Monday, July 28, 2014

Trial By Ambush? City Of Eden Prairie & State Patrol Conspire To Illegally Withhold Mark Kurth's Evidence? Due Process Violations Key Strategy In Eden Prairie Prosecutor's Bag Of Dirty Tricks? State Patrol's Squad Audio Missing & Report Falsified? DPS HIgh Command Tries To Defraud Kurth Out Of Money For Free Electronic Data? Kurth's Safety & Public's Safety Threatened By Bungled Vehicle Inspection?

It sure looks like the corrupt City of Eden Prairie and the corrupt Mn State Patrol are conspiring to engage in trial by ambush, doesn't it? It does, doesn't it?

650 Third Avenue South
Suite 1600
Minneapolis, MN 55402
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Trial by ambush is where the corrupt prosecutor springs the evidence on your right before/at trial that he/she was illegally withholding, right? That's right, isn't it?

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Register of Actions      Case No. 27-CR-14-2503
State of Minnesota vs MARK DONALD KURTH
Case Type: Crim/Traf Mandatory         Date Filed: 01/28/2014
Location: Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Ridgedale
Judicial Officer: Bernhardson, Ivy S.
Party Information
Lead Attorneys
Defendant KURTH, MARK DONALD Male DOB: 06/10/1959 Pro Se
Jurisdiction State of Minnesota JENNIFER MARIE BOEMER SPALDING  612-338-0755(W)


Plea (Judicial Officer: Bernhardson, Ivy S.)
1. Follwing vehicle more closely than is reasonable or prudent
Not guilty


Citation E-Filed

Officer Notes

Notice of Hearing


Arraignment  (8:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Abrams, Ronald L.)
Result: Held

Acknowledgement of Rights

Notice of Appearance (Judicial Officer: Abrams, Ronald L. )

Pre-trial  (8:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Bernhardson, Ivy S.)
Result: Held

Notice of Appearance (Judicial Officer: Bernhardson, Ivy S. )

Notice of Appearance (Judicial Officer: Bernhardson, Ivy S. )

Subpoena with Service

Settlement Conference  (8:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Bernhardson, Ivy S.)
Result: Held

Notice of Appearance

Subpoena with Service       Doc ID# 1

Court Trial  (2:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Bernhardson, Ivy S.)
06/23/2014Reset by Court to 07/29/2014

And then the corrupt prosecutor's partner in crime - the judge - just ignores this due process violation, right? That's right, isn't it?

RULE 8.3: REPORTING PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT (a) A lawyer who knows that another lawyer has committed a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct that raises a substantial question as to that lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer in other respects, shall inform the appropriate professional authority.

RULE 8.4: MISCONDUCT It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to: (a) violate or attempt to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another; (b) commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer in other respects; (c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation;

Why does the judge ignore the due process violation of trial by ambush? Because the whole purpose of the corrupt court is to find you guilty, isn't it? It is, isn't it?

City of Eden Prairie City Council Contact Information

Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens

Council Member Brad Aho

Council Member Sherry Butcher Wickstrom

Council Member Ron Case

Council Member Kathy Nelson

You're going to say "Wait a minute!", aren't you? You are, aren't you?

Rick Getschow, Eden Prairie City Manager
City Manager; Phone: (952) 949-8410; Email:

You're going to say: "I've seen people win in court!", aren't you? You are, aren't you?

Dash cam video/audio is a safety device:
1. Safety of officer
2. Safety of suspect/victim
3. Safety of the case
4. Safety of the case
5. Safety of the public.

Dash cam video/audio holds all individuals in the incident accountable. It documents officer doing their job, officer incompetence, officer misconduct, officer brutality.

True ... and I've seen suckers win at rigged games, haven't I? I have, haven't I?

With the rise of the democracies and the dethronement and disempowering of previously powerful groups such as the military, the nobility, and the like, there has been a gradual shift from the conscious and explicit use of direct methods of interpersonal and social control to one that are more indirect, subtle, and covert. Gaslighting, The Double Whammy, Interrogation and Other Covert Control in Psychotherapy & Analysis, Theo L. Dorpat (Maryland: 2004), Page xviii.

And I have clear, precise and unquestionable proof that trial by ambush is used by the City of Eagan, don't I? I do, don't I?

By making another person feel fearful, guilty, or ashamed, the manipulator is in a position to gain control over the other individual's affects, thoughts, and behaviors by substituting his own beliefs. This is the basic mechanism of gaslighting whether used in everyday life, in psychotherapy situations, or in the thought-reform and mind-control manipulations of cult leaders. Some advertising and many social interactions in which one person attempts to gain control over another are based on this principle.” Gaslighting, The Double Whammy, Interrogation and Other Covert Control in Psychotherapy & Analysis, Theo L. Dorpat (Maryland: 2004), Page 7.

And that corrupt judge just ignored the trial by ambush in Tanner's case, didn't he? He did, didn't he?

Gaslighting is a type of projective identification in which an individual (or group of individuals) attempt to influence the mental functioning of a second individual by causing the latter to doubt the validity of his or her judgments, perceptions, and/or reality testing in order that the victim will more readily submit his will and person to the victimizer. (See Chapter 2 for a more comprehensive discussion of gaslighting.)

Gaslighting is a common and powerful interpersonal dynamic in a variety of different tactics and techniques both individuals and groups. Gaslighting is an important aspect in many brainwashing and indoctrination techniques employed by cults and by totalitarian fascist and communist regimes in their coercive management and oppression of political prisoners and prisoners of war. Gaslighting, The Double Whammy, Interrogation and Other Covert Control in Psychotherapy & Analysis, Theo L. Dorpat (Maryland: 2004), Page 6.

District Court Judge Ivy S. Berhardson - Assistant Chief Judge
Hennepin County District Courthouse
Ridgedale 323
Ridgedale District Court
12601 Ridgedale Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55395
Clerk: Paige Direct line: 612-348-4364


Mark S. Thompson, District Administrator (4th Judicial District)
12-C Government Center
300 S. Sixth St.
Minneapolis, MN 55487
(612) 348-7757
(612) 348-2131 Fax

Gerald Winter, Acting Hennepin County Court Administrator

Use of Arrest Reports in Criminal Cases

Arrest reports are almost always one-sided. They recite only what the police claim took place, and may include only witness statements that support police theory. While they are generally not admissible as evidence in a trial, arrest reports can have a major impact in criminal cases. Not only do arrest reports often determine what charges prosecutors file, but they also may play a key role in how much bail is required, the outcome of preliminary hearings (where hearsay evidence is often admissible), the willingness of the prosecutor to plea bargain, and trial tactics (for instance, the police report can be used to discredit testimony of the police officer who prepared the report). Attorneys Paul Bergman & Sara J. Berman. The Criminal Law Handbook: Know Your Rights, Survive The System, 11th Edition. Page 142.

From: Langer, Matthew (DPS)
Date: Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 6:50 AM
Subject: RE: State Patrol General Orders
To: mark kurth

Mr. Kurth,

Are you seeking all of our policies (about 1,000 pages) or specific policies related to your question? The only reason I ask is that the entire PDF file is too large to email. Please let me know and we will accommodate you request.


Lt. Colonel Matt Langer
MN State Patrol
445 Minnesota Street #130
St. Paul, MN 55101
651-201-7114 (w)
612-919-8178 (c)
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“We have held that when the State suppresses or fails to disclose material exculpatory evidence, the good or bad faith of the prosecution is irrelevant: a due process violation occurs whenever such evidence is withheld.” Illinois v. Fisher.² 2. 540 U.S. 544, 547, 124 S.Ct. 1200, 1202 (2004). George R. Dekle, Sr, Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook (Thompson/West:2007), Page 145.