Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Andrew "Buttinski" Henderson Is Finally Going To Trial? Nemmers Still Has One More Monkey Wrench To Throw Into Rigged Trail (Case No. 62SU-CR-12-4910)? Andy Going To Rely On Whine, Piss & Moan Defense?

Lion News: Little Canada's Montour Given Evidence Trial For Andy "Buttinski" Henderson Rigged?

Andy "Buttinski" Henderson is finally going to trial, huh? Guess we'll have to wait and see if that actually happens, right?

There has been a rash of canceled trial dates that correspond to my videos and blog posts, hasn't there?

There has, hasn't there?

I thought that the boast from the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota) was that "Buttinski" Henderson's charges would be dropped as soon as they started representing him, didn't I?

Chuck Samuelson of the ACLU confirmed that the nonprofit had come to a verbal agreement with Lundquist and Henderson on Friday on Henderson's representation. Attorneys with the firm of Kelly & Lemmons, which is prosecuting Henderson on behalf of the city of Little Canada, did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment Friday. "We figure that when they're faced with legitimate legal representation, they'll say, 'Oops, our bad,' and drop the case," Samuelson said. Man charged after recording deputies has free lawyer, By Emily Gurnon, egurnon@pioneerpress.com, Posted: 01/11/2013 12:01:00 AM CST

Apparently Little Canada's City Attorney Patrick Kelly wasn't impressed by all their hot air, huh?

Because this case has dragged on and on and on with the so-called defenders of liberty as "Buttinski" Henderson legal counsel, hasn't it?

It has, hasn't it?

The only thing that the ACLU has been successful with is the muzzling of Andy "Buttinski" Henderson, right?

And the reason why "Buttinski" Henderson has the ACLU muzzling him and "representing" him is because "Buttinski" Henderson isn't competent enough to represent himself, right?

That is "Buttinski" Henderson problem, isn't it? (Not competent, right?) It is, isn't it?

Like any petty and stupid individual, "Buttinski" Henderson thought that going to court was easy as pie, right?

If all those really smart people, who went to years and years of college, could do it, then "Buttinski" Henderson could do it too, right?

That's right, isn't it?

And we can see how petty and stupid "Buttinski" Henderson fared, can't we?

"Buttinski" Henderson whined, pissed and moaned and got all sorts of media attention, didn't he?

He did, didn't he?

But where is all that media attention now? It evaporated, didn't it? Why?

Probably because someone a lot smarter and a lot wiser started posting information that discredited Ramsey County Sheriff Matt Bostrum, Bostrum's criminal deputies Randy Gustafson, Deputy Jacqueline Muellner, etc, right?

In the meantime "Buttinski" Henderson was thinking about how he could be buddies with these criminals, right? That's right, isn't it?

"Buttinski" Henderson started getting delusions of grandeur, didn't he? "Buttinski" Henderson thought he should be your next petty dictator, didn't he?

"Buttinski" Henderson did, didn't he? And what would you get if you were unfortunate enough to get stuck with a petty and stupid whiner for a council member whose only talent is to piss & moan?

Another hater of justice like Little Canada Council member Rick "Little Canada Rubber Stamp #5" Montour, right? That's right, isn't it?

Update: Little Canada is making sure that Andy "Buttinski" Henderson is not electable, aren't they?

Before the jury started, Beck said he wanted to be able to introduce evidence to challenge the credibility of potential testimony from Henderson because he had been discharged from the military under a less than honorable discharge and had faced a court-martial for desertion. Riach objected, saying Beck's discharge was not evidence of a false statement. It was "just smear evidence to make him look bad in front of the jury," Riach said. Ramsey County District Judge Diane Alshouse disallowed evidence of Henderson's discharge. Little Canada man's trial opens in filming of deputy, medics - Little Canada man who videotaped deputy and medics asserts First Amendment rights By Richard Chin. Pioneer Press Posted: 02/26/2014 12:01:00 AM CST

I had to laugh when I read that, didn't I?

More to come . . .

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