Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lion News: Corrupt Douglas County Prosecutors (Law Enforcement Officers) Refuse To Investigate Crime?

Lion News: Corrupt Douglas Co. Prosecutors (Law Enforcement Officers) Refuse To Investigate Crime?

Douglas County Attorney's Office October 26, 2012 - Complaint Against Bremer Bank And Local Appraisers - Backhaus Appraisals (Lee Backhaus) & Lakes Area Appraisals (Michael Roers)

Assistant Douglas County Attorney Megan "The Deceiver" Burkhammer - Law Enforcement Officer!

"The Deceiver" gives Kathy (Mayer) Tangen the 'run-around,' doesn't she?

Half-truths, limited truths, and truths out of context from "The Deceiver"!

"The Deceiver" is forced to admit that she is a law enforcement office!

Ticket Fixing Scandal Involving Senator Bill "Mr. Lawless" Ingebrigtsen:

Alexandria City Attorney's Office - November 16, 2010:

Assistant City Attorney Thomas "The Conspirator" Jacobson Acting In A Very Hostile And Passive Aggressive Manner!

Nemmers knows the duties of a prosecutor, doesn't he?

"The Conspirator" is caught off guard by Nemmers' knowledge, isn't he?

Nemmers objects to the stonewalling by "The Conspirator," doesn't he?

Nemmers assert his rights and tells Judd to assert his rights!

Threats & Intimidation by "The Conspirator" - Calling the cops on people trying to file a complaint!

"The Conspirator"has found that he cannot threaten & intimidate Nemmers ot Judd into giving up their rights so he throws the out of a public office!

Douglas County Attorney's Office - November 16, 2010:

Douglas County Attorney Christopher "The Slanderer" Karpan - Rude And Condescending Passive Aggressive Behavior:

Paying more attention to his duck call ringtone then people filing a complaint..


Pure contempt by "The Slanderer" for anyone who questions him, right?

More contempt.....

More glances of hate. . . .

Contempt again....
Ridicule. . . Appeal to Ridicule.....

Glad to see that "The Slanderer" is worried that people question him, correct?
"The Slanderer" embarassed? Why? He didn't want to hear about cops not doing their job, did he? Refusal to do a known ministerial duty is criminal misconduct, isn't it? Aka: Ticket-fixing scandal!


"The Slanderer" caught in word games, right?

More contempt since people actually know what his job is, correct?

"The Slanderer" smiles only when he patting himself on the back for 12 years in office, correct?


More ridicule...

That facts are hurting "The Slanderer," aren't they?

Karpans half-truths, limited truths and truths out of context are laughable, aren't they?

"The Slanderer's" disdain for the camera! How dare you check up on "The Slanderer" - especially with a camera! The last thing "The Slanderer" wants is the whole world seeing what "The Slanderer" is doing with their tax dollars, right?

 And of course, the crooks all conspire to cover up for the other crooks, don't they?


More to come!

Lawless Elk River, MN is lurking & skulking, aren't they?

Lawless Elk River, MN is still lurking & skulking, aren't they?

Lawless Esko, MN Is Lurking & Skulking, Aren't They?

Lawless Esko, MN Has Their Cohorts Lurking & Skulking, Right? [Note: Different IP Address]

Lawless Duluth Is Back Lurking & Skulking, Aren't They?

Look! Lawless St. Paul Is Lurking & Skulking, Aren't They? Is There A Connection Between Esko's IPs Lurking & Skulking On Lion News And Both Lawless Duluth's IP & Lawless St. Paul's IP Lurking & Skulking?

Bonus Round! Lawless Bemidji, MN Is Lurking & Skulking Also, Aren't They?

Updates On Lawless Bemidji - Soon!

When The Dots Are Connected (Esko - Duluth - St. Paul - Bemidji) The Picture That Appears Is One Of The Lawless Minnesota State Patrol, Isn't It?

Lawless Superior, Wisconsin Using State of MN?

Lawless Elk River, MN Is Wondering Why I Haven't Called Back, Aren't They?

Keep On Lurking & Skulking Lawless Elk River, MN!

A Different IP From The Lawless Bemidji, MN State Of MN Is Lurking & Skulking?