Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yellow Medicine County Court Staff's Passive-Aggressive Behavior In State of Minnesota vs Kelly Anderson-Person's Child Endangerment Case: 87-CR-13-515? Staff Not Happy About Being Informed Of Illegally Withheld Public Data?

Wow, the staff at the Yellow Medicine County Court Administrator's office are real nosy, love to play time wasting games, and love to play dumb, don't they?

Unfortunately for the passive-aggressive staff at Yellow Medicine they tried but failed to successfully engage in this passive-aggressive behavior with me, didn't they?

 The goal of their passive-aggressive game is to make sure you don't get the public data you desire, isn't it? And I did get the data that I was looking for, didn't I?

Valerie of the YM court staff probably wishes that I wasn't recording the conversation, right?

GRANITE FALLS — A woman who has admitted to disposing of the bodies of her two infant children is being charged with a gross misdemeanor offense for allegedly pointing a gun at her head as she held her 9-month-old child. Yellow Medicine County filed a charge on Nov. 4 of endangering a child against Kelly Anderson-Person, 34, most recently of Clarkfield and formerly of Hendricks. A bail hearing is scheduled Wednesday. … According to the complaint alleging child endangerment, Anderson-Person had just told the officers about the events leading up to the disposal of the bodies of the boy and girl. Clarkfield woman questioned in S.D. homicide faces child endangerment charge. By Tom Cherveny on Nov 11, 2013 at 7:23pm. From the propaganda mill called the West Central Tribune?

I dropped that little nugget of information on her later in the conversation, didn't I?
That little revelation usually gets their attention, doesn't it? It does, doesn't it?

And Valerie didn't like the fact that I asked her this question:

"How can any individual trust any arrest, prosecution or conviction in Yellow Medicine Co. when you have a bunch of criminals for your County Attorney and Sheriff?"

I did love her reaction, didn't I? I did, didn't I?

And since I was asking about Kelly Anderson-Person I decided I might as well give Yellow Medicine County Sheriff Bill "Threat To Your Safety" Flaten another opportunity to engage in criminal activity, didn't I?

I sent the request to Sheriff Flaten and to some of his partners in cime, didn't I?

However, cowardly criminal Sheriff Bill "Threat To Your Safety" Flaten was too busy hiding behind his female assistant to respond to my data request, wasn't he?

He was, wasn't he?

Guess what? Cowardly criminal Sheriff Bill "Threat To Your Safety" Flaten tried to charge me for public data that he gave the propaganda mill called the West Central Tribune for free, didn't he?

He did, didn't he?

Yellow Medicine County Attorney Keith Helgeson Aiding & Abetting In Criminal Activity?

More to come . . . 

Section 4. Termination  A. The following with documented evidence, shall be just cause for termination, but not limited to: 11. Willful violation of the MN Data Practices Act and/or Brown County HIPPA Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures including department HIPPA policies and procedures. Brown County Personnel Handbook.

Minnesota Rules 1205.0300, subpart 4, and the chart below will also be used for guidance in determining actual cost. Guide for Members of the Public Requesting Information – Yellow Medicine County – This document is required by Minnesota Statutes, section 13.03, subdivision 2(b).

Minnesota Statutes,13.09 Penalties. Any person who willfully violates the provisions of this chapter or any rules adopted under this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor. Willful violation of this chapter by any public employee constitutes just cause for suspension without pay or dismissal of the public employee.

Minnesota Statutes, 609.43 Misconduct of Public Officer or Employee. (1) intentionally fails or refuses to perform a known mandatory, nondiscretionary, ministerial duty of the office or employment within the time or in the manner required by law.

Criminal Justice Agency Forms Processing Chart – In the table below, X indicates the form is used by the agency shown. The first column where a form appears in the table indicates the originating agency. (For example, the first column where the Criminal Complaint Form appears is “Prosecution”, so this is where that form originates.). Minnesota County Attorney Association – 2012 Prosecution Manual: August 2012.

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