Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stalked! Cartoon County MN - The Lunacy Of It All Blogger Douglas Delaney Being Stalked By Relative (Joie Miletich) Of MN District 2700 State Patrol Trooper Dana J Miletich Who Parked In Handicap Parking Space?

Just more proof that the lawless Mn State Patrol feels that they are above the law, isn't it?
Dana J Miletich
Salary: $63,524
Job Description: State Patrol Trooper
Agency Name: Public Safety Department
City: Duluth

It is, isn't it?

When Doug Delaney, the blogger from the blog Cartoon County MN - The Lunacy Of It All, filed a legitimate complaint against a Mn State Trooper he was retaliated against, wasn't he? He was, wasn't he?

How long can you park a squad car in a handicapped parking space? As long as you want, I guess.

Posted on December 2, 2014, 13:24, by 52willys3A, under Can't fix stupid.

I was at the Cloquet Mega Mall this morning when I noticed this MSP squad behind the mall parked in a handicapped parking space. If my assumption is correct, the trooper was inside his wife’s counseling office and it wasn’t just a run in and out kind of thing, I first noticed the car about 0845 and saw the trooper leave the office at 0930. Now, do you suppose if it were you or I unlawfully using the space it would go unnoticed by the law? As you can plainly see in the photo above, there were just a few other parking spots available… Think this photo will make it to 2700 District headquarters?

I know how that works all too well, don't I? I do, don't I? The above picture is the Mn State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske's harassing phone call after I started asking the "wrong" questions about a DWI stop for drunk driving breathalyzer refusing Carlton County Attorney Tommy "The Drunk" Pertler, isn't it? It is, isn't it?

To my stalker, beware.
Posted on December 16, 2014, 20:14, by 52willys3A, under Morons, Welcome to Cartoon County, MN.
Okay, I understand your frustration.  Your lovely husband was using State resources for, well, presumably personal gain,minimally, not in behalf of the taxpayers. or within his job description.
I get it…you and your hubby don’t like being outed for your misbehavior and criminality, and yes, it is criminal.  Assumably , an  investigation has ensued, which was what pushed you into doing what you did this morning.
Now, I understand you’ve got buddies in the courthouse that tell you, well, I don’t know what they tell you but your act this morning was incredibly stupid.  You are supposed to know better based on your profession and if your hubby was any part of it, he’s as ignorant as you appear to be.
I’d very much encourage you to concentrate on, well, something else than me because I’d like to think you certainly have better things to do.  Take a little peek at the statute link below if you doubt my allegations.


You can trust me when I say that "I've got your back" to Cartoon county's blogger, Doug Delaney (and former deputy), can't you? You can, can't you?

 (Above: Picture of one of my stalker - Christine Fischer)
 (Above: Picture of one of my stalker - Christine Fischer)

Harassed/Stalked/Intimidated By Joie Miletich?

from: Douglas Delaney <>
date: Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 2:30 PM
subject: My little stalking event.

Long and short of it, I was walking nearly every day at our local (nearly vacant) mall, I went there yesterday morning and took a couple rounds while listening to my favorite talk show host on my iPod.  Well about 2 trips around, I notice this really pissed looking woman standing in front of the office space occupied by the troopers wife, who owns it, is a MD, and is supposed to counsel folks.

Anyway, I can see her mouth moving but don’t hear what she’s saying to me because I have Inga Barks talking to me through my headphones.  I stop, take off my headphones, and this woman says “Are you Doug?”.  I said “yes”, she says “Your shoes really bother me, they make a lot  of noise”.

Yes, really.

I apologized, on my next go around I completely avoid walking by her office (She looked like a whack job and I wasn’t in a mood for a confrontation over something so incredibly stupid) and she half jogs to me, pointing her phone at me saying weird shit like “How does it feel to be taped”?  I looked at her phone and said “I couldn’t care less” or something like that.  eep in mind, she’s got the phone right next to my face.

In hindsight, I sort of wish I’d have called the cops or recorded it myself, I don’t have a smart phone but I understand my iPod will record video.

Strangely, I still haven’t heard a word from the Patrol’s IA folks and am rather surprised they released my my name to Dana and am more surprised that he prompted his wife to do something so goddamn stupid.


Joie Miletich LICSW

707 Highway 33 S Ste 9B

Cloquet, MN 55720    - Sounds like the Cloquet Mega Mall management needs to be contacted, doesn't it?

District 2700 State Patrol Contact:

Serving the counties of: Carlton, Cook, Lake, Pine, St. Louis
District Office: 1131 Mesaba Avenue, Duluth, MN 55811
District Phone: (218) 302-6127
District Fax: (218) 723-4951
District Radio Center: Regional Comm Center: (651) 582-1455
Radio Center Fax: (651) 582-1523
Road Troopers: Captain (1)
Lieutenants (3)
Troopers (34)
Support Staff (4)

Station Offices: Duluth, Hinckley, Scanlon, Two Harbors, Grand Marais

Staff Contacts: Capt. Steve Stromback (218) 302-6100
Lt. Jason Hanson (218) 302-6103
Lt. Darren Juntunen (218) 302-6102
Lt. Quint Stainbrook (218) 302-6101 
Sgt. Neil Dickenson - Media Inquiries cell: 218-830-0472 office: 218-302-6105 email:  

More to come . . .

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