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Lion News: Glenwood's Corrupt City Council Aids & Abets Chief Danter In Withholding Public Data?

Made a fee resolution amendment at the request of Glenwood Police Chief Dale Danter. The fee for retrieval of public data is now set at $65. Any retrieval requiring more than a half-hour will be charged out at $65 per hour. Any data request totaling less than $4 will not be billed. City to move ahead with plans for equalization basin. By Deb Mercier, News Editor. Pope County Tribune. Monday, May 20, 2013.

Background On Glenwood's Kyle Councilman "The Fixer" Thompson

This is just another example of Lawless Pope County (Lawless Glenwood) showing the world that they are above the law, isn't it? No surprise there, huh?

Copy Costs

Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13, allows, but does not require, [Note: Like everything else in lawless Pope County - the decision on who will and who will not be charged will be arbitrary and capricious, won't it?] government entities to charge for copies of government data. If an entity's policy is to charge for copies, the allowable amount depends on whether the requester is a member of the public or a data subject.

Statutory requirements relating to copy charges are in Minnesota Statutes, sections 13.03 (members of the public), sections 13.04 (data subjects), and Minnesota Rules 1205.030, subpart 4. A government entity cannot charge to separate public from not public data. In situations where specific charges are set by statute or rule, [Note: Lawless Pope County "officials" think that they are "god," (a false god) don't they? Petty dictators?] government entities should follow the applicable statutory language, rather than Chapter 13's requirements.
Members of the public

25 cents per page – 100 or fewer paper copies

If the request is for 100 or fewer pages of black and white, letter or legal sized paper copies, the maximum allowable charge is 25 cents for each page copied, or 50¢ for a two-sided copy. This charge is a flat rate; entites cannot add on any additional charges, such as cost of mailing or paper.

Actual cost - most other copies

For copies of other data (more than 100 paper copies, photographs, data on a CD or DVD, data stored electronically, etc.) a government entity may charge the actual cost [Note: No arbitrary number or amount, right?] for an employee to search for and retrieve the data, and to make paper copies or to print copies of electronically stored data.
Data subjects

Actual cost

A government entity may charge the actual cost [Note: Still no arbitrary number or amount, right?] for an employee to make paper copies or to print copies of electronically stored data. A government entity may not charge a data subject any fee for searching for and retrieving data.

Copy costs
25 cents per page (13.03, subd. 3(c))      07-002, 07-008, 09-018
911 tape transcript       96-052
Actual cost - data subject
Employee wage/labor cost      96-051, 01-047
No charge to search/retrieve/redact     94-039, 96-037, 00-054, 03-013
Actual cost - public      95-044, 97-012, 04-040, 04-041, 07-002
Employee wage/labor cost     00-027, 01-047,04-056
Justification of costs    96-064, 99-042, 00-027, 01-030, 01-066, 03-013, 04-070, 10-007
Mailing    97-013
Maintenance, wear, tear, depreciation    01-066, 04-040, 04-072
Operating expenses excluded    94-040, 94-059, 01-067, 04-072
Overhead    99-024
Searching and retrieving     04-003, 05-016

Video: IPAD - Copy Costs

Lawless Glenwood's Chief Danter needs some cover since he is a common criminal, right?

U.S. Postal Inspectors investigate any crime in which the U.S. Mail is used to further a scheme--whether it originated in the mail, by telephone, or on the Internet. The use of the U.S. Mail is what makes it mail fraud.

So why did these common criminals decided to "jack" the price on public data? Of course, I asked the wrong questions, didn't I? Like: Can I have the evidence in Glenwood City Coulcilman Kyle "The Fixer" Thompson's criminal case?

"The Falsifier" Danter decides he is going to scam me by sending me a non-itemized bill in the mail, doesn't he? Actually, Chiefy doesn't want me to have this information about Glenwood's City Council Kyle "The Fixer" Thompson at all, does he? That's why the exhorbitant prices are there, right? It's a kind of "sin tax," isn't it? They make the prices so high you can't see their sins?

You'd have to be pretty stupid to blindly pay a non-itemized bill from a crook like Danter, wouldn't you?

"The Falsifier" Danter thinks he can dupe me by sending me a partially itemized statement, doesn't he?

Thompson was represented by attorney Kevin W. DeVore. Pope County Attorney Neil Nelson was the
attorney for the state.
Given the evidence that was presented at trial I was surprised by the result,” Nelson said after the trial.
Nonetheless, I always respect the decision of the jury.” Kyle Thompson acquitted on all counts after three-day jury trial. Pope County Tribune. Monday, October 29, 2012, Page 3A.

In case you haven't noticed it yet - I have never asked for a transcription of the 911 call, have I? Yet, I am being billed for the transcription cost, aren't I? Let's see you put a fraudulent bill into an envelope and then affix a U.S. Postal Service stamp, right? And that's called what? Mail fraud?

Plus, you will note that there never was a fee for retrieving public data before, was there?

And since Glenwood's Police Chief Dale "The Falsifier" Danter only makes around $26.44/hr how do they come up with this phony billing rate of $65 per hour? Out of thin air, isn't it? And snotty Estelle Garvin only makes $13.38/hr, doesn't she?

And by law, you can only charge by the lower rate (not the highest) in the office capable of doing the job, can't you? So it is a scam that will be reported to the proper authorities, won't it?

What role does Starbuck's City Administrator - Sunny Bjorklund Schultz play in this ongoing drama, huh?

Starbuck City Administrator - Sunny Bjorklund Schultz
Office Phone 320-239-2525
City Fax 320-239-2525

Starbuck City Hall
P O Box 606
307 E 5th St Starbuck MN 56381
Starbuck MN 56381

What day did I call Starbuck's City Administrator Sunny Bjorklund Schultz? Hmm ...  Wait a minute! It was was back on March 27, 2013, wasn't it?  She must have "forgot" to send it, right?

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Starbuck's City Administrator Sandy Schultz Aids & Abets Glenwood's Kyle Thompson's & Pope Co.'s Neil Nelson's Perjury Plot?