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Stearns Co. Attorney Janelle Kendall Still Fixing & Rigging Brooten City Attorney Robert Stoneburner's Domestic Abuse Case? Case No. 73-CR-13-7510 Confilict Of Interest No Big Deal? Retaliates Against Nemmers For Exposing Her Misuse Of Public Funds By Illegally Withholding Public Data?

It is always fun catching a public official engaging in a criminal act, isn't it? It is, isn't it? One of the things I enjoy the most is catching a public official rigging or fixing a court case for one of their special friends, isn't it? It is, isn't it? It is even more fun to get a news article from the same area where it specifically says a case was transferred out of the county because of a conflict of interest and then compare/contrast it to the case that is being rigged, isn't it?

Example of news article which says a case is transferred out of the county:
It was unclear Wednesday if the state patrol took the case because of a conflict of interest involving the sheriff's office, or if the chase was in the state patrol's jurisdiction. … During his recent arrest, Nathan Sanner's criminal case was handled by Morrison County in Little Falls. He's currently serving his sentence at the Benton County Jail in Foley. Son of Stearns County Sheriff Jailed for Drunken Police Chase By: Maricella Miranda. Created: 05/15/2013 4:30 PM KSTP.com.

Plus, it is also fun to get a news article which clearly shows that the data that you are being illegally denied was released to the media in a local high profile case, isn't it?

Here is an example of public data that was released to the media in contrast to data that I was illegally denied:

The dispatch recording obtained by MPR News begins with a call from a police officer, "Shots fired,
officer down." A few seconds later, he adds, "I have no idea where the suspect went." … Dispatch:
Officers respond to shooting call (raw audio may include unrelated police communication). Dispatch recording reveals some detail of police response on night of Decker's shooting by Madeleine Baran, Minnesota Public Radio, Conrad Wilson, Minnesota Public Radio December 7, 2012

I asked the first clerk for the public incident report, and she said it was not available because the case was under investigation. A public portion should always be available, I said, even for active cases. First-person: Sheriff's clerk refuses to hand over public records. Posted by: James Eli Shiffer under Public records Updated: September 3, 2013 - 4:50 PM. By Chao Xiong, the Star Tribune's Ramsey County courts reporter.

State of Minnesota vs Robert David Stoneburner
Case No. 73-CR-13-7510 
Lead Attorneys - JANELLE PROKOPEC KENDALL 320-656-3880(W)
10/10/2013 Omnibus Hearing (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Hennesy, Sarah E.,) 
12/12/2013 Contested Omnibus (2:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Hennesy, Sarah E.,)

Janelle P. Kendall
Administration Center, Rm 448
705 Courthouse Square
St. Cloud, MN 56303
ORD: Robert Stoneburner

Here is the criminal complaint against Stoneburner:

It looks like Janie is going to make sure the evidence of Stoneburner's guilt will be suppressed or thrown out at the contested Omnibus hearing on December 12, 2013, doesn't it?

It does, doesn't it?
Janie doesn't want this open wound to fester much anymore, does she?

She doesn't, does she?

And you find it simply amazing that highly intelligent people make the stupidest "mistakes" in rigging the case, don't you? "Wow, we forgot to interview any witnesses, didn't we? I guess we'll just have to drop the case!"

But when they have the "Average Joe" in their clutches they come up will all sorts of ways to make the case stick, don't they?


Lt. Vernell Shaheed
Family Crimes Unit
Baltimore PD
When victims recant

The main priorities of the unit is to develop, to put together good cases, so that when it's time for prosecution we can get some jail time. One of the problems with domestic violence is a lot of the time the victims recant, or they change their mind for whatever, for various reasons. So, when it's time to come to court, the way it was set up before, when patrol would go out, handle a call, even if it was a serious call, and time to go to court, that’s all they had. They had nothing else. When we brought our unit into the picture, what we do now, is we do photo line ups, we do recorded video tape statements from the victims, where we can actually get the physical condition of the victim, showing the injury, showing the emotional state, everything on video tape. We also take tape statements from the suspect. So if we got a statement from the victim at the time when it happens, a statement from the suspect when he’s arrested, we have photo line ups that we do where the victim identifies them. We get 911 tapes. We get the medical  records. Everything dealing with the case. We do search and seizure warrants, we do whatever you can think of we do to try to build up a case, so that when it's time to come to court, even if the victim says, "it didn’t happen they just told me to say that," or whatever.

So is Brooten's City Attorney Robert Stoneburner a "special friend" who get the "sweetheart treatment" or will he get the same injustice that everyone else gets, huh?
With Stearns Co. Attorney Janelle Kendall in charge of the rigged case we know that Stoneburner will get the special "sweetheart treatment," don't we?

We do, don't we?
More to come . . .
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