Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sheriff Hutton Illegally Withholding Public Data On Druggie Deputy Gruber - Sweetheart Deal For Gruber At Rigged Trial? Conflict Of Interest With Washington Co. Attorney Pete Orput As Prostituting Attorney?

The fix is in for Washington Co. Deputy Ricky “The Druggie” Gruber, isn't it?

(Sheriff Hutton and County Attorney Orput have time to play on the internet but not give me my data, huh?)

Deputy Gruber gets to go on a crime spree and then gets a "Sweetheart Deal" all on the public's dime, right?

Washington Co. Deputy Ricky “The Druggie” Gruber was caught in the act yet was not arrested, not booked, not fingerprinted, not photographed, nor even spent a single night in jail, right? 

No bail? Washington Co. Deputy Ricky “The Druggie” Gruber was released on the druggies' own recognizance? How many other druggies who engage in a felony crime spree get that kind of special sweetheart treatment, huh?

Case No. 82-CR-13-789
10/28/2013Jury Trial  (8:30 AM) (Judicial Officer McPherson,Catherine ,)
09/16/2013Reset by Court to 10/28/2013
10/29/2013Jury Trial  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer McPherson,Catherine ,)
10/30/2013Jury Trial  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer McPherson,Catherine ,)
10/31/2013Jury Trial  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer McPherson,Catherine ,)

Washington Co. Deputy Ricky “The Druggie” Gruber is going to be prosecuted by Washington county? The fix is in since that is a blatant conflict of interest, isn't it? Maybe that is why public information is being illegally withheld by Washington County Sheriff William Hutton and County Attorney Pete Orput, huh?

Sounds a variation off of the theme of when lawless Pope County Attorney Neil "The Tamperer" Nelson (Who is also the Glenwood's Assistant City Attorney, right?) rigged the trial for the perjuring Glenwood Councilman Kyle "The Fixer" Thompson, doesn't it?

Lion News: 'Kyle "The Fixer" Thompson Is A Perjurer' Says Pope Co.'s Attorney Neil "The Tamper" Nelson?

How can you trust any arrest, prosecution or conviction in lawless Washington County? You can't, can you?

More to come . . .