Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jesse Alvord's Jail Data Request To Corrupt Aitkin Co. Sheriff Scott Turner? Alvord Asks Where Oh Where Is The Missing Dash Cam Video, Right? Also Asks If Backstabbing Public Pretender Jeffrey J. Haberkorn 218-927-6913 Asked About The Missing Video Or The Missing Data For Deputy Bennett's #225 Apparently Unnecessary Forty-Two (42) Minutes Drive Of 42 miles (Actually 39.2) To Judge Earl Maus's Residence? More Monkey Wrenches Tossed Into Rigged Cases Case No. 01-CO-16-13 & Case No. 01-CR-16-29 State Of Minnesota Vs Jesse James Alvord, Right?

From: Jesse Alvord
Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 10:39 AM
To:,, Lion News,

Subject: Jail Data and magically & mysteriously missing evidence for State Of Minnesota Vs Jesse James Alvord 01-CO-16-13 & Case No. 01-CR-16-29
Scott Turner, Aitkin County Sheriff Toll Free 1-888-900-2138:

Please find attached my signed data request for my Aitkin County jail data. Why is my squad audio/video for Minnesota State Patrol Officer Joe Setnes #494 & Aitkin County Deputy Jon Cline #204 magically & mysteriously missing from my case? You want me to be forced to plead guilty or to be convicted at trial without ever receiving that evidence, don't you? Has Public Defender Jeffrey J. Haberkorn 218-927-6913 asked about the missing video or the missing data for Deputy Bennett's #225 apparently unnecessary forty-two (42) minutes drive of 42 miles to Judge Earl Maus's residence?
Jesse James Alvord

Candidate Information Filing Date: 05/17/2016 Name Earl E. Maus Political Party: Nonpartisan Residence Address: 13098 Kingwood Drive, Baxter, MN 56425 Phone number: (218) 2703000 Candidate Filings 2016 General Election. Minnesota Secretary of State

On January 11th 2016, at approximately 0134 hrs, I, Deputy Bennett #225 was patroling Northbound on US State Highway 169 in Hazelton
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Township. ... I asked Aitkin dispatch to have Minnesota State Patrol Officer Joe Setnes #494 respond to my location. ...I spoke to Alvord about the odor I was detecting coming from the vehicle and questioned him further and asked if he had anything in the vehicle that he shouldn't. ... At approximately 0202 hrs, Deputy Jon Cline #204 arrived on scene and I requested he assist in searching the vehicle. ... I requested dispatch to contact Minnesota State Patrol and requested a Drug Recognition Expert (DNR) to be contacted. Minnesota State Patrol stated no one was available, or no one was responding to their calls. .... He indicated he wouldn't be doing a test without a warrant. I applied for a search warrant and drove to Judge Earl Maus's residence and had it signed. ... Alvord was transported to the Riverwood Hospital located in the city of Aitkin where a blood test was retrieved at approximately 0730 hrs. Primary Report by Keith Bennett, 01/11/16 19:28 Case Narrative for 16000119 (01/11/16 19:28)

First Response Times
Assigned 01/11/16 01:34:09 *
Enroute 01/11/16 01:34:09 *
On Scene 01/11/16 01:34:09
Completed 01/11/16 03:52:16 01/11/16 3:52:16 | Twombly, Jennifer | 204, SP494, 225 | Complete
01/11/16 7:21:08 | Moreland, Steve | 225 | Assign
01/11/16 7:21:27 | Moreland, Steve | 225 | transport (Location: Riverwood Health Center, Unit Status : E) – Blood draw
01/11/16 7:23:01 | Moreland, Steve | 225 | Arrived At (Location: Riverwood Health Center)
01/11/16 7:41:50 | Moreland, Steve | 225 | blood draw occurred @ 07:35
01/11/16 7:22:03 | Moreland, Steve | 225 | Complete [Note: 7:42:03 Not 7:22:03]
CFS#: 20100280; Call Taker: Jennifer Twombly; Other Names Alvord, Jesse James DOB: 10/28/78. CFS - Command log Printed on January 12, 2016 Aitkin County Sheriff's Dept.

Case No. 01-CO-16-13 JESSE JAMES ALVORD vs VIN #1FALP62W1TH100794 Plate #664-PMK '96 Ford Thunderbird LX 03/29/2017 Conciliation Hearing (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer
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Zimmerman, Richard A.)
04/27/2016 Continued to 06/08/2016 - Other - '96 Ford Thunderbird LX, VIN #1FALP62W1TH100794 Plate #664-PMK
06/08/2016 Continued to 10/12/2016 - Other - '96 Ford Thunderbird LX, VIN #1FALP62W1TH100794 Plate #664-PMK
10/12/2016 Reset by Court to 12/21/2016
12/21/2016 Reset by Court to 12/21/2016
12/21/2016 Reset by Court to 03/29/2017

Case No. 01-CR-16-29 State of Minnesota vs JESSE JAMES ALVORD 11/01/2016 CANCELED Jury Trial (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Solien, John R.) Other 10/31/2016 Reset by Court to 11/01/2016 03/20/2017 Jury Trial (9:00 AM) ()

Attachment: Jail_DataRequest.pdf 590K
Lion News @Lion__News
Jesse Alvord tosses monkey wrench into rigged Aitkin Co cases
01-CO-16-13 & 01-CR-16-29 by submitting data request?
8:28 AM - 19 Jan 2017
Lion News @Lion__News
Why is backstabbing Public Pretender Jeff Haberkorn withholding 01-CR-16-29 electronic data from client Alvord, huh?
8:40 AM - 19 Jan 2017
Name: Haberkorn, Jeffrey
Title: Assistant Public Defender
Address: 122 2nd Street NW Aitkin, MN 56431
Office: Brainerd - 9th

Phone: 218-927-6913
Fax: 218-927-6373

More to come . . .

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