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Perjurer Charlie Waters ... AKA Constitutional Crank ... AKA Converavtive Copwatch Gets Waters Et Al V. Kirchner Et Al Case #: 0:17-CV-00935 Dismissed? Too Stupid To Get Evidence That Proves ICOP Model 20/20-W Coon Rapids Squad Microphones Auto-Sync? KA16007391 Shows Evidence Destroyed, Right? Did Attorney Peter J Nickitas Stab Less-Than-Intelligent Waters In Back?

from: Lion News
"Peter J. Nickitas"
date: Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 8:14 AM
subject: Chapter 13 data request - Waters et al v. Kirchner et al case no. 0:17-cv-00935 data

Jerry Koch, Mayor Phone: 763-767-1811:

Chapter 13 data request - file share me the following readily available, free, electronic, public data:

1. Thursday, December 14, 2017 56 order Judgment (Clerk's Office Only) Thu 4:52 PM JUDGMENT(lmb) Att: 1 55 21 pgs Civil Notice - appeal order Order on Motion to Dismiss/General Thu 3:27 PM MEMORANDUM AND ORDER: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that: 1. Defendant City of Coon Rapids's Motion to Dismiss33 is GRANTED; 2. Defendant Menard's motion to Dismiss38 is GRANTED; and 3. The Amended Complaint28 is DISMISSED with prejudice. LET JUDGMENT BE ENTERED ACCORDINGLY. (Written Opinion) Signed by The Hon. Paul A. Magnuson on 12/14/2017. (LLM) GPO Represented By Ryan M Zipf League Of Minnesota Cities contact info Dec 14 2017 MEMORANDUM AND ORDER: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that: 1. Defendant City of Coon Rapids's Motion to Dismiss 33 is GRANTED; 2. Defendant Menard's motion to Dismiss 38 is GRANTED; and 3. The Amended Complaint 28 is DISMISSED with prejudice. LET JUDGMENT BE ENTERED ACCORDINGLY. (Written Opinion) Signed by The Hon. Paul A. Magnuson on 12/14/2017. (LLM). Wednesday, December 27, 2017 59 appeal Transmission of Notice of Appeal and Docket Sheet to USCA Wed 1:51 PM TRANSMITTAL OF APPEAL LETTER TO U.S. COURT OF APPEALS, 8TH CIRCUIT, Re: Notice of Appeal to 8th Circuit57 . (lmb) 58 motion Application to Proceed In Forma Pauperis on Appeal Wed 11:14 AM Application to Proceed In Forma Pauperis on Appeal to the Eighth Circuit filed by Anita Waters, Charles Waters. (Nickitas, Peter) 57 appeal Notice of Appeal to 8th Circuit Wed 10:12 AM NOTICE OF APPEAL TO 8TH CIRCUIT by Anita Waters, Charles Waters. ATTACHMENTS FILED IN ERROR-WILL REFILE AS SEPARATE EVENTS.. (Nickitas, Peter) Modified text on 12/27/2017 (lmb) Att: 1 Civil Notice - appeal Motion and Affidavit in Support of Motion to Proceed on Appeal in Forma Pauperis. Monday, April 03, 2017 Mon 12:03 PM,
ORDER regarding Judge Richard H. Kyle's dispositive motion procedure. Signed by Judge Richard H. Kyle on 4/3/17, Thursday, April 06, 2017 Mon 12:03 PM, ORDER regarding Judge Richard H. Kyle's dispositive motion procedure.
2. Chapter 13 data requests submitted and data requested by Charles Waters aka 0:17-cv-00935 plaintiff ... aka Constitutional Crank ... aka Conservative Copwatch including his attorney Peter J Nickitas' data requests. From 01-27-17 through today's date.
3. Menards surveillance that was magically and mysteriously missing from Incident # KA16007391 but magically and mysteriously appears in Waters et al v. Kirchner et al Case #: 0:17-cv-00935.
4. Still impatiently waiting for City of Coon Rapids application and payments for Menards Contractors Lunch - Years: 2010-2017. Did Coon Rapids personnel trespass and set up booth without Menards' permission, did they? Provide names, job titles, work-related continuing education (Years: 2010-2017) for City of Coon Rapids personnel who attended 2016 Menards Contractors Lunch.
5. Still impatiently waiting for GPS coordinates for switch, time of switch and time of mobile data terminal (MDT) login after suspicious and completely unbelievable squad switch for Coon Rapids officers Kirchner and Newbury. You know where the City of Coon Rapids' not one (1) but two (2) ICOP Model 20/20-W microphones magically and mysteriously failed to auto-sync. Especially suspicious and unbelievable when you are insisting that this readily available, free, electronic, public data in not in your possession, right? It's especially suspicious and unbelievable when you when your Tritech contract and Tritech promotional materials all say the incriminating data is in your possession, right?

Terry Dean, Nemmers (320) 283-5713

P.S. You wouldn't mind if I relay all my clear, precise and unquestionable evidence documenting your extremely suspicious activity to Anoka county Sheriff James Stuart, would you?
P.S.S. You're insurance company didn't pay off Charlie Waters' attorney Peter J. Nickitas to rig this case, did they? Why would I ask that? What competent attorney wouldn't get the GPS coordinates for switch, time of switch and time of mobile data terminal (MDT) login after suspicious and completely unbelievable squad switch for Coon Rapids officers Kirchner and Newbury, right?

Note: When Waters was detained in the back of my patrol car, I had activated my ICOP from the body unit to record his occupancy. Just prior to this, myself and Officer Kirchner had needed to switch cars while at the jail. I did not realize I was still wearing the ICOP from her patrol car which was squad 10, so the audio of the incident is recorded on squad 10 and there is no physical video of waters detainment in the back of my car which was P4. Incident # KA16007391 Reporting officer: Newburry, Alyssa (K147) 03/28/2013 10:34:00.

ICOP MODEL 20/20 ® -W DIGITAL IN-CAR VIDEO RECORDER SYSTEM. FEATURES ICOP MODEL 20/20 ® -W Multiple passwords and user configurations - Multiple event triggers, including emergency lights or siren activation, manual record switch, remotely by activating the audio transmitter(s), vehicle speed and up to 3 auxiliary inputs (eg. crash sensor, door lock, etc.). NEW! WIRELESS MIC Auto-sync and auto-standby increase ease of operation
Auto-sync is achieved when remote transceiver in inserted into charger. Has the ability to synchronize communication between the in-car and remote transceivers when “SYNC” button is pushed and the remote transceiver is in the charger. ... Improved automatic sync and automatic standby ... Mic base has 2 charging bays to charge and sync a second mic. Case 2:16-cv-02032-CM-TJJ Document 58-3 Filed 07/20/16 Page 41 of 55 … The remote microphone has a battery life of 9 hours. Huff told me that an officer can re-synch another in a matter of minutes. The base/charging unit can charge and sync two microphones for those extra long shifts. They are good for 2000 feet line of sight, which means that the officer can enter a home on a domestic with the car parked down the street a little, and still have audio and help key capabilities. Product Review: ICOP Model 20/20-W May 19, 2009 by Police Products with Lindsey J. Bertomen Case 2:16-cv-02032-CM-TJJ Document 58-5 Filed 07/20/16 Page 2 of 6. Synchronizing the BASE and MIC When the ICOP Model 20/20-W is powered on and a MIC is placed in either charging slot of the BASE, the MIC will automatically sync to that BASE. If the MIC’s battery is low, it will hold off the sync process until the system determines the MIC battery has sufficient power to ensure a successful sync. NOTE: Once the sync process is complete, a MIC may be placed into either slot - the BASE will remember the last two synced MIC units until a new or third MIC is introduced to the BASE. Case 2:16-cv-02032-CM-TJJ Document 58-6 Filed 07/20/16 Page 7 of 9

Inform Suite. Information is a strategic asset for public safety and the guiding factor in emergency response and reporting. The reliance on information—historical and real-time—can present challenges which can slow you down when quick action is required. The Inform Suite provides public safety agencies with an enterprise-wide technology solution that focuses on the immediate availability and re-use of actionable information by all users. It infuses geo-intelligence at every level to ensure the most accurate response, and brings the most complete summary to the fi eld for a faster, more informed response. INFORM SUITE PRODUCT DIFFERENCE COMPLETE TriTech offers a complete integrated suite from 9-1-1 all the way to Jail and reporting. Data is reused instead of re-entered. The central repository for all of the data, regardless of its origin, can be searched, reported, and analyzed from a single location. TriTech News: March 2016 NEWS & EVENTS Go Lives and System Expansions Nasim Golzadeh, Vice President of Operations It has been a very exciting period for Inform Operations. Since our last newsletter we have had several successful system Go-Lives. Anoka County, Minnesota added Inform RMS and FBR to Inform CAD, which had been in live operations since early 2015. LOGIS also started the first operations of our Inform RMS and FBR solution at Maple Grove, and based on the success of this initial Go-Live, we are moving into phase 2 of this system rollout at the end of March with the operation of Inform CAD, Mobile, RMS, FBR, and IQ in Minnetonka, another large agency within LOGIS. This is another step in the larger rollout of TriTech’s suite of products in the state of Minnesota. Tech & Comm Incident Response Technologies, Inc. Incident Response Technologies Partners With TriTech Source: Incident Response Technologies, Inc. Nov 22, 2013 Denver, CO – Denver-based Incident Response Technologies, Inc. (IRT) has partnered with industry-leading TriTech Software Systems (TriTech) to integrate IRT’s Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite into computer-aided dispatch emergency services which will be utilized by all emergency response services in Anoka County, MN. Anoka County is a major suburb of the Twin Cities, located northwest of Minneapolis. Anoka County emergency services – including 11 law enforcement agencies, 15 fire agencies, and EMS – will be the first to utilize Inform CAD with Rhodium integration. The Rhodium software allows emergency responders to manage dynamic and evolving situations, by recording and sharing critical incident information in near real-time using either computers or tablet devices. Staff and vehicle accountability, task assignments, mapping data, and reference files are among the variety of response management features that can be controlled within Rhodium.

Anoka – ORI MN0020000 Mailing Address: 325 E. Main St., Anoka, MN. 55303 Facility Phone Number: (763) 323-5100 Sheriff: Phone Number: E-mail: Fax: James Stuart (763) 323-5022 (763) 422-7503.

1 Mr. Waters video-recorded the entire duration of his visit at Menard’s, and Plaintiffs attached a highly edited version of the recording to the Amended Complaint. (Am. Compl. ¶ 47, Ex. A.) The Court may consider documents attached to the complaint on a motion to dismiss. Greenman v. Jessen, 787 F.3d 882, 887 (8th Cir. 2015) (citation omitted). Menard’s also provided security footage that captures the incident. (Doug Stuart Decl. (Docket No. 23) Ex. D.) Defendants Madson, Smith, Hawley, Kirchner, and the City of Coon Rapids (collectively, “the City”) produced Officer Smith’s full dash cam video. (Aff. of Ryan M. Zipf (Docket No. 16-2) Ex. 2.) The Court may consider these recordings because they are necessarily embraced by the pleadings. See Ashanti v. City of Golden Valley, 666 F.3d 1148, 1151 (8th Cir. 2012) (concluding that a document is necessarily embraced by the pleadings if its contents are alleged in the complaint and the parties do not question the document’s authenticity). Doc. 55 page 2 of 21. Waters et al v. Kirchner et al Filing 55 MEMORANDUM AND ORDER: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that: 1. Defendant City of Coon Rapids's Motion to Dismiss 33 is GRANTED; 2. Defendant Menard's motion to Dismiss 38 is GRANTED; and 3. The Amended Complaint 28 is DISMISSED with prejudice. LET JUDGMENT BE ENTERED ACCORDINGLY. (Written Opinion) Signed by The Hon. Paul A. Magnuson on 12/14/2017. (LLM)

Plaintiffs attached to their Amended Complaint Exhibit A, a video/ audio recording of the contact on March 27, 2016 Plaintiffs edited to include video/ audio from an eyeglass camera, the squad video/ audio and apparent audio recordings from Anita Water' s cell phone. Exhibit A also includes Plaintiffs' editorial commentary and excerpts of the police reports. Defendants Plaintiffs included with also posted other versions of this video on YouTube, which their Ryan M. Zipf, Ex. 4, Waters' Police Enforce earlier motion to dismiss. ( See ECF No. 16- 2, Aff. of YouTube Video, " ID / Receipt Refusal! Company Policy as if It Were Law;" Ex. 5, Waters' GONE WRONG! You Tube Video, " ID Since Exhibit A appears to include all the Refusal, Police Go FULL RETARD!!!!!"). recordings, Defendants have not re- filed these YouTube videos as exhibits with this motion. CASE 0:17- cv- 00935- RHK- SER Document 34 Filed 09/ 06/ 17 ... In their First Amended Complaint, Charles Waters claims Officer Newbury had already searched and patted him down, and Officer Kirchner conducted a second search when he was handcuffed. ( ECF No. 28, ¶ 80- 81). Contrary to Plaintiffs allegations, the Menards surveillance video indisputably establishes the police officers only searched him once for weapons. ( Ex. 6, 14: 22: 26- 14: 25: 53 ( absence of any search), 14: 25: 53- 14: 27: 11 ( only protective search conducted)). Page 7 of 37 Page 3, 7 of 37

Emmet Nolan 5 days ago Home of the free land of the brave my arse. .............. 2 Conservative Copwatch Conservative Copwatch 5 days ago Wanting to move to Ireland, so bad. Few police, people just handle their own business. ID Refusal Ends in Assault and Arrest! Officers Already Had My Name! Lawsuit Filed. Conservative Copwatch Published on Aug 4, 2016 UPDATE! Judge dismissed the case, would not even let it be heard. We will be appealing this decision! The law is very clearly on our side and I have little doubt this will be reversed. NEVER SURRENDER folks, they count on how overwhelming this can be. Face the storm head on, and make it blink.

Plaintiffs have not specifically identified what discovery is needed to respond to Defendants' motion, especially considering that the claims are based on a contact at Menards that was recorded on video and audio, and on undisputed email communications Captain Dated: between Charles Waters and Hawley. Therefore, the Court should deny Plaintiffs' motion for a continuance. July s/ Ryan M. Zipf 7, 2017 Ryan M. Zipf Attorney ID# 0261701 Attorney for Defendants Elizabeth Kirchner, Brady Madson, Alyssa Newbury, Tom Hawley and the City of Coon Rapids 145 University Avenue West St. Paul, MN 55103- 2044 Telephone: Facsimile: Email: 2 651. 281. 1241 651. 281. 1298 rzipalmc. org Peter J. Nickitas‏ @PeterJNickitas 12:34 PM - 26 Dec 2017 Veterans Jewish War Veterans 1375 St. Paul Ave, Room 107 St. Paul, MN 55116 651-238-3445 This site has been suspended. If you are the owner of this site please contact your Avvo Websites Account Manager for assistance. Call Us 651.238.3445 or 612.440.7285 Peter J. Nickitas Law Office, L.L.C. 431 S. 7th Street Suite 2446 Minneapolis, MN 55415 Fax: 1.888.389.7890 Email:

More to come . . .
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