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Fighting Local Corruption Through Defamation Complaints

How Rotten Are These Crooks? They Stoop So Low That They Will Intentionally Fabricate Phony Mailing Addresses To Delay Your Legal Mail - Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied!

Their hope is that you will give up in frustration or actually die so you cannot participate (testify, sign legal documents, or sue) in the legal proceedings. See this is just a form of psychological warfare. They are trying to mentally abuse me by showing how little concern they have for the small details - like getting my address correct. I called for this information on January 5, 2011.  It took until the 11th to finally send the information.  When I called on 01-05-11 they made it sound like it was waiting right there for me, didn't they?

Look at the lawless Police Blotter from the January 10, 2011 paper.  They weren't hardly busy at all, were they? Remember, they are "super efficient" when they want a new jail, right?

But for some 'mysterious reason' they couldn't move a few papers into an envelope for 6 days? Putting all those stamps on the envelope must have worn the poor lawless cops out, right? That's why it took so long to put that 'heavy envelope' into the mail?  They had to stop and rest numerous times since it was a 'heavy envelope'?

Whoever addressed the outside must have made a mistake since the standard operation procedure for the corrupt police department, the corrupt sheriff's department and the crooked city attorney is to place the wrong address on my legal information. Examples below:

Address correct here:

Address incorrect here:

History of intentionally incorrect addresses produced by the "legal system" of Glenwood and Pope County:

Intentionally incorrect address on a complaint from the lawless Glenwood Police Department.

Intentionally incorrect address on a legal document from the lawless Pope County Sheriff's Department:

Another one here:
Multiple incorrect addresses on the legal document and envelope from the lawless Glenwood City Attorney:

Yeah, they are all crooks, aren't they?  Isn't amazing that Todd County can get this information straight? The detail is I was sent from Pope County to Todd County.  They are smarter in Todd County?  No. Not as many axes to grind.



Let's see. Is this whitewashing [Whitewash: a deliberate attempt to conceal unpleasant or incriminating facts about a person or organization in order to protect their reputation.] of Riley going work? No! Why? There is a whole list of reasons why:

Summary (Chapter 2: How Not To Deal With Activists)
  • Ignoring activists increases the likelihood that they will seek third-party intervention from the media, the government and the public to force change. Avoiding issues encourages them to spiral out of control.
  • Seeking to influence public opinion in response to activist pressure is extremely difficult as people's behaviour and attitudes are hard to change especially in turbulent environments.
  • Aggressive behaviour such as trying to discredit groups publicly, initiating lawsuits against them or seeking to undermine their funding is likely to require endless financial and human resources. Groups prosper when threatened and an organization's reputation can be badly damaged by being publicly presented as a bully.
  • Seeking to persuade activists of the 'bigger picture' has limited effect as activists resist being persuaded.
  • International research shows that the above responses have limited effect.
Denise Deegan, Managing Activism: A Guide To Dealing With Activist Groups And Pressure Groups. (London: 2001), Page 32-33.

Remember: The corrupt politicians and local thugs have support!  You must undermine the credibility of their supporters!

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Educating Benson MN [02-17-11] On Defamation Case #: 10104429

Lion News: Defamation Complaint [Case #: 10104429] - Benson Police 12-28-10 P1
Lion News: Defamation Complaint [Case #: 10104429] - Benson Police 12-28-10 P2

John Besser: Defamation Complaint [Case #: 10104429] At Benson Police 12-28-10 P1
John Besser: Defamation Complaint [Case #: 10104429] Benson Police 12-28-10 P2
John Besser: Defamation Complaint [Case #: 10104429] Benson Police 12-28-10 P3

Educating Benson Minnesota On 02-17-11

Defend Yourself Against Local Corruption With The Criminal Defamation Defense (CDD):

How Do You Get Your Information Out To The General Public? You Need To Become A Walking Billboard! Why Not Make A T-Shirt That Educates The Public About The Crook Who Defamed You?

How To Deal With Corrupt Local Media

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Jail For Judges - New Yorker Magazine (1939)

Practicing Our Christian Beliefs By Exposing Local Corruption On 03-21-11 In Lawless Douglas County Minnesota!

Lion News: Chad 'The Felon' Larson's Felony Confession 03-21-11

Who Was The Last Man Standing On The Battlefield in the Battle Between Chad "The Felon" Larson And Terry Dean, Nemmers?  Terry Dean, Nemmers!  Why? Terry Dean, Nemmers Had Faith & Clear, Precise And Unquestionable Evidence That Chad "The Felon" Larson Is A Felon, That's Why!

Harbored what?  The deadly weapon that Chad "The Felon" Larson introduced into the Todd County Jail on January 15, 2008? That's it, isn't it? Chad "The Felon" Larson forgot to deny all allegations, didn't he?  Instead, he tried to blackmail or use extortion in the hopes that I wouldn't talk, right?

NEW 8.5 x 14 inch Weapon In The War Against Local Corruption

Feel free to copy and distribute:

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Swift County Attorney Robin Finke's Act Of Desperation!

John Besser: Finke Hires Boyd Beccue To Cover-Up Case # 10104429?

In an act of sheer desperation Robin Finke brings in this knuckle-dragging thug: Boyd Beccue.

A little background on this crook. Boyd was booted out of office in the 2010 election.  And not be a small margin.

Boyd has a history of malicious prosecution.

The problem for Finke is that Boyd Beccue is tied hand and foot to Chad "The Felon" Larson through a home invasion without a warrant.

Obviously, Robin couldn't get a county attorney to stick his neck out for Finke so they had to get someone who was washed-up in politics.  Maybe Boyd was desperate for money now that his cushy job is gone?  Who knows?  All we care is that Robin got Boyd for our benefit.  We already had dirt on this crook, Boyd!

We certainly had a good laugh reading this trash, didn't we? Are we quitting? Nope! We have plenty of 'ammo' for the next bullhorning session in Benson, don't we?

Stick on mailing labels for Boyd's address?

Why Focus On Corrupt County Attorneys In The Fight Against Local Corruption?

Lion News: Handling The Cops By Handling The Prosecuting Attorney!
Lion News: Alexandria Mn Cops Handled In Anti-Corruption Campaign 03-21-11

We go after corrupt cops, corrupt attorneys and corrupt judges when the opportunity arises.  However, the main focus need to be on the most powerful of the three positions - the one that is able to bring charges against you!

Without charges the cops can only arrest and release you.  The judges cannot put you into jail or prison unless the prosecutor brings charges against you.

A Few More Weapons In The War Against Local Corruption (Feel Free To Download And Distribute):

Use in combination with these posters:

Neutralize The Crooked Media!
Lion News: How To Take Control Of The Local Media In Three Easy Steps! 

Step 1: Give The Political Whores The Clear, Precise And Unquestionable Evidence Of Local Corruption.

Al Edenloff (God-Hating, Un-American Son Of A Bitch From The Stenographers Called The Echo Press)

Cristi Jessee (God-Hating, Un-American, Son Of A Bitch From The Propaganda Mill Called KSAX-TV)

Tim Douglass (God-Hating, Un-American, Son Of A Bitch From The Rag Called The Pope County Tribune)

Step 2: Give The Political Whores Ample Time To Bury The Story
Step 3: Expose The Political Whores To The Public!


New Territory Opened Up: Stearn County, MN!

April 14, 2011

Lion News: Is Stearns County Mn Harboring Chad "The Felon" Larson?
Lion News: Stearns County Gets Served With Lauer's Papers On 04-14-11
Lion News: Evidence For Complaint Against MN's Seventh District Judges!



  Thumbs Up!


Pictures Of Stearns County Commissioners

Stearn's County Commissioner's Office

Why hand delivery of the response?  Crooks deny that they received paperwork sent by USPS Certificates of Mailing, don't they?:

John Besser 04-20-10 Evidence Against Judge Jon Stafsholt P1
John Besser 04-20-10 Evidence Against Judge Jon Stafsholt P2
John Besser : Sheriff Holtz Covers Up For Stafsholt P3

Response served (hand delivery) on Janie, the Stearns County Commissioner and the Stearns court administrator's office on 04-14-11.

The loony response from the court to justify their disorderly conduct! You wouldn't feel safe or secure in a courthouse where the court staff are to be violently aggressive, would you? The judges must all be real crooks to allow that kind of anti-social behavior, correct? [Working on the complaint against the judges.  Why not add Janie into the complaint since she provoked the incident, correct?]

Lion News: Complaint Filed Against Stearns County Mn Judges On 04-18-11

Janelle: Are you harboring a known felon?

Lion News: No Confidence Vote For Stearns County Attorney Janelle P. Kendall? 

The Fox Hunters Exposing The Fox Guarding The Chicken House!

Lion News: The Fox Hunters Exposing The Fox Guarding The Chicken House!

NEW 8.5 x 14 inch Weapon In The War Against Local Corruption

Feel free to copy and distribute:

Lawless Stearns County Mn Is Upset Cameras On 05-09-11

NEW 8.5 x 14 inch Weapon In The War Against Local Corruption

Feel free to copy and distribute:

NEW 8.5 x 14 inch Weapon In The War Against Local Corruption

Feel free to copy and distribute:

NEW 8.5 x 14 inch Weapon In The War Against Local Corruption

Feel free to copy and distribute:

What Kind Of Present Did Stearns County, Mn Get Today?

Who Has Been Checking Out Look At Some Of These IP Addresses!

Complaint Filed With Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall Against Guy Who Claims To Be A Lieutenant With The Stearns County Sheriff's Department.

Minnesota Data Practices Act:

Now Douglas County is looking, huh?

Okay, here are some pics of the alleged '4th pillar' of government - The St. Cloud Times.  Clear, precise and unquestionable proof that they were given evidence of local corruption, correct?

Where is the note?
 Beware Of Power Of Sale!
More Pics From The May 31, 2011 Adventure in Lawless Stearns Co!

Did you find what you were looking for Brecht? Nathan is a little bitch, isn't he?

Lion News: Pope County Chief Deputy Brecht Wasting Scarce Cnty. Resources On 06-20-11

Stearns County MN Is Now My Little Bitch, Isn't It?