Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cook Co. Attorney Timmy "The Stalker" Scannell's Legal Defense Fund Scam? Cook County’s Highest-Paid Employee, Making $102,000 A Year, Exchanges Sob Stories For Each Sucker's Donation?

Cook Co.'s Highest Paid employee ($102,000/Year), County Attorney Timmy "The Stalker" Scannell needs you to make a monetary sacrifice for him, doesn't he? In fact, Timmy has recruited a couple of  corruption-loving sidekicks, hasn't he?  The corruption-loving sidekicks are hawking Timmy's shame-inducing pleas, aren't they?  Everyone needs to feel sorry for the poor, rich man Timmy "The Stalker" Scannell, don't they? What did Timmy blow his $102,000/year on that he needs a fund raiser - stalking supplies? And, it is awful that someone is using an "open public pocketbook" to prosecute Timmy, isn't it? Are the corruption-loving sidekicks of Timmy whining about the "sweetheart treatment" the special prosecutor is giving Timmy, huh? The corruption-loving sidekicks don't want to talk about that, do they? Say - wasn't Timmy making $102,000/year when he was stalking? He was, wasn't he? Shhh! Don't talk about that! That kind of talk might adversely affect donations, huh?

The girl’s family blasted back, calling him predatory and a hypocrite. … The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is conducting its own investigation now. Scannell has been Cook County’s attorney since 2007. He’s the county’s highest-paid employee, making $102,000 a year. Protesters Want Cook County Attorney To Step Down, February 14, 2013 10:00 PM. Reporting Liz Collin

Slobbering Sob Story Example:

Bonnie Swanson and Gerry Stimmler are raising funds to support Tim Scannell, who needs a qualified defense attorney to represent him against allegations made by a special prosecutor with an open public pocketbook. Please help us offset these costs. Tim was shot and nearly died in December 2011 and the two years since have been a stream of constant public focus and negative attention. He needs our help and your support. Thank you.

Bonnie and Gerry

You'd have to be pretty stupid to give even a penny to Cook Co. Attorney Timmy "The Stalker" Scannell's Legal Defense Fund Scam, wouldn't you?

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