Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Death Threat? Is Rice Co. Deputy Cory Warmington's Hand On His Service Pistol A Not So Subtle Death Threat To Ayrlahn Johnson? Rice Co. Sheriff Troy Dunn & Co. Attorney John Fossum Send Deadly Message That They Want Johnson To Stop Exposing The Strong-Arm Tactics Of Dunn & The Malicious Prosecution Of Fossum?

A death threat? Is this how far Rice Co. Attorney John Fossum to win a court case?

Lion News: Death Threat To Johnson By Rice Co. Attorney Fossum & Rice Co. Sheriff Troy Dunn?

Lion News: Harassing Phone Call From Rice Co. Lt. Yetzer Ordered By Rice Co. Attorney Fossum?

The hand of trained professional Rice Co. Deputy Cory Warmington is clearly on his service pistol, isn't it? Rice Co. Deputy Cory Warmington fell back onto his training as a thug, didn't he? He did, didn't he?

Lion News: Investigator Testimony Proves Evidence Withheld By Capt Holm In Case 66-VB-14-3349?

Lion News: Perjury Script For Trooper Ignaszewski? Rice Co. Attorney John Fossum's Star Perjurer?

And then  Rice Co. Lt. Joe Yetzer is on audio making the wild and outrageous claims that they know nothing of the complaint that was hand-delivered to two thugs with badges & guns at the time of the incident on April 14, 2015, isn't he? He is, isn't he?

Lion News: Rice Co. Attorney Paul Beaumaster & Attorney Catherine Miller Harass Nemmers?

Lion News: “Stop Threatening My Life” Say Johnson To Rice Co. Chief Deputy Attorney Erickson?

Complaint = Allegations of Misconduct + In Writing + Signed

The only way Rice Co. Attorney John Fossum can win his court cases is by death threats, huh?

More to come . . . .

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