Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sheriff Flaten Rips Off Nemmers On High Profile Andrew Dikken & Kelly Jean Anderson Public Data - Nemmers Counters By Starting Yellow Medicine County Anti-Corruption Education Program?

It looks like my Yellow Medicine Co. Anti-Corruption Education program is a huge success with just my first set of emails, doesn't it?

Here we have an upset member of the public who is going to call Yellow Medicine County Sheriff Bill "Threat To Your Safety" Flaten, don't we?

And the upset member of the public is communicating with a large audience of people, isn't she?

The poor, uneducated member of the public makes a desperate plea for more information, doesn't she?

And I am more than willing to provide her with more data, aren't I?

Actually, I had a minor problem which turned out to work to my advantage when I sent out this email, didn't I?

I actually sent it off without the normal links that I include and I didn't have the flyer attached, did I?

So when this interested member of the public made her desperate plea for more information I was more than happy to give her all the links and the poster, wasn't I?

So now she all sorts of information that she didn't have before, doesn't she?

Do you think that she will trust any arrest, prosecution or conviction in lawless Yellow Medicine County after she reads all the clear, precise and unquestionable evidence? Hard to say, isn't it?

But, then again my job is only to plant the seed, isn't it?

More to come . . .

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