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Jacob Tellers, Fergus Falls Journal Stupid Enough To Get Suckered By Lt. Tiffani Nielson's Extortion Scam For Free Electronic Public Data? Nemmers Not Stupid Enough To Pay $7.75 For Free Fergus Falls Timothy Rundquist "Suicide By Cop" Data? Tellers Admits Nemmers Correct That Free Data Should Be Free? Minnesota Newspaper Association's Lisa Hills . . . Aka So-Called Fourth Pillar Of Government Not Interested In Looking Out For Members Nor For You? Update: Editor Adam Harringa Doesn't Want To Say If Paper's Credit Card Was Used To Purchase Free Data In Free Data Scam? Harringa Comes Back To Lion News For Second Look?

You've heard about Fergus Falls City Councilman Timothy Rundquist's "Suicide by Cop" crash & burn into a parked Ashby squad car, haven't you?

(Above: Downloaded By Editor Adam Harringa of the rag called the Fergus Falls Daily Journal? - See below)

Incident Number: 14901895 Incident Date/Time: 12/22/2014 5:09:00 PM  MSP District: 2900 Incident Contact: MN State Patrol District 2900 - (218) 846-8260
Incident Description: State Trooper initiated a traffic stop on Highway 54, prior to Elbow Lake. The vehicle fled. MSP and allied agencies utilized stop sticks, suspect vehicle struck stop sticks while fleeing. The suspect continued to flee, then hit head-on, a parked unoccupied Ashby Police squad. Suspect was trapped in the suspect vehicle and pronounced deceased at the scene. Pursuit was approximately 11 miles. No officers were injured.

A Minnesota State Patrol investigation has ruled suicide as the cause of death in the fatal Dec. 22 chase that ended with a Fergus Falls City Council member being killed in a head-on collision with a parked squad car. ... “Just prior to him reaching the Ashby squad car, the video shows an abrupt change of course that leads the Rundquist vehicle directly into the Ashby squad car,” Eischens wrote. “It is of my conclusion and opinion, that Rundquist made a conscious decision to take this drastic action.”  Eischens’ report was unable to uncover a motive for Rundquist’s actions as questions linger as to why he would have fled from a routine traffic stop for a minor speeding violation. State Patrol report: City Council member’s death a suicide [UPDATED] Published 4:32pm Tuesday, February 17, 2015 By Jacob Tellers, Fergus Falls Journal.

What you probably didn't know was that the free electronic data for Timothy Rundquist cost Jacob Tellers of the rag called the Fergus Falls Journal $7.75, right? How many people do you know are stupid enough to pay for free data, huh? Apparently, there are all sorts of stupid people who claim to be the so-called "Fourth Pillar of Government" who are dumb enough (or corrupt enough, right?) to pay for free electronic public data, aren't there? There are, aren't there?

 This is going to be the real shocker, isn't it? It is, isn't it? That clown Jacob Tellers even agreed with me that free electronic data should be free, didn't he? He did, didn't he?

from: Lion News
date: Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 3:23 PM
subject: Chapter 13 data request - Timothy Rundquist Incident Number: 14901895

Lt. Tiffani Nielson:

Please email me all the incident reports and the final reports for Timothy Rundquist. On 02-03-15 I spoke with Sgt. Rod Eischens - District Investigator (218) 846-8244 and he said that you were releasing the information related to the coroner's investigation and the review by Otter Tail County Attorney Hauser. Incident Number: 14901895 Incident Date/Time: 12/22/2014 5:09:00 PM.

Terry Dean, Nemmers

13.03 ACCESS TO GOVERNMENT DATA. Subd. 3. Request for access to data. (a) Upon request to a responsible authority or designee, ... (d) ... The responsible authority, upon the request of any person, shall provide sufficient documentation to explain and justify the fee being charged. (e) The responsible authority of a government entity that maintains public government data in a computer storage medium shall provide to any person making a request under this section a copy of any public data contained in that medium, in electronic form, if the government entity can reasonably make the copy or have a copy made. Subd. 2. Procedures. (a) The responsible authority in every government entity shall establish procedures, consistent with this chapter, to insure that requests for government data are received and complied with in an appropriate and prompt manner.

How long do you think that scam run by the corrupt Mn State Patrol would last if the rag called the Fergus Falls Journal did a front page story on the free data scam, huh? Not very long, right? However, the corrupt "go along to get along" rag called the Fergus Falls Journal wouldn't want to upset their corrupt buddies, would they? They wouldn't, would they?

That must explain why Lisa Hills, Executive director of the Minnesota Newspaper Association didn't want to look into this data scam for me, for their own member, nor for you, huh? That's it, isn't it?

from: Nielson, Tiffani (DPS)
to: Lion News
date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 11:58 AM
subject: RE: Chapter 13 data request - Timothy Rundquist Incident Number: 14901895

The public data for #14901895. I will need to receive payment in the form of Money order or check, payable to DPS-Minnesota State Patrol, 444 Minnesota St. Suite 103, St. Paul MN 55101. It can be sent Attention: Lt. Nielson.

MSP Reports, PDF: 31 pages, 25cents/page: $7.75

13.03 sub. 3 (c) The responsible authority or designee shall provide copies of public data upon request. If a person requests copies or electronic transmittal of the data to the person, the responsible authority may require the requesting person to pay the actual costs of searching for and retrieving government data, including the cost of employee time, and for making, certifying, and electronically transmitting the copies of the data or the data, but may not charge for separating public from not public data. However, if 100 or fewer pages of black and white, letter or legal size paper copies are requested, actual costs shall not be used, and instead, the responsible authority may charge no more than 25 cents for each page copied. If the responsible authority or designee is not able to provide copies at the time a request is made, copies shall be supplied as soon as reasonably possible.

I can send the reports via email to expedite, once payment is received.
Thank you,

Lieutenant Tiffani Nielson
Public Information Officer, Minnesota State Patrol
651-201-7146 (office)
651-343-4680 (cell)

This is a prime example why you can't trust your corrupt local rag/newspaper nor the state association to which all the corrupt rags/newspapers belong, right? That's right, isn't it?

Update: Editor Adam Harringa Doesn't Want To Say If Paper's Credit Card Was Used To Purchase Free Data In Free Data Scam?

Editor Adam Harringa gave me a call this afternoon, didn't he? He did, didn't he? He was actually trying to avoid calling me wasn't he? He was, wasn't he? He said that he would call me after he had his paper "put to bed," didn't he? He did, didn't he? However, Harringa has said that before, hasn't he? He has, hasn't he? Instead, Jacob "Suckered By MSP Data Scams" Tellers called me back, didn't he? So I reminded Editor Harringa of that, didn't I? I did, didn't I? I also let him know that my conversations with Tellers and Lisa Hills had all been recorded, didn't I? I did, didn't I? So Harringa was extremely nervous and waiting for the first opportunity to drop my call, wasn't he? He was, wasn't he? Must be why he didn't want to say whether or not a credit card was used to purchase $7.75 worth of free electronic public data for Fergus Falls councilman/Stevens County Assistant Attorney Timothy Rundquist's "Suicide By Cop" data, right? That's right, isn't it? Harringa didn't like some of my opinions which I based on facts, did he? And when I asked him what he based his opinions he didn't want to answer, did he? He didn't, did he? Nor did Harringa want to answer why a so-called watch dog and a so-called "fourth pillar of government" would aid and abet in a scam perpetuated by the Mn State Patrol, did he? He didn't, did he? And the entire conversation was recorded, wasn't it? It was, wasn't it?

Adam Harringa of the rag called the Fergus Falls Daily Journal can't do the exposure time, can he?

He can't, can he?

More to come . . .

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