Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pine County Attorney John K. Carlson: What Are The Actual Pine County Costs For The Political Circus Called Case No. 69DU-CR-12-3443, State Of Minnesota VS. Duluth Police Officer Richard Thomas Jouppi?

Mr Carlson: 

What are the actual Pine County costs for the political circus called case No. 69DU-CR-12-3443, State of Minnesota vs. Duluth Police Officer Richard Thomas Jouppi? I want to know how much your county's departments are spending on direct and indirect cost for this sham trial. Must be a pretty penny for Ofcr. “Thugo” Jouppi rigged trial, huh? The “sweetheart treatment” is expensive, isn't it?

Terry Dean, Nemmers

Where do I get "political circus"? It comes right from an official criminology textbook, doesn't it?

It has been stated of witnesses in court that what they say is not as important as how they say it. Unfortunately, an anxious, rambling, absent-minded witness who is telling the truth is less likely to believed than a lying witness who comes across as confident, unyielding, and certain. The witness must appreciate what lawyers have known for years: the courtroom is a stage where attorney's carefully direct a drama wherein witnesses unfold their story before the jury's eyes. The jury represents the audience of this production and the witnesses become players. In this carefully constructed arena, the witness needs to fit the jury's image of someone who is telling the truth.
Fred E. Inbau, John E. Reid, Joseph P. Buckley, Brian C. Jayne, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, 4th Ed., page 454.

In the gallery, people leaned forward in their chairs as Johnson sentenced Clifford to three years and seven months in prison, half the recommended time for a first-degree assault conviction under state sentencing guidelines. Clifford then turned to allow the sheriff’s deputy to put handcuffs on him and take him away to jail. Former Minneapolis cop sentenced for assaulting bar patron in Andover – Former Minneapolis officer David Clifford was sentenced for an off-duty incident at an Andover restaurant that severely injured another patron. Article by: David Chanen, Star Tribune, Updated: July 11, 2013 - 11:09 PM.

“If you hit 'em and you cut 'em and they get stitches, that's substantial bodily harm.” THIRD DEGREE ASSAULT 609.223 MN - Uploaded on Feb 1, 2012, Criminal Defense Attorney Ryan Pacyga explains what a 3rd Degree Assault is in Minnesota. He also explains what "substantial bodily harm" means, and what defenses are available to help you get a NOT GUILTY verdict. by Ryan Pacyga, Website:

In JOUPPI's report he claims that he obtained a video recording of the camera in the deotx facility and added it to evidence. We show no record of this piece of evidence being added to the system. ICR#: 12187930, page 15 of 15.

Inside, I was told by hospital staff the laceration on his forehead was indeed an old injury which they has patched up last week, gluing it to stop the bleeding. It appeared to them this time that it had opened back up again and due to the that fact, they would be stitching this time. ICR#: 12185014, page 3 of 3.

... knowingly acting in excess of the law; intentionally injuring and unlawfully injuring another; making an official report knowing it is false; shall be subject to criminal penalties (Minn. Stat. § 609.43). A. Employees shall not knowingly make false accusations of any person. Employees shall truthfully, completely and impartially report, testify and present evidence, including exculpatory evidence, in all matters of an official nature. Subject: Code Of Conduct, Number 102.20, Date February 15, 2011, By Authority Of: Gordon Ramsay, Chief of Police, Page 3 Of 5.

More to come . . .

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