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Nemmers Files New Data Request For Illegally Withheld Alyssa Drescher Data? Nemmers Is Setting Up A Test/Trap For New ISD #2134 Superintendent Mr. Keith Fleming, Isn't He? United South Central School Has A Well-Documented History Of Illegal Locker Searches, Using K-9's That Are Not Qualified To Do Locker Searches, Candidates Who Willfully Refuse To Provide Require Data On Affidavits Of Candidacy, And Misuses Public Money On Malicious Court Appeals And Illegally Withholds Readily Available, Free, Electronic Public Data That Documents The Misconduct, Right? That's Right, Isn't It? It Is, Isn't It?

from:    Lion News
date:    Sun, Aug 7, 2016 at 2:25 PM
subject:    Chapter 13 data request - Fleming Personnel Data - Affidavits of candidacy - Signed contract for ICS

Jeff Sampson, Superintendent Southland School District ISD #500:

Please email me the following readily available, free, electronic, public data:

1. Affidavits of candidacy for current ISD #500 Board of Education
2. Payments made to and payments received from Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) Years: 2010-2016.
3. Payments made to and payments received from Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA) Years: 2010-2016.
4. Payments made to and payments received from Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) Years: 2010-2016.
5. Signed contract for ICS.
6. Minutes for appointment, resolution for appointment and proposal submitted by law firm for ISD # 500 legal representation. Also contact information (Office phone number, cell phone number, email address) for ISD # 500 legal representation. Years: 2010-2016
7. Notice of adoption of Commissioner, Dept Of Administration's Model Policies Years: 2010-2016.
8. CEU’s - Continuing education for Fleming, Mr. Keith (Principal) Years: 2010-2016.

Terry Dean, Nemmers (320) 283-5713

ADAMS — The Southland School District has formed a task force to advise whether to remodel or replace aging school buildings. The committee, made up of 32 school district residents, represents a variety of professions, ages and other demographics. The group is facilitated by ICS, a Blaine-based consulting firm hired by the district. Remodel? Replace? Southland task force mulls options for aging buildings Hannah Yang, Jul 11, 2016
Fleming has 14 years of administrative experience. He is now principal of the middle and high schools in the Southland School District, which is southwest of Austin. He was a high school and area learning central principal in Austin before that. He started his career as a social worker and counselor. United South Central board names 2 superintendent finalists By Kristine Goodrich, Mankato Free Press Mar 4, 2016
Fleming, Mr. Keith (Principal)
Southland High School
203 2nd Street
Adams, MN 55909
P: 507-582-3568
F: 507-582-7813
District Number: 500
District Name: Southland Public Schools
Division: Southeast
Hall, Scott - MS/HS Principal -
Sampson, Jeff - Superintendent -
Schoen, Brian - Elementary Principal/Community Education Director -
Board of Education
Chair – Michelle Nelsen -
Vice Chair – Kim Bruggeman -
Treasurer – Dave Kirtz -
Clerk – Patti Hamilton -
Director – Sharon Monson -
Director – David Schmitz -
Data Practices Policies Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13, requires that each government entity establish a number of policies that govern the treatment of government data. ... Entities adopting the model policies linked above must notify the Commissioner of Administration and may do so by using this notification.

We will provide electronic copies (such as email or CD-ROM) upon request if we keep the data in electronic format. ... If you do not understand some of the data (technical terminology, abbreviations, or acronyms), please let us know. We will give you an explanation if you ask. Policy and procedures required by Minnesota Statutes, sections 13.025 and 13.03 (2016) Data Practices Policy for Members of the Public, Page 3.
13.43 PERSONNEL DATA. Subd. 2. Public data. (2) job title and bargaining unit; job description; education and training background; and previous work experience;
Code of Ethics Standards of professional conduct. The standards of professional conduct for school administrators are listed below. A school administrator shall not engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, or misrepresentation in the performance of professional duties.



from:    Lion News
"Trevor S. Helmers",
date: Sun, Aug 7, 2016 at 6:50 PM
subject: Chapter 13 Data Request - Illegally Withheld Alyssa Drescher Data - Court Documents & Costs For Failed Appeals

Dale Stevermer, USC Chair (507) 340-6478:

Please email me the following readily available, free, electronic, public data:
1. Affidavits of candidacy for 2016 candidates for ISD #2134 Board of Education
2. Payments made to and payments received from Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) Years: 2010-2016.
3. Payments made to and payments received from Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA) Years: 2010-2016.
4. Payments made to and payments received from Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) Years: 2010-2016.
5. CEU’s - Continuing education for Fleming, Mr. Keith (Superintendent) Years: 2016.
6. Minutes for appointment, resolution for appointment and proposal submitted by RUPP, ANDERSON, SQUIRES & WALDSPURGER, P.A for ISD #2134 legal representation. Years: 2010-2016.
7. Invoices and payments made to: RUPP, ANDERSON, SQUIRES & WALDSPURGER, P.A for incident involving student Alyssa Drescher - incident through failed supreme court appeal.
8. Invoices and payments made to: RUPP, ANDERSON, SQUIRES & WALDSPURGER, P.A for legal advice on how to harass and illegal withhold readily available, free, electronic, public data from Terry Dean, Nemmers.
9. Surveillance video of locker search and Drescher carrying purse, audio recordings and transcripts from Alyssa Drescher's public expulsion hearing and Court documents & exhibits from public expulsion hearing all the way through the failed supreme court appeal. Your state-of-the-art-law firm can use their file share account to email me a link to this readily available, free, electronic, public data. Which includes the readily available, free, electronic, public data that ISD #2134 is currently illegally withholding from me.
10. Police K-9 locker search bills Years 2010-2016.
11. Current signed School Resource officer contract.

Terry Dean, Nemmers (320) 283-5713
Code of Ethics Standards of professional conduct. The standards of professional conduct for school administrators are listed below.  A school administrator shall not engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, or misrepresentation in the performance of professional duties.

To be included on the ballot, you must file an affidavit of candidacy in the school district office.   The filing fee for these offices is $2.   Filings close at 5:00 p.m.,Tuesday, August 16.   For more information, contact the district office at 553-3134 Filings for School Board Positions Open Now

Name (as it will appear on ballot): Kathy Krebsbach. Office Sought: School board. District #: 2134. Candidate Phone Number (Required): _______________________ July 31, 2012 Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State Affidavit of Candidacy

Riley’s mother, Sandra Stratton, said she wasn’t informed or invited to sit in when officials “interrogated” her daughter. She did say the school called that morning to discuss the parent’s complaint about the sex-talk message with her son.“They never once told me they were going to bring her into the room and demand her Facebook password,” Sandra said. ACLU wins settlement for sixth-grader's Facebook posting – ACLU sued Minnewaska school after sixth-grader was forced to give up password. Article by: Curt Brown, Star Tribune. Updated: March 25, 2014 - 11:06 PM.

In Minnesota we're sort of in this transition because we've been recording interrogations now for about 15 years. We're sort of in a transition from the Reid approach to this investigative interviewing approach. Real Interrogation: What actually happens when cops question kids. By Barry C. Feld, Centennial Professor of Law, University of Minnesota. Lecture delivered February 14, 2013 at Arizona State University – School of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

I realize the name is the “Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation”, but we, as school personnel, do not claim to interrogate anyone. We interview, we ask a lot of questions, we investigate, we make every attempt to follow the Reid technique to the letter; however, we do not call what we do interrogation. Interrogation stirs up mental pictures of smoke-filled rooms, bright lights, and other negative images portrayed in movies and on TV. The last thing you want going around your school/community is that the Deans/VP in your school interrogate students. It may be more palatable to describe what we do after initial interview as an effort to clarify an inconsistencies or discrepancies in the information that the student has given us. Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation - Tips for Educators by: Steve Greiner, Dean of Students.Crystal Lake High School. (Last know link:

As delinquency courts across the country handle an increasing number of referrals from schools, juvenile defenders often defend clients who have been searched or interrogated on campus. ...   Who Interrogated the Student ... School personnel working in conjunction with law enforcement. Does Miranda Apply? It depends. When a school administrator acts in conjunction with an officer to question a student, courts will generally look at the following factors: Is the school administrator acting as an agent of law enforcement?  Does the situation constitute a custodial interrogation? Miranda generally applies if: School administrator acts at the behest of law enforcement, and it is a custodial interrogation 20 Law enforcement controlled the interrogation or played a larger role and it is a custodial interrogation 21 Miranda generally does not apply if: School administrator controlled the interrogation 22 Page 3,6, Defending Clients Who Have Been Searched and Interrogated at School A Guide for Juvenile Defenders - National Juvenile Defender Center with Barton Juvenile Defender Clinic, Emory University School of Law Youth Advocacy Project, Committee for Public Counsel Services

… a school official working with the police on a case involving a criminal offense, the police failing to give Miranda warnings, and the juvenile being in custody, are subject to suppression. N.C. A Child Under Eighteen v. Commonwealth of Kentucky

Court considers Miranda warning in Kentucky schools - The case could require school officials to issue the warning when questioning a student with a school resource officer present. by Andrew Wolfson, The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal 10:46 p.m. EST November 13, 2012. Reprinted in USA Today. School safety experts, including Jon Akers, the director of the state Center for School Safety at Eastern Kentucky University, said principals should step aside when students are suspected of criminal conduct. "It is always cleaner when law enforcement handles that," said Akers, former high school principal in Lexington who denied that principals in Kentucky intentionally collaborate with police to evade Miranda requirements. It is always cleaner when law enforcement handles that," said Akers, former high school principal in Lexington who denied that principals in Kentucky intentionally collaborate with police to evade Miranda requirements. Court considers Miranda warning in Kentucky schools - The case could require school officials to issue the warning when questioning a student with a school resource officer present

Police K-9 Log Canine Name: Chester, Date: 4-15-2014 Time: 915, Type of Narcotic: UNK, Utilization: Live seach ICR#:14-497, Location Wells USC school, Search details We were requested to do a locker search at the school, We searched 7-12 grade lockers, Comments: 6 alerts, unknown finds. (Not in searchable pdf format)

NARRATIVE #1 ORI MN0400000 Case Number 11-5665 Date 10/31/2011 Officer STRUCKMAN, DAVID 907 Converted called to announced the Chief Case Number 11-5665 Date 10/31/2011 Officer STRUCKMAN, DAVID 907 Release to Public Officer: DAVID STRUCKMAN On the date of 10/28/2011 at 08:30, I was meet Canine Officer Lawson from Mapleton Police and conduct a non canine search of Wells High School. Upon arrival we were briefed by of Police as to an on going marijuana issue in the school. Canine Kane and I searched a bank of lockers in a hallway. I noticed a head snap and Kane would go into deep sniffing and finally a scratch at a locker. We brought Canine Chester over and got the same results. A search was conducted by School officials and the results revealed a marijuana pipe. We went on to another bank of lockers and Canine Chester alerted on a locker in this bank. Canine Kane was brought in to the same bank and alerted by sniffing hard at the same locker. This locker was also search revealing some sort of pills in a non prescription unmarked bottle. No other items were located during the search. (In searchable pdf format)

NARRATIVE #2 ORI MN0030100 Case Number DL-15-001627 Date 05/29/2015 Officer Badge Strand, Robert Paul 6400DL On 5/28/15, Terry Nemmers came into our office to file a complaint against Superintendent Doug Froke regarding a Data Practices Request that he made. Nemmers said that he doesn't feel that the request has been fulfilled because the Fargo Forum was provided information that was not shared with him. (In searchable pdf format)

We Support Alyssa Dee Attorneys are "waiting" for school to provide a copy of the transcripts of the expulsion hearing so they can provide the OFFICIAL appeal to the Dept. of Education and then "wait" for their decision. Since this started the school has repeatedly shown they will not make anything a priority that involves Alyssa, not even her school work so we expect them to drag their feet with everything. 1 · May 20, 2014 at 8:10am · Edited ... We Support Alyssa Dee During her time expelled, the school by law had to provide a tutor for Alyssa, unfortunately the school would only provide a tutor 2 days a week for 2.5 hrs each day so total of 5 hrs a week to cover all high school subjects including math where one of the tutors was the Home-Ec. teacher who didn't have answers, yet she still had to get all her school work done per week to get a good grade to pass her Junior year. She didn't receive some of her school work until 3 weeks after her expulsion which the school turned around and gave her bad grades for not having it turned in on time. Many difficulties getting her school work most of the time but eventually got it, probably because her father was doing a lot of arguing with the school about it. She worked hard and did end up passing her Junior year on the honor roll. July 25, 2015 at 9:02am ... We Support Alyssa Dee They try hard to keep that under the rug. The story that school board chair women's son Nick likes to tell is that he violated the exact same weapons policy in the exact same school shortly before Alyssa's incident and was only "suspended" for 3 days for the violation like the law states should happen but the school board refuses to treat other students as good as their own. July 22, 2015 at 7:43am ... We Support Alyssa Dee If they do that will definitely show the people where their priorities are, that they truly don't care about whats right. Then again its not their money so they could care less that the tax payers have to flip the bill but If they do, it will be very interesting to see what their public explanation will be to as why the same school board chair woman Kathy that expelled several students for the policy violation, her son was only suspended for 3 days for violating the exact same weapons policy, not to mention all sorts of other threats and wrongful things the USC school has done that haven't been mentioned yet. We'll see what they choose to do. July 22, 2015 at 7:23am

STATE OF MINNESOTA IN SUPREME COURT A14 - 1587 Court of Appeals Gildea, C.J. Took no part, Lillehaug, Chutich, J J. In the Matter of the Expulsion of A.D. from United South Central Public Schools No. 2134. Filed: August 3, 2016. This case arises from a random search for controlled substances at United South Central High School on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. During the search, the buil ding was put on “lockdown” and the students were required to remain in their classrooms. Officials used a drug-sniffing police dog to conduct the search and the dog alerted on A.D.’s locker. When the school liaison officer searched A.D.’s unlocked locker, he found no controlled substances.... The Commissioner rejected A.D.’s arguments, ruling that  the Board’s finding of a willful violation of school policy was supported by substantial evidence.  Specifically, the Commissioner determined that A.D. “ placed the knife in her purse and brought it to school” and that A.D. “had actual knowledge that having a knife in her purse in her school locker was a violation of the District’s weapons policy.” The Commissioner also rejected A.D.’s constitutional arguments. After remanding the matter to the Board for further explanation as to the length of the expulsion, the Commissioner affirmed A.D.’s 6-week expulsion on the “willful violation” statutory ground. Minn. Stat. § 121A.45, subd. 2(a). 4
STATE OF MINNESOTA IN COURT OF APPEALS A14 - 1587 In the Matter of the Expulsion of A.D. from United South Central Public Schools No. 2134. Filed July 20, 2015 Reversed Johnson, Judge Minnesota Department of Education. School liaison officer Rick Herman performed a search of the locker.  He found a purse and, inside the purse, a three-inch-long “hunting-style pocketknife. ” Herman did not find any drugs in A.D.’s locker; he testified that the dog may have alerted on A.D.’s locker because of the strong odor of perfume. Herman secured the knife in his office and informed the school’s principal, Kelly Schlaak, of the results of his search. Schlaak called A.D. to her office. Schlaak asked A.D. whether she knew why she had been called to the principal’s office; A.D. answered, “you probably found my knife.”  ... On April 21, 2014, the school district served A.D. and her parents with a notice of proposed expulsion. Three days later, the school board held a hearing on the proposed expulsion. Herman, Schlaak, and superintendent Jeremy Jensen testified for the district.... Schlaak asked A.D. if she had brought her purse to school  on the prior day, and A.D. said that she had not done so. During the ensuing investigation, Herman reviewed surveillance video - recordings and saw that A.D. had brought the same purse to school on the day before the knife was found, and the school board found that A.D. had therefore also brought the knife to school the day before the lockdown. In any event, the school board’s finding that A.D. lied is limited to that one particular statement about the day before the lockdown. The school board did not find A.D. to be not credible in general and did not find that her misstatement concerning the prior day undermined her statements concerning the day in question.

The School Law Center represented Alyssa in an appeal to the Comissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Service, where the Commissioner affirmed the expulsion decision. The School Law Center also represented Alyssa in an appeal of the Commissioner's decision to the Court of Appeals. The Court's reversal of the Commissioner's decision clarifies that students in Minnesota cannot be suspended or expelled for unintentionally violating a school rule, or for creating only the possibility but not the probability of harm. Andrea Jepsen, Student Law Center Lawyer License No: 0386781 Press Release July 20, 2015

While preparing the appeal, Johnson said other kids who have brought prohibited items to school didn’t get expelled. For example, he said, one school board member’s child brought a lighter, which is also on the district’s weapons list, and is supposed to trigger a recommendation that the student be expelled, according to the student handbook. Board Chair Kathy Krebsbach didn’t return Star Tribune inquiries, and Jensen indicated that state data practices law prohibits him from responding on individual discipline. Teen expelled over pocketknife used for chores; school pressed to reconsider zero-tolerance policy Alyssa Drescher's expulsion from United South Central High School in Faribault County has prompted criticism of the punishment and zero-tolerance policy.  By Steve Brandt Star Tribune May 8, 2014 — 10:14am

Then we're going to come back with perhaps the dumbest case I've ever seen litigated in front of the uh Minnesota Supreme Court. Which in and of itself is often the dumbest court in the whole country. But even they're not as dumb as the argument of the school board in this case. And we're going to have the ah ah the attorney Andrea Jepsen ah who represented the student. This is an incredible case involving a knife in a locker. And a … well as long as I am taking about superlatives the worst drug sniffing dog in the history of drug . . . the dog has a zero winning percentage of winning. Roanld S. Rosenbaum, Lawyer License No: 0163478 HoldingCourt Podcast ‏@HoldingCourtMN Catch a new episode of  LIVE 2pm Thurs. @toddrapp & attorney Andrea Jepsen. Tune in live or download later on HC app! Retweets 2  Michael Brodkorb Ron Rosenbaum 8:19 PM - 2 Mar 2016
Understanding the eFile/eServe Status column Mandatory means that the district court was one of the 11 eCourtMN pilot counties. Use of the eFiling and eService system is mandatory for attorneys, government agencies, Guardians ad Litem, and sheriffs in any case filed in these counties (See Minn. Gen. R. Prac. 14.01 for more information). Designation of Case Types and District Courts Subject to Voluntary e-Filing and e-Service Rules County: Hennepin District: Fourth Judicial District  eFile/eServe Status: Mandatory

Billable pages for docket reports, case reports, and search results are calculated using a formula based on the number of bytes extracted (4,320 bytes = 1 billable page). Images PACER websites offer images of documents filed. Images are billed according to the number of pages in PDFs (1 PDF page = 1 billable page). Public Access to Court Electronic Records PACER User Manual for ECF Courts Updated: September 2014
School/Building: United South Central - Senior High Title: Superintendent Phone: 507-553-3134 Email: 2016 United Fleming, Keith USC District Superintendent 507-553-3134 Trevor S. Helmers Shareholder Areas of Practice: School Law, Municipal Law, Labor and Employment, Environmental Law and Land Use, Litigation, Construction, Investigations 333 South Seventh Street, Suite 2800  Minneapolis, MN 55402  [Map] Ph: 612-436-4300  Fax: 612-436-4340 The City Attorney is contracted to provide legal services for the City of Red Wing. For more information, please contact: RUPP, ANDERSON, SQUIRES & WALDSPURGER, P.A. 333 South Seventh Street, Suite 2800 Minneapolis, MN 55402 Office: (612) 436-4300 Fax: (612) 436-4340

Office Location, Technology And Support Personnel: Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A  is located in the historic Rand Tower in downtown Minneapolis. Our office is equipped with conference rooms capable of hosting mediations, depositions, and meetings. The firm utilizes a state-of-the-art computer network and modern case management software. Each attorney is assigned a laptop computer that can be used to connect to the firm's entire case management system from any location that has internet access. Attorneys regularly use electronic resources, including Westlaw, Google Scholar, and Revisor of Statutes website, to conduct cost-effective and efficient legal research. All attorneys and support staff have access to e-mail and a state-of-the-art telephone system, as well as printing, copying, faxing and scanning technology. In addition to a staff of eleven attorneys, Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A employs one office manager/bookkeeper, two legal secretaries, and one receptionist/legal secretary. Proposal for Civil Attorney for City of Northfield by Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A. Dated April 18, 2014
Total Disbursements: $4,208.01 Minnesota Association of School Administrators July 31, 2009 Page 123 File Number: 36377 Court File Number 79-C9-09-157 Affidavit of Marlene S. Garvis In Support of Taxation of costs & Disbursements 2016-2017

MASA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. Doug Froke (16 - 18) Superintendent Component Group Representative Superintendent Detroit Lakes Public Schools 702 Lake Avenue, PO Box 766 Detroit Lakes, 56502 Phone: (218) 847-9271 Fax: (218) 847-9273

The School Board on Aug. 19 filed a petition asking that the Appeals Court decision be reviewed by the state Supreme Court. On its side is the St. Peter-based Minnesota School Boards Association, which has submitted an amicus brief in support of USC's petition. State Supreme Court to review United South Central expulsion case By Jessica Bies, Mankota Free Press Oct 29, 2015 The school district appealed the Court of Appeals’ decision to the Minnesota Supreme Court for clarification  of what constitutes a “willful” violation of school policy, when a danger is created by a weapon being on school  property, and for a finding supporting school district discretion in imposing student discipline. MSBA will file an amicus brief in support of the school district’s positions. Management Services Newsletter Friday, November 20, 2015 United South Central expulsion case appealed to Minnesota Supreme Court By Cathy Miller, MSBA Director of Legal and Policy Services The Management Services Newsletter is published as a member service by the  Minnesota School Boards Association, 1900 W. Jefferson Ave., St. Peter, MN 56082
THE BENEFITS OF BELONGING TO MSBA The following is a listing and brief description of MSBA's services — some of which are included in a member’s dues and others of which an additional fee is required. Included in Dues and Available to MSBA Members for No Additional Cost Answers — MSBA staff respond daily to member questions (from July 2007 to the present, between 150 and 160 telephone calls and emails/month) ranging from administrative processes/procedures to school board governance to statutory requirements to guiding rules/regulations to negotiations proposals, etc. with over a century and one-half of collective experience (156 years to be exact), MSBA staff are able to assist its members in almost every instance. In addition, various MSBA staff have had personal experience as school board members, superintendents, principals, classroom teachers, counselors, school district auditors, school nurses, insurance consultants, extracurricular coaches/advisors, lobbyists, lawyers, human resources specialists, private business owners, and media representatives. As a result, MSBA staff have been able to accurately address member questions/concerns and, in turn, have saved members time, trouble, and MONEY.

USC Superintendent Keith Fleming said he expects the case will have implications for school districts across the state as they develop their policies, noting the district will work with the Minnesota School Board Association, Minnesota Association of School Administrators, and Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals to guide the district in interpreting the decision. Supreme Court rules in favor of former student in USC case By Sam Wilmes, Albert Lea Tribune, Published 1:44 pm Thursday, August 4, 2016
Schlaak, Ms. Kelly (Principal) United South Central High School 250 2nd Avenue SW Wells, MN 56097 P: 507-553-5819 F: 507-553-5929 E: District Number: 2134 District Name: United South Central Public Schools Division: Southwest
Office > USC School Board
2016 United South Central School Board Officers
Chair: Dale Stevermer 340-6478 ;
Vice Chair:  Jon Feist 304-0093
Treasurer: Mike Schrader 380-4930
Clerk: Tom Legred 525-1079
Director: Steve Navara 553-5774

Director: Kathy Krebsbach 294-3311

More to come . . .

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Was Father Leo Koppala Framed? Evidence Was Illegally Withheld By County Attorney Timmerman In Case No. 22-CR-13-347, Wasn't It? Diablolical Data Dodging Scam By City Of Blue Earth? Request For Interrogation Data From Chief Tom Fletcher Struck A Nerve & Triggered Illegal Monetary Demands For Data? Sounds Like A Frame-Up, Doesn't It?

Well's Student Alyssa Drescher Victim Of Illegal Search & Seizure By United South Central Personnel, Wells & Mapleton Police? Trained Drug Dog Alerts On Perfume & Lotion? Mapleton Chief Ben Honsey Too Busy Reading Lion News For 6 Hours, 41 Minutes & 6 Seconds To Fulfill Nemmers' Data Request?

City Of Wells Data Dodging Scam For Expelled Student Alyssa Drescher? Petty Dictator Leslie Dictates That Nemmers Fill Out Retarded City Form To Get Data Emailed To Him? Yet, Petty Dictator Leslie Gives Nemmers Public Data Over Phone Without Filling Out Form?