Thursday, July 24, 2014

Whistleblower Tanner Homer Johnson (Case No. 19WS-CR-14-5638) Ends Up In Jail For Exposing City Of Eagan's Malicious Prosecution? Prosecutor Jerome M. Porter Conspired With State Judges & Dakota Co. Deputies To Obstruct Justice? You Can't Trust Any Arrest, Prosecution Or Conviction In Lawless Dakota County, Can You? Corrupt Courts Throwback To Stalin's & King Ahab's Show Trials?

The lawless City of Eagan wins their trumped up court cases by illegally withholding evidence, don't they? They do, don't they?

Eagan City prosecutor illegally withholding evidence from Tanner Homer Johnson

The sick & twisted thinking of the lawless City of Eagan is that if you are charged with a crime, then you are automatically guilty of that crime, right?

 That's right, isn't it?

Eagan city prosecutor illegally withholding evidence from Jorrdan Dolney Part 1

Eagan City prosecutor illegally withholding evidence from Jorrdan Dolney Part 2

And if the City of Eagan thinks that you are automatically guilty of a crime, then there is absolutely no reason for the City of Eagan to give you your evidence of the alleged crimes, right? That's right, isn't it?

Kangaroo court.  Term descriptive of a sham legal proceeding in which a person's rights are totally disregarded and in which the result is a forgone conclusion because of the bias of the court or other tribunal.   Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Edition,  Page 780.

The sick & twisted thinking of the lawless City of Eagan is that they have rights and you don't, correct? That is correct, isn't it?

It has been stated of witnesses in court that what they say is not as important as how they say it. Unfortunately, an anxious, rambling, absent-minded witness who is telling the truth is less likely to believed than a lying witness who comes across as confident, unyielding, and certain. The witness must appreciate what lawyers have known for years: the courtroom is a stage where attorney's carefully direct a drama wherein witnesses unfold their story before the jury's eyes. The jury represents the audience of this production and the witnesses become players. In this carefully constructed arena, the witness needs to fit the jury's image of someone who is telling the truth. Fred E. Inbau, John E. Reid, Joseph P. Buckley, Brian C. Jayne, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, 4th Ed., page 454.

It is really, really hard to win your case without your evidence, isn't it? It is, isn't it?

Aggressiveness: The Tantrum Trap … aggressive people are insistent on standing up for their own rights while ignoring and violating the rights of others. Contacts: Communicating Interpersonally, by Teri Kwal Gamble & Michael Gamble, page 351.

And the so-called trials in Dakota County are just for appearance sake, aren't they? They are, aren't they?

show trial n. the public trial of a political offender conducted chiefly for propagandist purposes. [1945–50]

show trial n 1. (Law) a trial conducted primarily to make a particular impression on the public or on other nations, esp one that demonstrates the power of the state over the individual

The so-called trials are just theater productions so the petty, stupid and the haters of justice think that actual justice is being dispensed, aren't they? They are, aren't they?

So she wrote letters in Ahab's name, and sealed them with his seal, and sent the letters unto the elders and to the nobles that were in his city, dwelling with Naboth. And she wrote in the letters, saying, Proclaim a fast, and set Naboth on high among the people: And set two men, sons of Belial, before him, to bear witness against him, saying, Thou didst blaspheme God and the king. And then carry him out, and stone him, that he may die. And the men of his city, even the elders and the nobles who were the inhabitants in his city, did as Jezebel had sent unto them, and as it was written in the letters which she had sent unto them. 1 Kings 21:8-11 King James Version (KJV)

And you'd have to be pretty stupid to think that you can win in a rigged court trial, wouldn't you? You would, wouldn't you?

“We have held that when the State suppresses or fails to disclose material exculpatory evidence, the good or bad faith of the prosecution is irrelevant: a due process violation occurs whenever such evidence is withheld.” Illinois v. Fisher.² 2. 540 U.S. 544, 547, 124 S.Ct. 1200, 1202 (2004). George R. Dekle, Sr, Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook (Thompson/West:2007), Page 145.

Must be why the world and the jails are filed with stupid people, huh?

kangaroo court  Slang for a court that operates unjustly or with unfair bias.

The only way to win in a rigged court is to expose the rigged court, isn't it? It is, isn't it? Must be why Tanner is winning even though his "lost" this battle, right?

Settle it therefore in your hearts, not to meditate before what ye shall answer: For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist. Luke 21:14-15 King James Version (KJV)

More to come . . .

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