker county appoint as the special prosecutor for the "sweetheart" prosecution of Becker Co. Sheriff Timothy Michael Gordon?

Becker County appointed the someone with a long history of rigging court cases, didn't they? they did, didn't they? Becker county appointed Stearns Co. Attorney Janelle P. Kendall, didn't they?

"How did he mistake a shotgun for a pistol? Nothing credible come out of this. He is either a coward or a liar or both," said Friedberg. Document: Slain Cold Spring Officer Abandoned by Partner By: Cassie Hart, Created: 12/15/2012 12:47 PM

Stearns Co. Attorney Janelle P. Kendall likes to put innocent people in jail, doesn't she? She does, doesn't she?

"They [created] a misleading document to keep him in jail," Friedberg said. "They have zero evidence that Larson had anything to do with this. When you leave out that it's a shotgun [that killed Decker], you're misleading the judge." … Friedberg questioned why Reiter, in the document, remembers some details but not others and why some of his recollections don't fit other information authorities have released. Slain Cold Spring officer's partner backed away. • Article by: Larry Oakes and Paul McEnroe, Star Tribune. • Updated: December 14, 2012 - 10:53 PM.

Stearns Co. Attorney Janelle P. Kendall is currently a harboring the main suspect to a cop's murder, isn't she?

Contrary to early reports, it was Decker who was second on the scene. Reiter, his fellow officer,
was still sitting in his squad outside Larson’s building when Decker pulled up at 10:45 p.m., got out of his squad car and walked towards Larson’s apartment. Friedberg had this to say about it: “[Reiter] claims he retreated as fast as he could and then saw the man with the pistol walk away. We’re in Cold Spring. Where could he have gone? And why wouldn’t he have followed him with his car while he was calling for help?” Troubling Details Emerge In Cold Spring Officer’s Killing. December 14, 2012 10:36 PM. MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO).

Finally, not only is Stearns Co. Attorney Janelle P. Kendall illegally withholding public data from me, bur Kendall is also rigging Brooten City Attorney Robert Stoneburner's domestic abuse case No. 73-CR-13-7510, isn't she? Kendall is, isn't she?

So how can you trust any arrest, prosecution or conviction in Becker county (or for that matter Stearns County?)? You can't, can you?

More to come . . . 

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